Can You Guess Which Dickhead New York Met Called His Manager a “Cocksucker?”

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New York Met Jordany Valdespin

I told you about Jordany Valdespin.

One night last season after the then-rookie hopped, skipped, jumped and floated his way around the bases like an asshole after taking Jonathan Papelbon deep for his first Major League hit, a number of folks from the hate everything I say or do crowd took umbrage with me tweeting that Valdespin deserved a fastball to neck for his antics (I can’t find the Tweet). They said that he should be cut some slack for celebrating his first hit. I said, he seems like an asshole. Tomato-tomahto. 

My first impression appears to have been proven right (love you, Id). Valdespin’s antics have followed him into his sophomore season and have led to, well, this: [NY Post]

According to a Mets source, the volatile utilityman, upon learning he had been demoted to Triple-A Las Vegas on Saturday, got into a confrontation with Terry Collins, during which he called the manager a “c[oc]ksucker.”

The source said Valdespin, in the course of his heated exchange with Collins, also tried to invent an injury and demanded to be placed on the disabled list.

By the time the clubhouse opened to reporters in the aftermath of the Mets’ 4-2 loss to the Pirates, the 25-year-old Valdespin had regained composure, but had tears in his eyes.

It’s hardly the first time Valdespin has been involved in controversy during his brief career. The most recent incident occurred in May, when he showboated after hitting a home run in a game against the Pirates in which the Mets were getting buried. The next day, Valdespin was sent to the plate as a pinch-hitter and got drilled in apparent retaliation.

The Mets.


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    This guy is a tool and a nobody.

  2. So the asshole has the audacity to wear another team’s cap, too? Not just another team, but the Marlins?

    He should get drilled even in batting practice, by his own team, for stupid shit like that.

  3. Evidently, this fool is playing for just the right team, America’s Train Wreck. Keep on being a dickwipe, Mr. Valdeshithead.

  4. Maybe he’s been taking some of Marlon Byrd’s juice. By the way Marlon Byrd is on the juice.

  5. While I’d like most Mets to take a fastball to the neck, ever since that first HR this guy’s been at the top of my list…I remember your tweet and I assure you I took no umbrage..i also have a pretty strong feeling Puig and the rest of the Dodgers are about to join my hit(by pitch) list..not many players I like on that team at all

  6. What a jerkoff. If he’s playing at the major league level he has to know how the game works. In the article Kyle referrences, he acts suprised hegot hit for showboating. David Wright basically said he deserved it (without saying it). Are those tattoos in his picture or bruises?

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