Report: Adam Aron is Out as Sixers CEO

Adam Aron hasn’t tweeted in two weeks. Perhaps for good reason.

Howard Eskin, who a few weeks ago said that Aron had lost some of his power with the Sixers, is reporting that Aron is out– as CEO or altogether, is unclear.

Eskin’s had a spotty record of being, um, right in 2013, and I’m currently in the process of writing a post about him trolling Charlie Manuel… so we’ll wait for some sort of confirmation from the team or corroborating report before taking this as absolute fact.

UPDATE: The Sixers have no-comment, which pretty much says it all.


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  1. Does this mean there won’t be darker, more dramatic lighting at the Wells Fargo Center this year?

  2. If a Sixers CEO falls in the forest and nobody hears him, does it really matter?

  3. keep up the good work kyle killing it last couple weeks

    1. you an unfunny parody of something that wasn’t funny in the first place…good job dude

  4. Sweet repost of someone else’s work bro.

  5. Maybe the Sixers will hold an open audition to find a new CEO only to declare Adam Aron the winner of that contest.

    1. LOL at Kyle making this the comment of the year when in all probability Kyle made the “slammin Gretzky’s daughter” name to post comments and in sense named his comment comment of the year.

      Boul Out

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