Here’s Video of Riley Cooper Saying He Will Fight “Every [N-word]” at the Kenny Chesney Concert

Last month, we brought you video of Riley Cooper fighting (sort of) outside the Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Field. That parking lot disagreement was broken up rather quickly, but it now appears that tempers continued to flare inside the concert.

Prior to joining Chesney, several Eagles teammates and Chip Kelly on stage for The Boys of Fall, Cooper was with friends and Jason Kelce in a semi-private area near the stage. In a video that we’ve obtained, we see Kelce and others attempting to calm an agitated Cooper down just before he points in the direction of the crowd (and camera) and says, as best as we can tell: “I will jump that fence and fight every n*gger here, bro.”

He then slapped his friend’s arm out of the way while a girl (off camera) produced a drunken groan.

We don’t know the context surrounding the video. If you were there and saw or heard anything, please let us know.

Cooper is expected to compete for a starting wide receiver job to replace the injured Jeremy Maclin. Over the weekend, Cooper said he almost cried when he found out about his friend’s injury.

UPDATE: Originally, the person in the green shirt, whose arm was knocked away by Cooper, was thought to be Danny Watkins. Several folks have reached out and said that they don’t believe it is him. It’s hard to tell for sure, so we have updated the post accordingly.

UPDATE 2: A tipster told Deadspin that Cooper was angry over being denied backstage access, and that Cooper has truck nuts.


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      1. I’m guessing 3, that’s why he felt so brave with his idiotic comment. Great name, by the way. lol

    1. I was there and there was quite a few. Country music isn’t restricted to just white people anymore. I mean, ya got Nelly and Neo duetting with Tim McGraw, so it is more crossover than you think.

      1. Are you sure you weren’t confusing the security staff and concession people with fans?

    2. Yeah, Cuz…that was my NEXT question! Was “every [email protected]@er” there other patrons, or event staff? If patrons, could there really have been more than two (2)?? If event staff, was he pissed because of something he wasn’t allowed to do?? WTH??!!

      1. There’s always a brave white male or female that acts tuff till a [email protected]@er is around I’m black my wife is white but I wish you would around me it would be your last time y’all no how those blacks are… can go F yourself JAVA _B

    3. only one, and he stole the ticket off some whitey that he knocked unconscious with the Knock Out Game.

  1. Let his teammates see that shit. He won’t make it out of the locker room. What a jackass.

    They should cut his bum ass anyway.

    Jackson, Avant, Johnson, Benn, Momah…there’s 5 WR’s with more upside then Riley Cooper.

    1. All white people need to stand up and get rid of all nuggets in our country so we can get back to being the nil umber 1 country in the world in business, economics, politics and education! Seriously, look at what we were BEFORE segregation, civil “black” rights and affirmative action! History does not lie. Look at every major us city filing bankruptcy or in bankruptcy and they are all dominated black boys and girls in politics and demographics. Wake up America!!! Lets get them back on the shops and send them home! Amen

        1. Steve…I assume you meant BEFORE integration (not segregation), you stupid Fuck.

          1. Donald, I disapprove of your language. However, I think your comment is spot on…………

          2. Donald,
            Nice response – cracked me up. I couldn’t read stupid steve’s silly response until I read your post. Its amazing how racism is so pervasive among the people who post here.

            I laughed out loud at Cooper’s idiotic statement, idiotic in that every single person in hearing distance no doubt had a smart phone. He’s not Quentin Tarentino and does not have the poetic license to use a word that so many people find offensive. I think people need to get over their sensitivity to things like this as well as start using their heads.
            Neither of those things are ever going to happen. Imbeciles will continue to use derogatory comments that offend whole groups of people and people will continue to overreact.

        2. You my friend are an ignorant piece of shit. Black people have nothing to do with the downfall of our country. Try looking at the big banks who have sucked our economy dry with inflation and QE2 etc., you also might want to look at our own government bleeding us dry with constant wars that evaporate the markets. Quit race baiting you dumb fuck.

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          1. Slavery within African cultures existed in East and North Africa from prehistoric times, thru the Egyptian empire and wasn’t abolished until 1930.

            I bet most Africans have never heard of Kenny Chesney.

            I would miss Jay-Z and Lebron if they went back.

          2. We go to Europe, you “blacks” go to Africa.I only wish that were possible. you know they don’t have welfare and section 8 in Africa right.

          3. 48% of STD’s are carried by black people. Those are the only diseases we really care about.

          4. LMAO…good point. I do have a few thoughts:
            1) By all accounts, Riley isn’t a racist. I have to ask what happened BEFORE he uttered that disgusting word?
            2) Offensive (or’s fine if it’s on a rap song) as I find the “N-word,” I believe he has every right to use it under the 1st Amd.
            3) Why is it SO awful for Riley to use a racial slur, but it’s fine to repsond by calling him a “cracker” ect?
            FWIW-change the name of the Washington REDSKINS then talk to me about racism in America. How would people feel if the NFL allowed teams to call themselves the NY Kikes, Carolina Crackers, Miami Wet-backs or Washington Niggers?

          5. Whites were the first in america and remains and dna proves this. Even indians know this and tell stories about how when they came to America the land was originally inhabited by a red headed pale skinned race they called the si-te-cah.

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          1. You appear to be under educated by your spelling & grammer, so i suppose that you are one of the stupid ones? Am i right, of course I am.

          2. Abdul, you are so eloquent. Glad you posted such cerebral wit. You are a real credit to your race and would love to hear more of your insightful wisdom.

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          1. i always heard…The Portuguese, in the 16th century, were the first to engage in the Atlantic slave trade. In 1526, they completed the first transatlantic slave voyage to Brazil, and other Europeans soon followed. The first 130 years the Portuguese dominated the transatlantic slave trade. After 1651 they fell into second position behind the British who became the primary source… Only a small fraction of the enslaved Africans brought to the New World ended up in British North America, with the vast majority of slaves sent to the Caribbean …

        7. “Nuggets”…I actually like that! I might use that moniker quite liberally from here on out! And use planes, not ships…speed of flight, please

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      1. You do know that only approximately 15% of US population is black& that there are significantly more white people draining the states/Feds resources in many failing cities! Your comments are dumb and racisit. What about European nations that have worse economic situations and they have even less black people? Your logic is flawed! Not to mention that during these times of prosperity you mention the US probably benefitted from slave labor and eventually super low wages for minorities. Additionally you must realize every race is the same In terms of behavior ( all races have good& bad, smart &dumb, pretty&ugly). Common man don’t be an idiot& you can’t have that much unnecessary hate in your heart!

      2. Do you Realize this country was built on Slavery??? how would this country be without the Blood, sweat and tears from the Africans that built this country from the ground up!! God Bless and have a great day..

        1. Have you ever heard of white slavery dumbass? Maybe you should look it up. The fucking Jews are the root of most of our troubles…

          1. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that there are more Jews providing good paying jobs in this country than collecting benefits. Of course I didn’t do much research…

        2. How would this country be without the Africans who “built” this country? Probably a few more two-parent families, a little less crowded prisons and a whole lot less Olympic gold medals in basketball and track.

          1. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
            ― Stephen Hawking

        3. I wonder how many black people realize that Italians and Irish were also slaves . In fact I saw where they brought the Irish over here in little fu##en cages like dog kennels.. But the Irish people and the Italian’s they dont say shoot about that.. Italian’s were slaves and then took over built and run New York.. In pretty much any Irishman is liable to whip your a** over it

      3. Race, Religion, Sexual orientation doesn’t matter we are all Americans, if you don’t like it maybe you should leave.

        1. Right on, J. We are all Americans, with citizens who’s families came here from more different places than any other nation on Earth. That’s what makes us the best!

        2. I think anybody in this conversation needs to be realistic about their expectations. This is America! As a black man I have called my friends more niggas than any white man they’ve ever known. That being said I think those of you who are affected by this should understand people say ignorant shit. Some speak their ignorance in private, some some get caught in public. Everybody chill the fuck out! I’m not losing any sleep over it.

      4. Steve, if you think that a race is the reason this country is turning to shit, then you are the most ignorant person on this planet. YOU are the reason that dumb politicians get voted into office. YOU are the reason those politicians get to enact stupid laws. and YOU are the reason this country has turned to shit.

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        1. I don’t blame Steve for dumb politicians. Wall Street probably would have also come up with the “Free Government Cheese” idea too.

      5. That comment is completely false and ignorant. People like you are definately the problem not the solution. Have a nice day.

      6. Yep.By taking others creations and pawning them off as your own. By the way how’s that air conditioner. Light bulbs working good for you?

        1. Paging Thomas Edison………paging Thomas Edison…….white courtesy phone please.

        2. How’s that electricity that powers both the air conditioner and light bulbs? Still coming on at the flip of a switch I presume.

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        1. Not sure if this makes sense or just senseless.

          “Everything I got was murder for or stolen”

          My father died in WWII…my grand father fought in WWI and my great grand dad was a union soldier in the Civil war.

          Not one ever took a dollar in govt assistance.

          Everything you got was because someone else paid for it.

          1. Dude u don’t know history on how slavery was between African tribes. The enslaved were able to move up in rank…furthermore the enslaved tribe became apart of the tribe which increased their strength and abilities…whites came here by accident while looking for India and call the Native Americans (Indians)..Africa is still the riches Continent on the planet with natural resources but has been corrupt through the deception and greed..the definition of nigger is an ignorant person so anyone could be and we All have acted and spoken as such..#readupthenspeakup

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        1. I was wondering when someone was going to drag the Icelanders into this, it’s really getting ugly now….

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          Not only can you make a living if you excel, you can go to school for free if you are above average in any of these plus track, swimming and 25 other sports. This doesn’t exist in Africa.

          I think our country is better than any…ANY…country in Africa.

          And you are much better at rapping than any white guy…even Mac and Slim

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            You can earn a living and go to school for free if you are above average and SO CAN YOU. Keyword above average! And this doesn’t exist in most countries.
            I also think OUR country is better than any country whether in Africa, Europe or Asia.
            And we are better at most things than any white guy…except Bill Clinton and Chuck Norris. Those are two cool white boyz!
            Now back to your regularly scheduled ignoramus!

          2. Interestingly enough the best Quarterbacks past and present are white. I guess that’s just a coincidence though. I’ll give ya basketball but not baseball, probably an even split there. And we didn’t teach you hockey because black people don’t like the cold. If you notice the murder rate always goes up in the summertime. Sports is a small part of the landscape. I’m sure the majority of all successful white people are perfectly fine with black people being more athletically talented and successful because of it then they are. Last time I checked there was only one 1 black majority owner of a sports franchise in this country.

        2. Um, right. Congrats on the 47% high school graduation rate. High school is fucking easy.

        3. Yeah, because Blacks just fill every position of power in government right? And the current administration has just done such a fantastic job of running this country, right? Oh fuck, never mind.
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        and since you said your country do you have a deed to this country.
        This country ain’t your or any white person or Black people so let me know when
        you start running black people of the country and I’ll send you flower for your grave.
        Because they have more of a right to be here than people like you

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        1. “Your people” from the African tribes sold your ancestors to the whites to be slaves. Don’t act like the slaves were just taken and uprooted from the “Motherland. “

          1. iol you need a history lesson, you idjit. Africans had been practicing slavery LONGGGGG before white people came around.

          2. In fact, they would have been murdered if not sold for being useless to them so yes slavery saved lives.

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          Your beloved brothers SOLD your ancestors to the white man willingly, and your kind is too impotent to break their own bonds, we LET YOU GO. Meanwhile slavery is still going on to this day back in that disgusting hole you call Africa. Let’s take a look at Libera. Check out their coat of arms for a good laugh. “The love of liberty brought us here”. That country is a little experiment on what would happen if the black man were to be brought back to africa. The answer? They immediately started enslaving the natives. Today, the country is an absolute joke. Poverty, cannibalism, disease, whatever you want. Oh, but your kind just looooves to blame the evil white man for slavery, don’t you, you worthless hypocrites?
          The white man is getting tired of having to carry you lazy sacks of garbage with welfare and worthless so-called “programs”. Enjoy inferiority.

          1. Zip. I thought the rules of noblesse oblige are to apply to YOU & all other such superior folks..but , how can it apply to you when you dont even know what it means..forgive me, I’ve always been charged with giving elementals far more credit for intellect than they deserve…so glad you’ve joined that number

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        1. This thread was fucking hilarious. My relatives were from Sweden. Leave us the fuck out of all of it. Country music and rap music fucking suck gnads.

        2. You must be black cause even stupid whites know that slavery within African tribes was far more brutal in the 1500’s through 1930’s. This was within their own race.

          They didnt start selling their brothers for money to Europeans until early 1700s and to Middle Easterners/Egyptians thousands of years before America was discoverers.

          The colonists didnt invent slavery…Africans did hundreds of years earlier.

      15. Steve,
        Yo, your command of facts is appalling but not surprising. Ignorant white people have been here as long as anyone, and you’re a prime example. You’re so ignorant that you bought into the divisive strategy used by powerful whites to keep black folk down. Keeping lower classes of white folk suspicious and feeling marginally “superior” to black folk has served top keep the former poor and the latter in-check. Leave your lower-class thought culture and stop being a tool of The Man.

        1. Mike, it’s refreshing to see someone on here who understands how a lot of people in power, (especially the Democrat party,) have used divisiveness between the lower classes of different races to keep all lower classes poor. This provides the politicians with voters who think they need help. We should all strive to help each other escape the lower class and help others to stop being fooled by The Man. Well said by you.

          1. Divide and conquer is the tactic of the rich. We all know most rich, identify with the Repugs.

      16. You dumbass kkk ,all you pussy’s can do talk shit not all African Americans are stupid ,but most of you cracka’s are the reason for the n..word stop bringing up history cause all your cracka literature is false ya bitch ..

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      18. Dude, you’ve got some serious psychological issues. Not to mention you spell like a 2nd-grader. Seek professional help.

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      20. Really. Do you know the History of America, or did you just make it to the fourth grade before you decided to drop out to pursue a career in saying stupid stuff online.

      21. Hey Steve…a little proof-reading is in order here, ‘back on the shops’???

        Perhaps YOU should board that ‘shop’ and get your silly-ass out of Dodge!

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          1. Hate to burst your bubble “nigga” but black men are the least desired by women in the world.

        2. Ya know its African Americans like you who cause this BS. Come to my hood and I’ll kill ya really that just shows how ignorant and punk ass you are. Funny how its ok for yhe man has showed remorse more then you would see from any punk ass like youou to call a nigga a nigga but once a white man does it you jump the race card. Its a word you dont see us white people jumping all over the internet when a balck person says honkey do you!!!! Get over it bro as too your hood I am sure your nothing more then a gang bang mf whos got a criminal record a mile long. If you watched NFL Network there was a African American Preacher on there and even he commented on its racist that the African Americans choose to say its ok for a balck person to say the N word but not a white person. hes showed remorse more then your punk ass would ever!!!

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      23. Steve, you sound like a fuckin fool. I know your a redneck with a 4th grade education. We will never be sent back on ships you know why……. Because your mom LOVES black dick. And if I leave, what is she gonna suck on?

      24. The problem with the country are corrupt ass banks who in fact are ran by white people. How about you try again with a correct assertion of what got the US in this mess. I personally hope for a race war so I can get rid of ignorant fucks such as yourself, Steve


      26. just remember we never asked to come to this place. you brought us here so get over it.. and if we left the rich would just in slave all the poor white people and then what would be you dam solution.

      27. Steve, you do know I can find your address right. I have been afforded some very important computer skills. Unless you are in a public library, I can find you. Put on your 3-D glasses. Seriously. No seriously.

      28. Hey stupid fuck …..blacks built this country for FREE……DOES SLAVERY RING ABELL?

        1. What exactly did the blacks build? Last time I checked it was mainly Irish, Italian, and other European immigrants who built our major cities. The chinese built the railroad. So what exactly did blacks build? Cotton fields? Tobacco fields? You don’t build those, you just work them.

      29. @ Steve
        I wish that you were right. But you might need more history lessons and an economics brush up. This message is most likely a waste. Just don’t allow the internet to be your liquid courage. I’ll pray for you man.

      30. I cannot believe what I am actually hearing … a world of hate, not my way !! and you all wonder why your lives are in the hole… going on about a football player flappin his mouth….it’s got to stop here now people! what he did was def not right but really quit get off and get on with your life and drop the phone down the toilet or that’s where your life will end up. hatred kills

      31. When I read comments like yours I’m thankful that Rosie Parks sat in the front of the bus and blessed that men before my time like John F. Kennedy , Malcom X ,and Martin L. King Jr had the minds and power change a nation. My point is this you don’t clue about the US History nothing is by accident. US has always profit off immgrants period. Native American inhabited the this land and the white man came and destroy their race and the rest of them they threw box of shit somewhere in the southwest. Segregation my glad you mention that blacks wasn’t only segregated race at time. The Chinese and other Asian came here the built the railroads and the white man profit off of it. Even the poor jews the was segregated. You can asked my white man that fought in WWII where did the Jewish soliders sleep. They will tell you where. Civil black rights and affrimative action are you serious! I love when white man said that ” Sir please tell when the time civil rights laws was upheld in court after the 1970’s. Affrmative action that a fucking joke ! For every black men accepted in harvard twenty white men enter. I’m sorry to tell somewhere in the US right now it’s a white boys wanting to be black. Somewhere in US right now their white boys wanting to be a Muslins. Somewhere in US right now their white boys are plotting against their parents. The killing their own kind innocent people and babies. Look at the white people tv now dumbass. But you what talked about the blacks. Send us back please. White people love credit, fucking telling others whats to do because you’re lazy and it sticking their fucking where doesn’t belong. and cocaine.White people will never send race backs to their homeland because would to work for a changed and not talk shits. FYI that why every country in the world hate the US because of white people sorry.

      32. How about we send your ignorant moron self and others like you back to Europe. Oh wait they won’t take you because your a useless piece of flesh. Drink beer snort coke and meth do pill. You whites love your chemikills. It is your race that’s destroying the environment and society. We know that’s what you want so you can’t create your stupid unobtainable white world..hitler tried that and we wiped our ass with that douche. Since 1800s you lost 2021 and beyond you will lose again. Your race will be the minority. Don’t worry we won’t make you slaves. That’s not our mindset. Plus your race is lazy as f$#k so nothing would get done lmao. Kinda like the last 4 years. All that power and you couldn’t even take over. Your useless. Cancel white males!

    2. You’re an idiot. Jackson and Johnson play a different game then Cooper, and Avant might not even make the team.

      1. WHAT? You saying avant might not make the team is like saying you weren’t a prom night dumpster baby. Idiot.

    3. Riley is a ok dude no him since high school went to school with my daughter.He is really a good kid just spoiled but not a racist.He gets all liquored up and talks shit.He is actually a darn good football player he will hit you and has heart.Those other wideouts on philly are not as tough as him maybe avant thats it.There have been worse things in sports and as a country we forgive,no names have to be given we all know who they are.Lets not make a mountain out of this.Charles Barkley says a lot of borderline stuff but we love him what cooper said was wrong no excuse it’s dead wrong he’s a young man and he is very sorry for this.Please don’t judge him on 1 incident.Give this young man a break.

      1. Well I feel for him but alcohol brings out you’re inner demons so I don’t know how to get to the point where I can forgive him yet.

        1. yes finally forgiveness it’s the way out of the mass of messes in everyones lives…he isn’t the first one to say something stupid and def not the last! thank you ….positivity!

    4. Hopefully his teammates aren’t all sensitive little nancies like you are.

      Racism is the natural way of the world.

      Get over it.

      Exactly – because blacks always have more “upside” and whites are just “blue collar bring your lunchpail to work” kind of guys.

      When can we get some affirmative action in the NFL for the cornerback position. Or better yet the whole defense since it seems to be a concern to get more blacks into coaching positions.

      1. Jim you obviously don’t know much about Riley Coopers playing ability. He’s the second best WR on the Eagles active roster at this second. Congrats you just admitted to everyone you know nothing about football.

        1. He is probably the best receiver on the roster, but good luck getting the DWFs to admit it. Theyre busy salivating over a 6’7″ bum who did nothing of note in college football and a 5’8″ manlet.

          He made nothing but plays and highlight reel touchdowns when targeted last year and yet he still gets shit. Makes sense.

          1. Jim you need help. Know your sports history. Qb is the prize n hardest position in sports. Blacks have been told that were not smart enough to play the CEO position or coach at a high level. That is why defensive players are usually black & most retired qbs are white.

      2. Lol yall just have limited athletic abilities and now we taking over the qb position to haha

    5. Fuckkk The dumb shit lets wait and see when his ass goes across the middle on Sunday.

    1. for you not be in the 1 percent,you sure are an an arrogant,ignorant fuck!

  2. It’s as clear as day what he says and that’s some really inflammatory stuff. I would think there would be some pretty serious repercussions for Cooper’s actions.

  3. Using the N-word has nothing to do with how he feels about his teammates, unless he was using it on one of them. No way they were crocodile tears. Nothing to see here, moving on.

    1. Right, because black people don’t care about the N word at all when it’s not directed at them personally. That’s why you can walk down the street and yell the word at no one in particular and nobody will get offended and nothing will happen.

      1. …you must have tested that theory in Mayberry, Deezy. I’m CERTAIN you’ll get different results in ATL…

      2. Deezy is short for deez nuts in yo mouth!! Go ahead and try that shit. you and Cooper will be in the same emergency room recovering from concussions.

    2. I’m sure he was upset for Maclin. That said, he plays on a team that is at the very least 80% black and there was nothing close to an “Ah” at the end of that word…

      It’s on Deadspin he’s so fucked

      1. Racism will never die as long as the world keeps turning.

        I’m sorry but the cultural marxist utopia is a fantasy that will never come true.

    3. Well there’s one vote for sweeping it under the rug.
      You know you’ll die of cancer if you keep that up, right?

  4. Kyle, can you research to see if the tubby guy in the green sleeveless is actually carts friend from the goo goo dolls

    1. That fat pig is a known drug dealer with the local athletes.he is a DJ too lol

  5. hmm.. this is in the pit at Chesney. I wouldn’t mind watching a video of him trying this with the animals at say, C and Cambria. I’d imagine it would end with some lead in Coop’s gut.

  6. Oh Boy, let’s see how viral this one goes…….me smells trouble brewin’

  7. I would grab my boys Isaac & chance & we would drop the hammer on this no talent pusssy Riley Cooper. Show this Dave Matthews band lover a lesson

  8. Haha Kyle you got some DAP on DeadSPIN congrats man…you made it!!

    I suppose this isn’t going to help the team chemistry…I think Tim Tebow will stand up for him.


  9. Riley must be a bad drunk. Typical Florida U guy.
    You can dress him up in jean shorts & sleeveless flannel but you can’t take him out

    1. If you are that confident you should put your name and address on here so you can be located !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

        1. no shit tay come at me in my neck of the woods your gonna be fucked.ill send my eleven year old son to take care of you

  10. I don’t think that is Danny Watkins, both Cooper and he are listed at 6’3″ and Riley had about 4 inches on that dude. Although I can see some similarities in both the face and their reluctance for physicality. Did you see the face “Watkins” makes after Cooper pushes his hand off of him? What a little bitch.

  11. Can’t wait for the unavoidable tearful apology and subsequent charity work Riley will be made to do in West or North Philly

  12. Really. Really? This is the reporting that we get? This is the information we get on a supposed “sports” blog? Given: This is ignorant of Cooper, especially since he is drunk as all fuck. However, why is it that media outlets have to continually perpetuate white on black racism when it comes readily available to them??? Where is all the digging for the “reverse” racism, when it comes when blacks dog on whites? We make jokes about it above? Which is worse? Riley uttering the “n” word, or the presumption that the OG’s are gonna shoot him up (as someone posted above) for using the “n” word? Everyone by now should know that using derogatory names is a no-no when referring to sexual orientation, race, nationality or mental capacity, but we almost approve of someone committing murder in retribution of those that use the terms out of ignorance???? HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU?? AND WHY DOES THE MEDIA CONTINUE TO FUEL RACE TENSIONS??? They don’t just report it, they have to always sensationalize it to get people all riled up. Just like the Trayvon Martin case got turned into something of racism when that couldn’t have been further from the truth…

    1. The only people I ever see bitch about reverse racism when a story like this breaks are racists…Think for one fucking second…maybe because black people realize they might get shot from wearing a hoody, or the fact that they have targets on their backs in the eyes of many in general, theyre not fucking stupid enough to say anything even remotely negative about another race in the first place.Riley cooper will get his chance to apologize and make amends; if it were djax hed be run out of town or crucified for the rest of his time here. Its called white priveledge, nimrod.

      1. why no one mention when Asian shot and killed for not wanting to give up cash at store. we need representation form Mr Sharpton or Mr. Jackson

      2. dumb. you think black people won’t say racist things? In my experience, being a minority (IN THE SOUTH) I spent 20 minutes buying chicken wings as an experiment in a VERY bad part of town and I got drive by racist comments flying left and right. I just wanted some wings. I never got that junk from white people spending 6 years in the south, 20 minutes vs 6 years.

        1. This is a war on the whites…if you haven’t figured this out yet, then you’re IQ is very low.

          The Jews only legit enemy is the whites. The blacks don’t contribute to anything positive or of any importance, they’re civilized by the whites. They know who butters their bread. Go back to Africa where you belong. You don’t belong here. You never have.

          There were whites here as long as the natives were. You don’t get told that story though. It was blotted out long ago.

          1. All this talk about whites being superior ect. ect..truthfully told we All come from the same man’s loins Noah who had 3 sons so that makes us All your bible cause you’re only hating yourself

      3. The most likely person to shoot a black man in a hoodie is another black man. Just sayin, Nimrod.

    2. fucking christ people are still talking about Treyvon? no one brought him up until you just did. Let’s see….. major sports athlete calls people niggers and Kyle is an idiot for discussing it on his PHILADELPHIA SPORTS BLOG?


      nothing “feuling” here dipshit. the post seemed as objective as you could get, faggot.

    3. Amen dude amen. And I believe you could even be African American. I hate to bring up the travesty of my own race But I feel it necessary for my Black brothern to know about trayvon Just search U tube forGeorge Zimmerman stones Trayvon martin Itas about a 15 min vid by a reverend in the congregation of one of my subsidiary Spiritual relief churches. If only the nation would open its eyes to the truth. Scratch that If only the nation of all our citizens would realize all of our faults this one just happens to be in the medias eyes. God Bless Zimmerman for volunteering in Local black education churches, for being a big brother to those who were in need who tended to be Black not Hispanic.. He gives his all for all cultures regardless of faith or ethnicity.. and no I don’t know the man But I know of him thru friends both Hispanic andBlack.. God bless you all.

      1. And God bless you. I always appreciate some intellectual honesty. Unfortunately, real straight talk doesn’t always jibe with the “agenda.” People like Jackson and Sharpton profit from stirring up tensions. If they wanted to do the best thing for their “community,” they would spread the message that you do.

        I beleive that your statement “…for all cultures…” actually illuminates a part of the problem. Instead of pushing multicuturalism, which encourages people to “clic up” according to race, we should go back to celebrating American culture, which celebrates inclusion. Of course I understand that everybody wasn’t historically included in American culture, but that’s why we had the whole civil rights movement, right? That is also a part of OUR culture now, isn’t it?

    4. I would like to see the whole video and what the context of him saying this. Not right, but what else was going on.

    5. Actually black people did have something to do with the dwindling economy so do whites and all other races. Im not here to defend Mr. Cooper but he was not aware that he was on camera and just cause he said the word doesn’t make him racist. It was very ignorant for him to say that. People need to hold individuals accountable and stop holding an entire race responsible. We all have said stuff that you wouldn’t want to be on camera

  13. Dont call them the N word riley, instead, call them ‘welfare-riden number 7 train riding animals’.

    VERY NICE!!!!!

    -john rocker

    1. Haven’t u heard the stats lately? There are more white people applying for food stamps and State medical than blacks lately!! Go figure.

      1. Thats easy to believe considering all the propping up the government does of minorities what with affirmative action and all.

  14. C’mon Riley, drop the ‘ER’ and add an ‘A’….no harm no foul! I thought that was N-word 101.

  15. So what, are we really expecting a white NFL player not to be racist when he’s surrounded by proud ignorant ditsoon like DJax and Shady and Jason Peters and etc etc etc all day every day

  16. Cut the guy some slack. He was obviously blacked out drunk & was calling white dudes the n word. Not like he was saying it to the brothers.

  17. As an Eagles fan, I don’t know which is more disappointing: that he used a racial epithet, or that he likes Kenny Chesney…

  18. Andddd this just got mentioned on NFL Live.

    Congrats Kyle, your site was just named on national TV.

  19. I was there and saw a group of African American youths calling Mr Cooper a Honkie mother effer.

    1. The correct terminology is “Teens” or “Urban youths”. Remember George, race is just a social construct created by the white devil.

  20. This makes my As- itch to know ppl are Still doin dumb stuff like this in this day and age, how will his teammates respond 2him?

  21. Die hard skins fan #HTTR…. 1st Monday night skins vs eagles…. DBs will have a hit out for him to send a message…. Believe that… Let’s see if he can fight every n*gga on defense….

          1. Tipping like black people 101. Get treated/ served as if you are a poor tipper, you will receive a poor tip. Common sense.

  22. I think he was just a little upset cuz he couldn’t find any dick to suck. He sounds pent up and drunk. Cut him some slack. He’s been away from his lover Tim Tebow for so long that I’m sure he’s frustrated. I mean, I would be.

  23. I understand its nice to get ‘the scoop’, if you will, as a journalist/blogger/etc… But I think you just made a pretty big enemy.

    However, judging by his fight video posted a few weeks ago, I guess I wouldn’t be too worried.

  24. All the N!gg€rs need to be ran off!!! Lol stupid porch monkeys!!! Goooo cooper!!!! Go back to Africa

  25. Benny shut up u dumb N!gg€r!!! That’s like u to say something like that!!!!

    1. When I’m in your face I will love to here u say that u little bitch then let’s see how bad u are Mr blackkiller #DEADMAN

    2. hello cowboy tractor boy little dick ass boy you were saying? cause you know damn well if you werent hiding behind the internet you get ecked a matter of fact i actually know exactly where you live.thanks for that mail and see you soon 🙂

  26. I’m no racist by any means, but honestly, why does anyone care what riley cooper is saying? People say that word every day and not once have I ever seen anyone step up and say something. Personally I do it all the time around friends bc I hate racism to the core but…why do we blow this up so much?

    Anyone who calls kenny chesney a cracker is just as bad as riley dropping the n word.

    And at least riley was drunk. That guy is probably sober

  27. The most disturbing this about this whole story is that he was at a Kenny Chesney concert.

  28. It wasn’t like he said the “ga” form of the N word either… It was the full blown “er” N word, which is above and beyond a no-no. I have black friends that have told me when a white person uses the “er” form they are definitely fucked. RIP Riley Coop dumb shit.

  29. Riley Copper showed his ass like black killer is bring it you p?ssy why should any black go back to africa do we say go back to england to all white people hell america wasnt your’s it was the land of mexicans and indians so shut the f?ck up

    1. Duke, u must be a dumb N!gg€r!!! Y’all call yourselves this all the time!!! So shut it!!! Go get ur welfare check and buy some drugs and hate on white people!!!

    2. A trip back to africa is the kind of reparations ya’ll need. I’m sure plenty of whites would even pitch in for that.

  30. Funny how antiwhites like to claim there is no such thing as the white race but then turn around and set out rules for what we can and cannot say or even think. LOL

  31. Just do like Stephen A. Smith! Deny deny deny. Even if there’s video. Deny deny deny.

  32. lets see how many passes he get from Michael Vick.Somebody
    gonna call his bluff that dumb F____k

  33. This was the funniest part of my day. Gotta love this city. Not sure who’s dumber, Cooper or most of the idiots commenting on this site. Hope all u racist retards get deadly dehydration from life threatening diarrhea so we don’t have to listen to your stupidity and ignorance any longer.
    Take care and GO BIRDS!

  34. So Paula Dean gets her clock cleaned for this and Riley Cooper will get……..? Dude needs to be cut by the Eagles immediately.

    1. Yep because its a mans world. Men love Football and will find a way to make this seem light weight. Personally Paula Deen did nothing wrong. Sweet lady who was got the bad end of the stick and for what?

    1. Its white trash like u that make me dislike u white devil muthafuckas!!! Take ya ass back to England and take ur wife slash cousin with u bitch!!!!!

  35. He was drinking, “never uses the word.” (I do find this hard to believe this would be the first time he used it.)
    He’s only sorry he got caught. The security guard is African American – off camera.

  36. In other news the phillies just sat and watched the whole thing BURNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  37. I would bet over 6000 n-bombs get dropped in the eagles locker room everyday. If people are so offended, then everybody should stop using the word

    1. I have white friends that say nigga all the time but they mean it with endearment but you all saying nigger mean it to strike pain n be disrespectful to blacks that’s the real difference.

  38. BG,
    If your initials are or have been CD I think I know where you’re coming from.

  39. Who the hell cares? Blacks say it a million times a day! You would have thought he set off a bomb at the concert. Get a clue.

  40. He should be prosecuted just like Zimmerman! Oh wait that didn’t work out!

  41. This shit is getting blown out of proportion; again no one was at the concert or saw what he saw nor experienced. He obviously is not a racist, he plays on a team of mostly thugs & don’t start playing the race card when the majority of the Eagle players listen and promote the rap scene & call each other the N word (i.e. Vick, etc) … again this crap will be blown out of proportion by the media and the half-breed president. (& by the way, I don’t see any of those blacks or racists on MSNBC/Hollywood apologizing for the white or hispanic racial slurs they say)… if it quacks and swims in a lake it is a duck – if it carries the name and shows it consistently promotes islam, it is a muslim (obama) – You are judged by your character – words of the Great Martin Luther King Jr. and he demonstrated such a great character, too bad these race baiting pimps sharpton/jackson smears his name and have no clue or desire to follow the true King’s example)…

  42. Blacks built this country from the ground up?? That’s news to me! I’m sick of the race cars being played forn. o reason and it’s a Bullshitline that’s used too often! How can blacks expect whites to stop racism when they’re racist themselves? Anytime you say “our people”, “us”, “my people”, etc… You’re separating yourself and being racist! If blacks only make up 15% of our population, why are the prisons predominantly black?? For racism to end, blacks need to stop separating themselves, stop with the special black groups, and stop expecting special treatment(ie. Scholarship funds, miss black America, score lower to be cops and teachers, affirmative action, etc.) Plus, how about calling every white person that dislikes Obama a racist?? That is ridiculous!! What cooper did was wrong but get over it! If you can call each other the word all the time and call whites crackers, then quit crying!! I have many black friends who agree with me and I don’t see them for their color but WHO they are!!!

  43. Speaking of brothers I have 1 right now eating quarter pounder with cheese & fries sitting next to me on the train. SMFH

  44. wow! what a bunch of whiney, limp wristed nigger lovers we have posting on here. you limp wristed nigger lovers know that niggers don’t need you to stick up for them?

    1. OK Scott , I just know that every Nigger is going to light his ass up too !! I just hope I see it live !!!!

      He will get lit up too I promise !!! Hope its in Denver !!!!

  45. Kyle, you actually paid for this video? You actually thought that being the blog that first posted the video was worth something?

    Anyway, I’m curious why this is such a big deal. The majority of his teammates use this word multiple times per day and no one has a problem with it. I’d bet that exact phrase is uttered at least once on NFL field every Sunday, and college fields on Saturdays. How are races supposed to be equal if one race can use a term and another race can’t?

    1. Dumbass you missing the whole point. how many of Riley Coopers black teammate have been caught using white racial slurs?! You just can’t use that word anytime or any place you feel like without dealing with the consequences… unless you’re at a klan meeting or a Soul Train convention!!

  46. Everyone talks about this RACE problem and says that this RACE problem will be over when the third-world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into WHITE countries.

    Everyone says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” that is, intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    They’re pushing wHiTe geNOcide!

    They claim they are “anti-racist”, what they are is anti-White
    Anti-racist is a code for anti-White

  47. I’d like to see Riley Cooper say what is said to Ray Lewis, Floyd Mayweather, Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace, Steward Scott, or any number of my brothers. Riley f**k you and your apology along with the rest of your ignorant irrational MFing sympathizers.

    1. I bet Kenny Chesney would kick your ass just cause you are so f*ucking stupid.

      1. No you’re stupid nigger you mama is loves a nigger and you and your male friends secretly want to screw one. You’re a stupid white nigga.

  48. Remember us little people Kyle LMAO

    To quote the Great Johnny Cash ” We’re shittin in the tall cotton now”

  49. Funny how your True Colors Shine Through when you think nobody’s listening.Can you really trust your Freinds if you are a Racist. I Don’t Think So.

  50. Friend of mine had seats in the Vet 700 level… of the guys used to wear an Andy Harmon “91” jersey and it said “White Guy” on the back…..Racial Hatred will never go away as long as there’s ignorant people.

    Historical Fact: Irish Slaves were bought for 5 pounds sterling….African slaves were 50 pounds sterling. Almost every nationality has been at the bottom rung. GET OVER IT.

  51. I dont think an apology is gonna do it. He clearly said nigger and directed it at blacks. That’s a double no no. He will be judged by the players of the nfl and the sentence will be served in the field by a defensive back this season. Good luck whitey… I mean riley.

  52. I didn’t take the time to read all of the ignorant posts and FYI I am Caucasian. First put things in perspective. Certain remarks are acceptable and non offensive when speaking to a friend a teammate or someone that you know personally. I can tell my cousin he’s a red neck or a cracker or hill billy or what have you. But White or not it may be taken in a negative manor if I say those things to a white man that doesn’t know me, as hill billies are commonly thought to not be very educated. Same applies to other races. Black people call eachother niggers big deal they probably know eachother and if they don’t know eachother I doubt they would be calling eachother nigger unless they are angry at one another. If its in a rap song it’s a fuking song people!!! Those that like rap and buy or download the music aren’t offended by it. We do have freedom of speech in this country and and artist is free to write the lyrics that he or she wants. This does not mean its ok to make derogatory remarks toward a total stranger regardless race color or creed. What Riley said was wrong, he knows it was wrong, he knows he used poor judgement. (probably alcohol related) I don’t believe he is racist. He has been playing football along side black teamates since peewee football. I’m guessing an altercation with a black person took place, Riley was intoxicated and his anger pushed him to say something very offensive and wrong. We all have said racist comments or jokes. Not that it’s ok or right but honestly some jokes are just funny and pick on stereotypes of a givin race (white people included). What do u get when u put 32 red necks in a room ….. A full set of teeth lmao. I don’t care who you are that’s funny. What Riley said was out of anger and very foolish as he is in the public eye it doesn’t mean that he’s a racist. As for the decline if our country we can only blame ourselves. We the people put our leaders in office we the people vote on the laws and legislation that govern our great country. Yes I said great. There are many countries that wouldn’t even allow this discussion to take place. We are in tough economic times not just the US by the way. Our economy has effects world wide. We as Americans need to stop pointing the finger and passing the buck.I’m from California and I’m so tired of hearing people cry about the Mexicans taking our jobs…. Really!! If we were to take every migrant worker and send them
    Back to Mexico we would starve. Most Californians would “bite the bullet” and draw unemployment before going out to work in the fields of agriculture. It’s sad but the fact is we as Americans have grown lazy we have forgotten the hard work of our forefathers that built this great country. It’s an embarrassment that we still have so much ignorance in our society. To all the ignorant people above throwing slurs (way too many to mention by name). Educate yourselves, register to vote, make your voice heard by actually voting. And remember that our military our police officers our fire fighters and all emergency responders in this country put their lives on the line everyday so that you can have your freedoms. They come from all backgrounds and ethnicities and one day your life may be saved by hero that happens to be black, Mexican, Asian, Arab or another race. One of things that have made this country great is our diversity. Now that I’ve said my piece I will say that Riley Cooper is an idiot but probably not an all out racist like some of you ignorant fucks above.

    1. Mr. Madison…What you just said is the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever heard. At no point in your incoherent rambling did you even come close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. ..Everyone in the room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you know points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

  53. I have to say as an avid fan of our beloved Eagles, I am very disppointed in Cooper. He deserves a fine and a suspension. Calling anyone such a name in a public forum as a professional athelete is just so stupid on so many different levels. I thought he was pretty intelligent until this video surfaced. Thanks for giving our organization another black eye Coop. No pun intended.

    1. I’m ok with that. As long as you fine and suspend evey guy on the team that has said that word in the last week. Hope you like kickers and punters

  54. Look black’s is not a bad word. I live in a community that is really black. Wish I had a dollahhh for everytime kids and men are called whiteboy, & craker, but I’d have even more money if I was handed a dollar for everytime I here some black guy call someone nigger! I’d be able to move out of this hood. No doubt cooper was just imulating his teamates of color in both speech and demenior.

  55. Yeah hes gotta watch his ass now NIGGERS hate that word even though they call each other that more than anyone. Bet he wants to kill he bitch that took the vid.

  56. It is sad that there are so many racists (of every color) who feel justified in perpetuating racial animosity and defending pieces of garbage like Riley Cooper.

  57. Let’s Face The Fact America Doesn’t Really Care About The Black Community… This Dude Is An Example Of A Majority Of White Men’s View On Black Ppl! Cause White Women Love A Nigga!!!

  58. If he didn’t get caught on tape he wouldn’t of said a damn thing !!!!

    and he knows it !!!

    another friend in your face and enemy behind your back !!!!!!

  59. Wow….After reading all of the comments, I see that all people are stupid…We all are so fucking stupid….

  60. Why does “Racists” only get used against white people? How come when a black person
    says something “Racists” you never hear about it. What if all races were held to the same
    standard? I know all races can be offended by slurs, but I believe often times it is slung as
    a means of free loading and looking for a free ride!

  61. I read nearly every post on this. This entire dialogue is what is wrong with this country…and fast food restaurants!

    Move on.

  62. Don’t know what to think

    I give him a pass. If he was just talking about a crowd of people

    1. I’m black and don’t used the n word around white people but I do use the word

  63. f%ck it! there is a race war coming anyway, let’s just get it done with! matter of time.

  64. Take that redneck, whitebred, chickenshit motherphuckers knee out. And then let a nigga drive his ass to the ER. That’s phucked up when your own teammate blows your knee out.

  65. I know Steve. He used to suck my black dick in high school. And he talked shit about blacks and fags then. I think you would be a hole
    Lot nicer if you stop repressing. And be yourself. Call me Steve I miss the good times we used to have. And I mean call me. I put you out there but you know not all the way. So you better act right.

  66. Nice Job Kyle. Bet ur pen cap sized dick is hard from all the new visitors. You certainly know how to bring them out.

  67. Only reason people offended is because they wanna be liked by people who don’t wanna like them. I’m not offended at all some whites feel that way Soo What I don’t owe him no money. But in real life he would’ve got his ass whooped if he would’ve jumped the fence IJS.

  68. Typical remark for a Floridian. He will start a fight and then pull a gun and call it self defense “I was in mortal fear for my life” What a coward and what a cowardly fake apology.

  69. Listening to these comments I just shake my head all of u guys are morons get a life who gives a damn!!

  70. george Zimmerman is my hero. if there was more like him. maybe we could cut down on these bull lips

  71. Hey Riley Cooper…Go stick your finger in oprah winfreys fat, loose, wilted, dark green, bloody, herpes riddled infested cunt and slide it in and out while jason peters sprays foamy green popeyes chicken diarrhea directly into your mouth and in your eye sockets you dumb fucking shit kicking faggot. You give flannel shirts a bad name and I hope ted nudgent spits chewing tobacco in your moms cunt while he blows your knee caps out with a shotgun. Then RHEA HUGHES can stick her gigantic black erection inside your tight asshhole and its coarse sandy texture will peel your assholes skin out and itll burn when you shit. After that you can suck a fucking enflammed u circumsized dick while michael vick forces you to fuck and impregnate your mom. Fuck you and your intolerance theres no room on this planet for nut jobs like you. SaNtOrUm2016

  72. no punishment goddell can give will be as bad as what he goes through the first time he walks back into the locker room to face his teammates

  73. Coop is just immulating his teamates. Imagine how many times he’s had to listen to the guys in the locker room taking about killing a nigger! Or how many rap songs coop has had to suffer through, were the jist of the “song” was either robbin, bustin a cap in or killin a nigger?

  74. Real big of him to apologize after he’s caught on camera and the clip is picked up in the national media. Where was this apology in June? I’m tired of these fake, insincere, and obviously phony apologies. But then again, is there any other kind of apology?

  75. Yes it was wrong. Yes is was racist. Yes he should be fined (and he was). Yes it’s a word nobody should use (black or white). Yes, I’m a white dude typing this. Yes, he will be forgiven.

    I don’t think you can take 15 seconds of a man’s life and try to define him by it. He was mad at a particular person (a black person or two) and he said the most hateful thing that came to his mind. We’ve all made mistakes… For most of us, we can be thankful they weren’t recorded.

  76. This can be a good thing. Hopefully he is genuine in his apology. But we all know that there white and other people who use the N* word. (I don’t even like when black people say that.) He (Cooper) can’t get away with that in Philly, and he shouldn’t. Public Examples can be good.

  77. He’s white and he’s a wide receiver playing against defensive backs who are 99 percent black, whose job is to put a hit on a wide receiver. Can you say concussion? If I were him, I’d retire from the NFL. It’s not going to feel very good being paralyze from the neck down…bro.

  78. Lets all have 10 kids and no job and let the government pay for them (priceless)

  79. Cooper definitely said that with a “-ger”, not “ga”. Not cool either way, but he certainly put himself in an awkward situation with his teammates. The chik in the video even acknowledges it. Her groan kinda says “dude, did u really just say that with a camera filming u?”

  80. i cant stand idiots like this. he gives everyone else a bad name. 99.9% of white people do NOT use the n word, yes even in private. screw riley cooper. clearly hes just a dumb hick.

  81. What’s the difference between a nigger and a piece of dog shit? After a while dog shit turns white and stops stinking.

  82. and obviously theres a bunch of stupid kids who hide behind the internet and think its funny to get reactions for using the n word in comments on articles like this or youtube. grow up

  83. Here is the short version of everything above: 1. racism is ignorant. 2. If anyone thinks that the state of the country and the world has to do with any one person or any one race’s actions needs to do a little research in religion and it will all come clear that there are already predictions that have came to life and even e plains what is to come. The Holy Bible Revelations take a look and see for yourselves.

  84. What do you get when you bury 1000 niggers up to their foreheads? Afro turf.

  85. What is the absolute worst thing you can call a black that starts with the letter N and ends with the letter R? Neighbor!

  86. What did our local police chief call the nigger with 17 gunshot wounds? The worst suicide his has ever seen! Case closed!

  87. What is the difference between niggers and snow tires? Snow tires don’t start singing when you put chains on them.

  88. Why weren’t there any niggers on Star Trek? They don’t work in the future either.

  89. Why were there so many niggers killed in Vietnam? Because when the sergeant said “get down” they all stood up and started dancing.

  90. What did god say when he made the first nigger? Oops I burnt the shit outta this one.

  91. The last time I stuck my hand in a bowl of jelly beans the black ones stole my watch and my rings.

  92. What is the difference between a dead dog and a dead nigger in the street? There are always skid marks in front of the dog.

  93. Isn’t everyone else racist for finding this racist? I’ve seen a ton of African American NFL players saying the same word he was filmed saying, and did anything happen to any of them? Nope. So the fact that some people can say some words and other people can’t, that’s what I find to be racist. Do I agree with him saying it? Of course not. However, I don’t agree with people of a certain skin color saying it and getting away with it. If it’s offensive, no one should say it.

  94. Why cant we all just admit that if Riley was any other race in the world this would be a non issue and as far as Jason Avant goes. No one gives a shit if your feelings are hurt. Now excuse me why I go drop a bevy of N bombs at the nearest black church.

      1. Are you upset that your mom is the room gettin fucked by Amistad? Is that why your so mad?

  95. This will be resolved on the football field. Every safety in the league will be ready!!! Count on it!!,

  96. He most likely just lost the respect of of all his black teammates on the Eagles, let alone the league. His girlfriend by his side was pretty hillarious i thought “Aghhh you said the N word” It’s really pathetic that now adays in 2013 that racism still seems way to prevalent. not in sports but in society in general, particularly American society and culture. wake up USA

    1. You know nothing about the NFL. Will this cost him any more respect from his teammates than N. Suh stomping on the arm of the white offensive lineman during the T-giving game? I think not.

      White receivers are already disrespected in the NFL and having Tim Tebow as a friend doesn’t help his street cred.

  97. His comment doesnt really bother me. It did kinda shock me though cuz’ most athletes coming up thru middle school, high school and college learned a type of closeness, comraderie or fraternity amongst one another that cant really really be matched outside of team sports. U learn from other cultures and grow 2 appreciate one another and put the bullsh*t behind u.

    But overall this pales in comparison 2 what I heard when Obama ran both times. Some white people were mad … REALLY mad. Many of ’em still are. *Shrugs*

  98. The worst part about this is the fact that I am going to have to listen to racists like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton promote their race bate agenda like they never said anything derogatory about white people. Fucking frauds.

    1. Mark … i highly doubt that this will even reach their radar. The guy sad what he said and he’s gotta deal with the consequences of it. But before that … he has to actually MAKE the team so why would the so called race baiters be up in arms about someone not even gauranteed a roster spot?

      Now more than ever …this guy needs 2 let his play on the field speak 4 itself.
      No amount of talk from outside pundits can help him with that.

  99. All of the rhetoric about what he said is unfortunate. I would be willing to bet that most of you making the truly racist comments only make them in internet forums and never in public or in an African American setting or around your so called African American friends (if you do I would hope that they have warned you not to do it around anyone else). I am black have used the word plenty of times and have stopped because I acknowledge that using it makes others too comfortable with the word. What most other races do not understand that while many African-Americans primarily use the word in reference to other African Americans most (not any I know) do not use any racial slurs to refer or identify other races. Most of the African-American people that I know do not refer to white, Asian, Hispanic or any other race with racial slurs. We call them White, Asian or Hispanic (etc.). Go figure!

    1. You little dicked, cock sucking, black sperm drinking, white guilt filled, faggot.

      How dare you fuck up my nigger combo

      1. your one to talk litearly 100% of white people have small dicks. also stop using slurs if you dont even know what they mean dipshit..oh and i enoyed fillig your girlfriends mouth ad pussy with my so called black sperm.

    2. Quick question…. If you removed race box from college applications, govt assistance forms and federal/state job apps, which group do you think would complain? If race isn’t an issue…why it it still on every govt form?

  100. If he were black and said it, or used a racist term toward white people, it would just be on world star hip hop and no fine.

    Fuck travon

  101. ignorance, hatred, degenerates and sadness as the comments went slowly into the sewerage of mindless ramblings and heart rending comments stemming from generations of spit filled junk that bring all the stink of the root of the original American problem of denial of humans behaving badly and without morals..

    1. I think this comment would be a lot more meaningful if your name was spelled correctly. If not correctly, than perhaps something witty like “Tam-Boring”… Then maybe people would be interested in what you are saying rather than wondering if you have dyslexia or something.

      Just sayin’…

  102. Black people call other black people nigga and its cool. That makes no sense. If it offends you when I say it then it should offend you when anyone says it. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  103. He meant just what he said. What gets me is as soon as a racial comment is made they get the first black person they can find and get them to try to calm an incendiary situation down. Remember Rob Dibble. Terry Bradshaw. Google it!! Homework assignment. Liquid courage may have been to blame. Who the fuck cares. He was extremely caught.

  104. I think these comments on this post are the perfect illustration of just how much racial disparity and tension are still huge problems in this country. The lack of perspective displayed in these comments, especially from white people who are unable to concede that racism is a problem or that black people somehow bring this type of vile upon themselves, is really quite astounding and embarassing. If your first reaction to watching this video is to deflect blame onto black people, then youre part of the problem. If you can read these comments and still say with a straight face that race isnt a problem in this country, then you are part of the problem…even for the internet, this comments section is pretty disgusting.

  105. Ok…These Ignorant white people on here leaving these raciest comments just goes to prove my point to the rest of the white people on here that thinks that racism don’t exists anymore in this Country. YES IT DOES! Just listen to these people. The scary part is that some of these people have a badge and think this way….some of them have office. Racism still exist in the country and as black people we feel it and have to deal with it. Its not these people fault…they have been fed hate since they were born…the deception was passed down from their parents….all they know is the hate their parents thought them…and surely they will try and pass in down again…The good part is with every generation it seems like it getting better and the children are getting wise to the lies and hatred their parents are teaching…they know better than to believe that their new black friend at school is a money like their parent try to tell them. I feel sorry for you racist that have been brain washed to hate and believe ignorant things…It might sound bad but soon enough all of you will die out and the new generations of whites hopefully will have less and less hatred and ignorance for their fellow man

    1. Not all white people are that way.y parents raised me to be a good person to all people as I am teaching my 2 little girls. I don’t have time for racism it’s a waste of time. We are all on this planet together and really need to learn how to get along. This whole comment thread pisses me off you have both whites and blacks throwing out all kinds of ugly words to each other. Sad part is these people are probably all grown ups and need to act like it. I am white by the way. I truly wish black people didn’t think bad of all white people because I’m the kind of person who would give you my shirt off my back or my last dollar bill if I had to. My great grandparents were indentured servants basically slaves to get their freedom from Scotland to come to America. So none of my family through the years ever acted like they were better then any race. It’s a sad world we live in I wish I could get on National TV and speak to people and make things right. But I’m nobody and no one would listen anyway. It’s frustrating to be looked at by Black people the way they look at white people cause like I said we aren’t bad people. Not saying all white people are good and that goes the same for black people as well.

  106. Who cares. I’ve said it today no more times than all the songs in my iPod. Old news. Doesn’t even mean he’s referring to anyone of color anymore.

  107. I’m Black. But It sounded to me like he was sayin “Nigga/Niggah” as the way some African Americans refer to themselves why it still baffles me(kinda like how kats sag their pants when its a prison thing meaning you’re somebodies bitch) but I had grandparents who taught me better. Especially since he is around black players so much. Them damn Gators, lol. Maybe he was trying to be “bout it bout it” lol! But if he was black at a concert in the same situation nothing would be said. So again it sounds like he was referring to a group of people like a black person would say like “Yawl Niggas hurry up lets ride) but if not then he will have his chance when he goes across the middle on that slant pass up high, or that side line pass when a quote “nigga/niggah” CB/DB/Saftey or special teamer blows him up…especially if Vick leads him high on the pass. Like when the offensive line lets a pass rusher in clean on an arrogant QB. I had a friend that was white that used the word and told me he was talking about them and not me,,,So I had to educated him on why he shouldn’t say it at all even as a buddy thing nor insult.

    1. Thats not how he was referring to it. Come on,,,don’t take up for him. He was angry. He meant what he said. If a black ball player would have said the same thing and used the word honkie, or cracker. “words that whites created by the way” He woulld have lost all of hiis endorcements, fined $50,000 and probably suspended for 8 games.

  108. You know the problem with this… I read it and i am ashamed of my country and most of you on here. It’s not always about race, it is about respect. You shouldn’t discriminate or judge anyone based on sex, religion, sexual orientation, and the list goes on but we all do. We call obese people fat, people who struggle in school restarted or dumb, black people that word Riley used, short people midgetsl etc. I’d just like to see a country that’s actually united and want to work towards bettering mankind. Most of these comments I read here are just as bad as what Riley cooper said but at least he seemed sincere in his apology.he was obviously intoxicated and admitted he made a mistake. As a country I feel we have become sensitive, weak, and offended way too easily. I’m a white cracker, midget, with a receding hairline, but if any of you called me any of those i dont feel like id be offended or so upset I’d start throwing out other hateful comments like you all are doing. Honestly I feel like anyone that uses a racial or any type of slur is disrespectful and ignorant but at the same time can we try and remember the childhood saying sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? It seems people are just too insecure for anyone to call out their flaws. Just don’t get it. Man up, grow up, and respect each other. Life is too short to be mad at anyone.

    1. I been called names growing up….what you’re trying to do is to say is a white man calling a black man the “N word” is the same as calling him fat(if he was fat) NEW BREAK!! It not! stop trying to rationalize it. IT NOT THE SAME!! Call it for what it is RACISM!! Stop trying to mask it. There r Racist people in this country Accept dont try to call it something else

      1. Thanks, I understand it is “racism” because of this specific scenario. What I was saying is when broken down its still a specific word to be disrespectful towards a specific person. Just like midgets is disrespectful to short people(sometimes given a specific scenario).

        1. You still don’t get it and I don’t think you’ll get it anytime soon. You still think u calling a black man the “n word” is the same as calling him fat(if he is fat) you use the specific word a lot. You calling a black man “N” is not only disrespect him specific its also is disrespecting and entire race. Still don’t believe me….Next time youre at work find a heavy set black man and call him fat…and then turn around and call him “N” I bet you’ll figure out the difference really quick. You would probably lose your job and everything over it.

  109. I still have him on my fantasy team sooooo yeaaaaa .. I’m a black person FYI lol everybody chill my god

  110. Well said JojoD. I go to a HBC law school and Hispanic, and I hear it every day. It’s literally just another word. I hear t in regular conversation…. Who cares. No big deal. I don’t even think of a black person when I hear it. Do I use it, nah. Don’t care to.

  111. To Robert. 1st of all, the word Cracker came from white people. it was a term used for the Slave Master who cracked his whip on the Slaves. “the Cracker” 2nd Honkie was used in the 1900’s for those white men who use to go into the black neighbor hoods and honk his horn for the black woman to come out. so that he could rape her. “honkie” Boy is a term used to all black men 1 year to 100 years old by the white man. So when blacks use these terms there valid terms. Now,,,NIGGER was a term created by Wiilie Lyunch to suppress the spirit of black people. an offensive slang geared at people of african decent. So when whites use it. it is a racist energy!!!! And any white that will defend that shit is a racist, like you are. Blacks use that word because they don’t know any better. being conditiond to use it. Blacks are not niggers. But whites where crackers and honkies, rednecks, good old boys, etc…dumb ass!!!!!

  112. Errrrrrrr….My bad I just relistened CLOSELY. And considering where he was……I gave him too much credit in my earlier statement. NIGGER is what he said. There’s no delete button on posts? ROLOL! Hey Riley…Have a swivel head across the middle and the sideline and watch out for clips!

  113. I’m also a law student at a HBC. I hear it on campus, I hear it at restaurants, I hear it walking from campus….all around from my class mates/friends. So what. It doesn’t bother me, and clearly it doesn’t bother those who use it. Get over it.

  114. The word NIGGER is offensive, don’t you people get it. Do some fuckin research. Yall must be youngsters writing these comments. To the black guy. You should take him off ur fantacy team. Thats how he really feels. if he didnt, he would not have said it

  115. I follow along with every word and song on my iPod. I listened to lil Wayne, drake, jeezy on my way home just now…then played this clip from coop, … I fail to see why every one is so pissed

    1. Lil Wayne, Drake, and Gezzy don’t repersent true black men. They still have slave minds. only a slave would call himself a nigger. Why don’t yall get it!!!! stop listening to that bullshit anyway. If you are white or black you should be offended. If you are black, start reading and stop accepting this as reality.

  116. First and foremost, I wanna thank The Lord for bringing us together. Lets all hold hands, take a knee and pray together.

  117. TeBo? Come on man.,. Why you bringing religion into this… See, you made me use the “R” word

  118. Oh snap! You know what would make Coopers Clip completely acceptable!?!? If that ESPN DJ …..DJ Porter mixed it into a hip hop song! Do it DJ P!

  119. Also, I see you can’t reply to to Robert’s comment. “Coward” a true racist. talking about blacks calling whites, white trash. Thats what they call thier poor. Honkies, Crackers, Red Necks. How about what they call blacks. Niggers, coons, spear chuckers, egg plaints, moolies, monkies, darky, bees, keffers, boy, george, buc wheat, slaves, them people, getto, nappy heads, mammie, and the list goes on. The only name that blacks use to decribe white men, and along with every other people of color,,,,is Devil!!!! Because no one has ever done what the white man has done to all non-whites. Rape, enslave, murder, and etc….Only the devil could do such things!!!!!!!!! ROBERT!!!!!!!

    1. thats true…. the white people on here ancestors were truly evil people. Heartless cowards….and their descendents are just mad and upset because they cant have it like their ancestors anymore. Im not saying all white people ….only the ones that chosen that raciest mindset passed down from there ancestors

      1. >conquering the entire known world habitually

        Pick one faggot. Don’t be mad that you are from an inferior race that dies basic sicknesses still while living in mud fucking huts while the superior white race is literally playing golf on the MOTHER FUCKING MOON. Africans are still dying from the same shit the were 2000 years ago, and whites have already raced to THE FUCKING MOON and are bored of it.

    2. You are one stupid nigger boy. Most races have raped/killed/enslaenslaved on massive levels. There is genocide going on in piece of shit Africa right now.

      Look at all the poor countries bombing each other, non-whites.

      Look at all the violent criminals, all niggers.

      Look at black people blaming everyone for everything.

      “But massa, 300 years ago…. That’s why isa so poor and hooked on drugs masta.”

      Get over it nigglets and work for something. You all want to rap about how bad ass you are and then always have an excuse ready to fall on.

        1. Sure, whites are the majority on welfare. Unless you add in the incredible number of incarcerated blacks that the taxpayer also has to pay for. But let’s just ignore those billions of dollars out of our pockets.

        1. Oh neat, they guy claiming all white people are evil cowards is offered by my views.

          Nice double standards. You can call whites cowards for dominating everything they have ever touched, but I cant call nigs stupid for not improving their quality of life for 2000+ years.

      1. I’m working on finding out who your are. If you are truly on your home computer, I will find your identity and put you on blast. I love technology. I’ll let you know soon.

      2. bruh yall the ones who are barely immune to anything..pfft thats why you all getting cororna and also..if black people are so bad why so many of your fellow white people always tryna pretend to be black? also i dare you to talk shit like that in real life..redneck if your gonna talk shit while hiding behind that screen then stfu

  120. This Cooper guy must really not like himself. This guy has himself a target for a lot of criticism and literal target of the other 31 NFL team’s black players. He is a WR…every time he even thinks about catching the ball they will light him up legally. He plays a contact sport…the NFL is mostly black what was he thinking?

    1. They don’t care they are just putting on a face. They call each other niga all the time.

      1. yes thats true….but the “N” takes on a whole new meaning when its said from people like you. Thats why cowards like you feel so confident talking all this racist trash because you think nobody knows who you are….but if you thought your identity was found out you would be apologizing just like Cooper. We both know you are a internet Gangsta….oh big tough guy with a huge vocabulary…u know one six letter word that starts with a N. I Feel sorry for you….and trust me you are gonna get yours….trust that…no and, if, or buts….you are gonna get yours too

        1. I know I’m gonna get mine, because I work for mine. Yes I am an internet gangster. I am in the comfort of my own home (bought it like white people do) watching NFL network in HD on a huge fucking t.v., calling you a dumb nigger on a phone worth more than the average African makes in a month.

          1. So you admit that you are a shouldve been a women…u r just like your….you are still gonna get yours and when it comes remember what I said….I done with you Im losing brain cells talking to and whats real is far far apart….just remember its coming…thats a promise not a threat

          2. One last thing you are White Trash….I don’t care if you were a billionaire…It donsnt matter to me if u have a mansion or how big your tv is….lol..slow people make me laugh….your mind makes you trash and cause you’re white it makes you white trash…you r white trash in the mind and spirit. I really feel sorry for you..Good night

  121. im just sooo proud to be an earthling. EARTH RULES WHOOOOOOO!! Anyone who says otherwise can kiss my sorry grey ass. Martians are a stupid motherfuckin sorry race of green cunts. don’t get me started on those piece of shit Mercurians or fucking two headed Venutians not to mention the jupiteri…..people from Jupiter. We rule!!! So fuck off u blue ass methane breathing Neptunians cocksuckers.Get anywhere near us and we will shove
    something up URANUS

  122. Seriously guys, if we ever were invaded by aliens we would never again see any of the differences between us. We really need to be a lot better than we currently are

  123. You guys have no idea how entertaining this blog really is. I am killing myself laughing at all of you. Entertaining each other’s ignorance. Wow. I am embarrassed for my black people because you are entertaining the white people and giving them a forum. You should never respond to ignorance, especially on the Internet. White people, I am embarrassed for you because you wait for black people to give you a forum like this so you can be ignorant. The Internet has created some brave people. Funny. Thank you black and white people for keeping me entertained. Oh, I really can find out who some of you are through your computer. Be careful technology has changed. There is no such thing as discreet anymore. Oh and just in case you have not noticed or watched the news, the white people are more upset then the black people over this matter.

  124. if he was black this would not be a story, if they can say it then we can say it. I’m more bothered by the fact that he went to a Kenny Chesney concert.

  125. Sounds like we got a country full of racist. Probably a world full of them. You guys think other animals are racist too? My next google search..

  126. I use my government name because I AM A REAL BLACK MAN that aint afraid to voice my opinion or hide behind a fake internet name. Now, I have white friends, mexican friends, and asian friends and we all get along without all the name calling. For some of the people on here that are racist to hide behind a made up name is really showing their true character. Im not on here to downtalk any race, because we all have the same color blood in our vains. Being black is hard enough in the world today,every black male is not bad, just like every white male is not bad. For the ones that are playing the race game, you have a judging day comming, get in front of God and say it and see if you make it into heaven. I think all black people are going to heaven because of the things like this we have to go through along with the racial profiling. As far as the jobs and education goes, we never get the EQUAL chances to showcase our talents due to the color of our skin. My children have to go through dis racial war and they dont deserve to. I pray for people to have understanding,put yourself in the next races shoes befote you made judgement about them.

  127. What is the big deal. Blacks call each other N….. every day. You didn’t hear this when Bill Romanowski broke the guys jaw. My idol!!

  128. Everyone is asking why black people can say that word and phrases such as white boy and white people can’t say anything of that sort. Folks are up in arms about a double standard where black people can say whatever they want with no accountability. The reason is simple. Black people are still considered the minority in America. White males are the most powerful people in this country, therefore white males can say nothing offensive less they face scrutiny. White males are in charge of the media, the government and pretty much the entire infrastructure of this country and they really have no time for black folks using racial slurs…they just don’t care because it’s nothing to them. It’s a waste of time. When you have everything and your schedule is filled with important things, you don’t care about something stupid such as a black man saying the n word or “cracker or white boy”. When you have nothing and nothing to fill your time, you get up in arms about pretty much anything that you deem “unfair”. That’s not to say that these two scenarios apply to everyone of both races but when the folks who are in charge of the country set a standard, everyone pretty much follows it.

  129. Lenny Bruce had the solution in the 1960s. it’s just a word. the more it gets used, the less power it has.

    Hatred is taught. by Society and the people who’ve come before us.
    Teach your children well.

    1. Al Tru – “Hatred is taught. by Society and the people who’ve come before us.
      Teach your children well.”

      THIS, a thousand times this. When will the sins of our past generations stop getting passed on, instead of used as a guide post towards enlightenment.

    1. Rockabye Riley!!! Remember when Manny Pacquiao got knocked out!!?? His ass gone be sleep just like him watch it will be on ESPN top 10 hits.

      1. To be honest the census show that the white population is growing smaller and smaller and will be one day extinct. So go ahead and whoop it up with your Confederate flags pickup trucks with gun racks four wheeling in the mud ass!!! While brothers like me continue to
        dumb nut in the white woman. Admit it you know your women love this BBC!!!


  131. With all this site traffic and the hundreds of comments keeping Kyle busy, now would be the opportune time for “kyle is the meat in a carter/richards sandwich” to be able to sneak in a comment on the low. I know it must be killing him/her not to be able to post on here anymore.

  132. freedom of speech to all you animals who are making a big deal this you blacks can babble Honky and cracker witch doesn’t. offend us by the way but ur offended by the word nigger look that word up and tell me how much you guys respect yourselves since. that’s what yous consider and call each other on an hourly basis

    1. We dont call eachother nigger! N its how its used more than anything my whiy friends say whats up mu nigga but ill slap the taste out his mouth if he said whats up my nigger

  133. I could give a shit what people call me. ive heard all the italian slurs and ive never gone to bed crying. its just words people. and how is ok for a black person to say nigger but no one else can? if it is offensive then it is offensive. its either ok to say or not ok.

    so black people should stop saying it, rapping about it, talking about, crying about it.

    you cant have a double standard.

    so black people either need to stop saying it or stop complaining when everyone else does!

    1. You wouldn’t understand Italian man….your ancestors werent enslaved here by the evil white devil. A white man made the in hopes to degrade us even further than enslavement…we took it and changed it to “nigga” . Its more than just another insult to us like calling someone fat or ugly. We know the history of the word and we know what our ancestors had to endure in the country. I guess u would have to be black to fully understand…hey Im sure there are things about Italians that I wouldn’t understand either because I’m not Italian

      1. my relatives came over on a boat as well. with no money no job nothing. they had to change their names and were outcast as well. but they got shitty jobs and made a life for themselves. and assimilated to this country. black people need to stop talking about shit that happened 1000 years ago. if they better themselves thenthey will be successful. i have been called a dago, ginzo, goombah, greaseball, guido, guinea, wop and every mafia name you can think of. and you no what i dont give a shit. its just a name. you know how i deal with it. i get a job and make money and take care of my family. name calling bothered me when i was 5 cause i didnt know any better. if name calling bothers you and you are an adult then you are a moron.

        1. You sir are the Moron. Having a job and taking care of your have nothing to do with this racist incident. I have been working since I was in grade school…but that has nothing to do with this. This is about a white calling a black the “N” and no sir you are wrong the “N” is not just another insult. It is different…exp: go to work and call a black man fat…you’ll probably have a job the next day….go to work and call him “N” your job will probably be unemployed really quick. Everybody knows it is different except for your thick skull. And just because your family came here as immigrants and had to work poor jobs doesn’t mean Italian history is in the same boat as Black history…they r very different so no you wouldn’t understand. Slavery didn’t end “1000 yrs ago” that just show how ignorant you are…..It was more recent than you think…December 6, 1865 was when the amendment was passed….that did not mean that slavery just went away after amendment It took yrs and yrs after that for it to be implemented. So educate your self before you post because to me you sound like an idiotic

  134. What’s the big deal I liked the Cooper comments as did hundreds of my friends. Great job Coop.

  135. Who cares, as long as he makes more cathces than he did last season. Check your people Riley, they sent in the video and they supposed to be your friends.

  136. Mr. Cooper will have a very interesting NFL season and career coming up…. Although no one will say it but the head hunt has already began …. A wide receiver talking crap … There are some serious DB’s in the NFL ready pound that ass… good luck !!

    I might add we need to stop this stupid shit … We are by far one of the most racist pathetic countries in the world divided by constant race issues… In time some nation will rise up and kick our sorry ass’s but good and we will wish like hell we had all stuck together … sad

  137. So everyone wants to call him a racist when anyone with black skin could have said the same thing and no one would blink an eye. It’s a crazy double standard and it just a word so get over it!

  138. Really, like no one uses this word ever, is it wrong hell yes, this person is an asshole for posting this and damaging this guys career ! It’s been how long since this concert and its now coming out, I have video of the whole time they are on stage I was front row they were having fun and drinking at a concert having fun! Shame sham that you can do nothing without being ridiculed!

    1. Apparently it’s ok to call white poeple cracka but whites can’t say nigga ? Well I have a black friend and he just gave me a nigga pass and Sam you a dumb bitch if u don’t think there’s one rap song that says beating up niggas oh that’s right there to busy .

  139. “I will fight every nigger here…” new release by kims baby daddy get it on iTunes today

  140. if you watch the evening news across the country in any city. 90% percent of robberies, assualts, murders etc. Are by black men! 67% of americas prisons are filled by black men. We dont have a race problem we have a Majority black male problem. Not all just the majority. Im not a racist, Im a realist! Facts dont lie! FACTS!!! Black men stand up and straighten your shit out.

    1. Meanwhile 99% of white men are raping little boys every day and don’t get me started on you white serial killers!

    2. Well Norman if you took out the other 90% of backwoods’ I don’t know if my mom is my aunt, sister, or cousin folks. Oops! You might not be able to grace us with your sharp intelligence but we might have a peaceful non racist America. So you all keep inbreeding it does wonders for the genetic structure and intellectual makeup an this country will be just fine.

  141. What Riley said was wrong! Period. But every single person, white, black, Asian, Spanish, has made or thought of making a racist comment at one time or another. We, as a country, need to just stop seeing color and judge people by their actions. Every time a white person is killed by a black person you don’t see a riot in the street! So why do African Americans cause such a stir when it is the opposite way around? Did we riot when OJ was let off?? No!! It is what it is and if you live your life hating because of color you are going to be very unhappy!!

  142. White man creates a nice place to live and blacks move in. Every ghetto torn down sends blacks to the burbs on sec 8. The burbs slowly adapt 3rd world tendencies and crime and drugs sky rocket. A simple trend to recognize! Also, look at all cities in bankruptcy… Predominantly BLACK!

    Roughly 15% black pop. In U.S.
    ROUGHLY 60% or higher whites pop. In U.S.

    The percentage of blacks recieving benefits well exceeds whites percentage.

    One more thing, genetically-blacks are just as different from whites as any random animal on this planet. If u don’t believe that little fun fact then RESEARCH IT.

  143. this goes out to all you so called white people .if there was no blacks – africans there would be no so call whites people you seem to forget youre history, life started in africa have sum respect , an no your place in history (shame) on you, but KARMA .will catch up with you sooner or later . all greate empires allways crumble within seek redemtion before its to late america

  144. you can try to ligitimize your lies an deception by percentage points.which is total bull, but you heartless mindless moralless so call white people will wake up one day an realize that the world has changed an you will be the victimes of your victimization of other people on the earth an through history ,seek redemtion before it’s to late , my european bro. an sis. yes you are weather you like it or not it’s the truth .so learn to deal with it . how can you find solice in your history ,it’s filled with violence an oppression of others .that is not the sings of a refined so called race shame on you the so called white world ..there can only be one race THE HUMAN RACE …MY COMMENT ARE NOT FOR THE VIDEO BUT THE COMMENTS .wake up people i think your better than that ,educate your self …

  145. USMC, well said! FACTS. Unbiased conclusions based on FACTS. With that being said, I am a little racist. Only when said person plays into said sterio type. When a black acts ignorant he’s a nigger In its truest form. I have nothing against blacks in general even though I have had bad experiences with blacks in particular. A nigger can not swallow being beat by a white boy. They always comeback and jump you. Not every white boy is soft, you niggers always choose the easy kill. I love hearing a nigger say he will never loose to a white boy. Directly challenging my race makes me racist. Then I sweep the coons off the porch with a broom. In closing I love blacks, just hate niggers.

  146. Listen, you can make racist statements but not actually be a racist! I have done it and we all have. It doesn’t mean we hate anybody. I have been called “nigger” or “nigga” more by blacks than by whites in my lifetime. It is actually a term of endearment in the black community. I’ve used all the terms possible – Cracker, Gook, Spic, Nigger, Nigga, Dago, Kike, Wop, Faggot, Bull Dyke. . . . ! But you know what, most of the time it was said directly to a friend who the term fit while we were joking around. Context is everything. Plus, you have to know the people you’re dealing with. One of our strengths as American’s is that we have always been able to laugh at ourselves. We are a melting pot and it is natural for people from different cultures to poke fun at each other and call each other names. Please tell me when in the history of the world this has not happened? As long as this Copper guy isn’t a Skinhead or Adolph Hitler, give the guy a break. We have all done what he has but he just happened to get caught because somebody was obviously envious of his celebrity, wealth and fame. There really is a lot of ignorant, deep-seeded hatred being spewed on these pages and this incidnt is just a forum for people to get their real feelings aired. In 150 years everybody living on this planet will be dead and hopefully the people of that time will look back on incidents like these and find them difficult to comprehend because this kind of stuff doesn’t exist in their culture.

  147. Who cares wut he said…he has 2 deal wit his insecurities his self…niggaz need 2 stp trippn and crackaz need 2 stp actin like they ain’t got it better than any other person…truth iz, children that r both black and white are the most beautifullest people in the world…from skin color 2 hairand evrythng else…so u racist ass niggaz and crackaz can go kill each other, while the good people of the world can love each other no matter the color of a mans skin…so letz all be color blind and love one another…who carez about racist ppl and faggotz 2!!!!!

  148. the n****r word is used by the so called white people to enforce there inferiority complex ,i’m not saying that all so called whites are inherently evil .but this is what sum bad apples does to mess the rest of the lot, it like you read sum of these comments ,you’ll assume that all so called blacks are into all these negative stereotypes that are associated with us as a people were more refined than that .because of the media schools historians conditioning the community on both side , if we want to choose sides , an the so called majority to look down on other people of color,in this country or world both side are responsible for the building our society as we no it ,so for the so called whites to say that they helped the so called blacks ,its you moral duty to do so we are all symbian beings ,an your history speakes for it self .no your place an help your race the human race .show respect to oneanother.because … one love

    1. You are the poster child for late term abortion. Never seen a nigga yet who can write proper English. And don’t even try to use Ebonics as an excuse. Consider offing yourself.

      1. Parnell Shaughnessy…guess your 2 years old with your filthy mind. shame on you this is one of the bad apples i referred to, if thats what your vocabulary consist of your in a mess ,but i’ll never come down to your filthy level…sickness an strife will follow you all your days shamefull..

  149. I am sick and tired of all of the racial slurs accompanying useless drivel posts on this site. We are all P-E-O-P-L-E, no matter what color our skin happens to be. Go back to the beginning:

    After the formation of the Earth (via the “Big Bang” or whatever other theory you may choose to believe in), the evolution of our species is clear in that we all have the same origin.

    After the new planet cooled and oceans formed, the initial life forms were the single cell sea-based creatures that we find fossilized today. Over eons, multiple cell creatures developed in the oceans and eventually became amphibious and, later on, land-based. Life began to evolve on land relatively quickly and, after millions of years of movement up the evolutionary scale, Homo Sapiens in its early forms appeared. This newly evolved life form continued to evolve on land and developed its own set of characteristics that eventually became key segmentation parameters that differentiated a myriad set of particular groups. For example, many of these early members of the new animal class recognized the advantages of grouping and banded together to support one another, rather than continue to “go it alone”. Skin color was certainly not one of the key segmentation variables at that time. Some groups stayed close to their origins in the sea and developed into communities that were dependent upon the oceans for their survival. Today, their descendants still live in fishing villages that continue to place their faith in the waters of the world for their society’s continuance. Other tribes became more nomadic and moved further inland where they strayed from their ocean-based roots and evolved a land-oriented culture that derived its sustenance from the soil. The remnants of these tribes are still with us today, albeit at a still-declining rate, as the farm and ranch-oriented peoples who grow crops and raise animals to keep their societies flourishing. Many of these early agricultural-based groups settled closer and closer to each other, forming multi-tribal organizations that were the precursors to what are today major metropolitan areas. The term megalopolis is applied to the next stage in this continuing evolution where we already are seeing the advent of a super-sized (giving due credit for that term to McDonald’s), territorial-based society. In none of these natural groupings that developed over time, was skin color a factor initially. There were still other tribes that continued their nomadic ways and eventually inhabited what were then most desolate areas in terms of human settlement. Some found their way to the Polar Regions where the more severe weather determined their critical dependencies on food and clothing. Some wound up in the tropics where the weather, so vastly different from other parts of the world, resulted in a lessening of dependencies on clothing for survival. Some migrated to what are today many of the most revered and desired locales on the planet to live. Still others traveled to what we know today as Africa, where they fucked monkeys, spawning niggers.

    1. This is why the white man is against the colored man. It is why every cracker should be spread with peanut butter. It’s why our national bird should be changed from the bald eagle to the fried chicken. My friends, I pledge to you here today that I will learn to play Lacrosse and tickle Tawana Brawley. Note my alligator shoes and slicked down hair.

    2. wow, intelligence and complete and utter stupidity in one post. Achmed u da man. If we just took 95% of the posters on here out and shot them in the head IQ levels in this country would skyrocket.

  150. Why do people choose to empower this one word to such a degree. Let it go. It’s just another slur. Once we quit empowering this one word, it goes away. I can’t believe the amount of press this one word got. It’s been going on for days. Let it go. Take the power of the word away. Most Black Americans that I know agree that the word just needs to have its power taken away so that it means no more than shit head, retard, etc. Yes, I’m Caucasian. I choose not to use the word because I have a very strong vocabulary at my disposal. Let it go guys. Take the anger and power out of the word. Let it go.

    1. The “N-word” was just Johnny Cochran’s way of setting OJ up to be viewed as a victim. There is no n-word. There are niggers… unfortunately.

  151. Food for thought… Non-stop media attention on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman issue that has been exploited to no end on every current events talk show and now a racist celebrity who speaks his mind on video and it gets plastered on You Tube… Does anyone think that someone is trying to fuel a major race riot? LOL Support the NRA, you may very well need to protect yourself and your family one day….

    1. Let’s show Trayvon’s picture as a smiling 7-year old, not the 17-year old thug who had plenty of run-ins with the law even at that age. I only wish that some of the rabble rousers would be taken to task for their bullshit. Think Maxine Waters – a low-life nigger in every single aspect of her miserable racist life.

      1. you make me sick shame on you strife will follow you all your days.i guarantee your not well an mad with the world for your short commings shame on you

        1. Your grammar and syntax do make me sick. I suppose the school system let you get past third grade to avoid being labeled ‘racist’. There is no hope for you. Off yourself with a smile by eating seven watermelons. Thank heavens for the sickle-cell.

          1. Someone must’ve really made your life miserable. Well.. it gets worse; keep living, cause Karma’s a bitch!

          2. Are you really praising the shooting death of a teenager just because he was black? You should have been followed and shot dead when you was a teen so idiots like yourself would have been celebrating your death. You are a sick sick men….what do you aspect look at your ancestors…very sick and evil men and women…they also praised the deaths of black…the ignorance and hatred is just passed down from generation to sorry generation of white trash people like yourself….sick in the head and spirit and evil…I feel sorry all of you white trash people…(Im not talking about all white) Just these asswipes like this guy and whites that think sick and racist like this brain dead and highly deceived man

  152. His craccer ass meant that in a racist way!! And the one’s around him some how find it funny!! And when I say craccer I don’t mean it as a white person! I mean a racist ass southern white person with hatred in their heart towards minorities!! He is a undercover coward ass racist just like the rest of these cowards that have went I to hiding cuz they are powerless!! This is not the 1950s where they can do shut and nothing happens!! I can’t stand racist fuccs!! Even in my own race!! Riley cooper was venting some built up steam and said how he been feeling for a Long time just didn’t want to cuz he has a reputation n the NFL!! That shit was aggressive #EndOfStory

  153. Wow. Black, white, Puerto Rican ( which I am), Asian, whatever race we are…it’s not ok to say a racial comment anywhere. Not even your own home. I was raised in the south and heard it all the time. I have NEVER used any hate word because I made that choice and have taught it to my children. It’s ugly. It’s wrong. It’s ignorant and the people who use those words sound like the dumbest fuck ups. He’s had dug his own grave and he has earned it. If I were his mama…I’d slap him. Dirty mouth!

  154. Don`t know too many black people racing to get into a Kenny Chesney concert..what really are the facts? I`m sure several white people say the “n” word daily in private and around their friends, it`s completely arrogant to think you can say that in public plain and simple. So for being an idiot he should get what he time think it instead of saying it… i do every day when i deal with some caucasions…not to say every caucasion is bad..there are good and bad people in every race. when you figure who they are then keep your inner circle small!

  155. Fr the record to you percentage experts talking about welfare sec 8 etc and how it affects blaccs, it actually affects more whites!! Stop using percentages and use actual numbers! The reason blaccs have a higher percentage is cuz blaccs only make up 12% of the American population, while whites make up nearly 70%!! Get your facts straight before you speak on something!!!


  157. It’s interesting how many racist comments there are in here; and from what I can tell they’re all directed towards whites. Granted, I did not read them all, but that seems to be the general direction of the racial slurs. Of course I understand that me writing this comment will change nothing, but seriously, take a look in the mirror people. How can anyone expect there to be change when the direction of that change is only focused on one side. The more I read “cracker-this”, or “pink-toe-that,” or even “pale-ass,” the less sympathetic I am to it all.

    1. That’s because Cooper spoke for yall, now its our turn. You are acting just like a ref in a game, you are calling a foul on the retaliation.

  158. Wake up!!! Jesus is coming people. If u truly are gods children you will learn to respect everyone no matter thier race or what situations u face in life. Jesus loves all people no matter their race or disabilities. Everybody makes mistakes but all is forgiven through Christ, we as Gods nation need to learn from our mistakes and be the better person and not slump to the level of the small minds controlled by the devil. Just remember you will have to face judgement one day, to receive mercy you must give mercy. God Bless All People and God Bless Our Beautiful Country.

    1. I spoke with God this morning and she said all people are created equal… except niggers and towelheads.

      1. Never did I mention the sex of God. No one knows but only can assume based on opinion. I respect your opinion on that matter but As far as people being created equal, yes EVERYONE is and no one is above another. As I mentioned before everyone makes mistakes but its the ones who can learn from them and forgive that will stand tall. Continue to pray for the ones who let the devil ruin their lives because soon it will be too late and they will realize this a very STUPID thing that’s destroying our country.
        – God Bless

  159. How many black guys could possibly be at a Kenny Chesney concert? He sounds like a dumb drunk kid, feeling his oats. Would’nt cry for Macklin to much, wont be long you’ll be right there with him, Mr. Cooper you are going to have a tough year. Kill whitey 🙂

  160. so he said an offensive word who gives a shit.. the man is clearly not a racist he plays on a team full of black people.. if michael vick said something like “ill hop this fence and fight all those crackers over there” no one would say a damn thing.. yeah he shouldn’t have said it.. in his defense he probably just said it to antagonize whoever he was having his little altercation with.. probably just drunk and trying to start a fight that doesn’t make him a racist lol

  161. One Love, One Heart, One Nation. Only When people change themselves, then they can change our nation.

    ” Conquor the devils with a little thing called love”
    – Bob Marley

    ” Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” – Bob Marley

  162. Nigger this, Nigger that… Just a bunch of niggers.. No matter how ya say it, it’s still Slang. U black people take shit too far. U are the ones who started using it in your gigaboo talks! And raps, just get over it. The guy apologized. I wouldn’t have!!


    1. Black people use the word all day every day…who gives a shit what he said, maybe he wanted to kick some niggers ass someone maybe disrespected him…but a black man is a different story…there is a difference to me, I don’t care what skin color you are if your a good person it shows! There sure are a lot of wiggers out there also and I can’t stand thugs! I’d help a colored person out before I’d help out a white thug any day of the week. Btw both my kids have black friends staying over tonight at my house…I’m not racist but the N word is used so much now a days it’s hard not to use it even if your just playing around…plus I think if black people quit using it so much, white people might also!

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  165. Let me clear this up once in for all for anyone who has an ounce of intelligence and atleast a 3rd graders ability to comprehend…. Just because a rapper, gangster or any other black person uses the word “nigger” (actually no black person usually uses the word nigger, but rather “nigga”… there is a difference, but I wont even attempt to explain)…. does not mean that any person other than a black person can use the word in conversation without at offending (atleast) a black person and suffering the consequences one way or another. It’s actually not even debatable.. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just called REALITY. If you think I’m wrong and do not believe it, simply go in a crowd of black people and try using the word. IF there was not a difference between a white person using it and a black person using it (nigga), then why does it evoke a negative reaction when a white person says it to blacks. People GROW UP, you may think it should not be that way, but that’s the way it IS (reality). It’s really not that complicated. SO please stop making the ignorant statement suggesting a white person should be able to use the word because blacks do. iI SIMPLY DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME MEANING OR CONNOTATION WHEN A BLACK AND WHITE PERSON SAYS IT. ITS JUST THAT SIMPLE. Now if a white person is saying (rather), since black people use the word I am going to use it knowing that it’s offensive to them, then that is a different argument… GO FOR IT (it;s a different argument). atleast such a position is not intellectually dishonest (stupid perhaps), but not intellectually dishonest. This is america… we all know that the same word can have diferent menaing depending on the context (e.g “cool”, “hot” “bad” “wicked” “crazy”, etc.. etc. etc.) NOW I do not need anyone to agree or disagree with what I have stated here because I am ABSOLUTELY right.. no “ifs” ands” or buts”… this is called R E A L I T Y. Class dismissed!

  166. He prolly thinks its ok cause all the black people I have ever been around call each other niggers and what is the difference between nigga and nigger? I’m sure if someone caught a black guy calling a white guy a cracker on tape nothing would be said and it wouldn’t be a big deal like this is!! GET OVER IT!!!

  167. Three aliens are sitting in a bar somewhere in the cosmos…The Green Alien sez to the Blue Alien and the Orange Alien …The reason the universe is f&cked up is because of you f&cking Blueies and Orangies!!!

  168. I normally never post on these sites but some of what I’ve read today is a shameful travesty. It’s apparent that racism is alive and well in our country. If your a racist be upfront with it so people know and will steer clear of you and your small underdeveloped mind. Don’t be a coward and post comments on the internet, it just perpetuates how little and insignificant you are. Each one of you that has posted hate and ridiculous narrow minded opinions in this thread is truly pathetic and I hope for your sake that your children and family never see how you’ve sullied and shamed your family name. I’m only racist against cowardly poor excuses for men. Cowards have no place in the world of men so stay hidden behind your keyboard because that where you belong.

    “We fear what we don’t know, stop being afraid and learn”

  169. Is this and it’s been happening a lot lately. Blame it on the rappers the comedians for tossing it about so freely. Paula Dean has said it, Gweneth Platrow has said it,JLo has said it. Blacks say it all the time. We can say the whites say it out loud now cause they believe they can get away with it because blacks say it so freely. I wholeheartedly believe whites who act like Paula Dean are acting more like a nigga/nigger than I ever would. Who’s the nigger now? White trash Mexican trash is the new nigga These functional white illiterates are only doing what their ancestors have done that’s really where they get it from. It’s been dinner conversation in many a white home the far south to the north. Hey Riley Cooper your mama is a nigga. LOL..

  170. White people understand most of us aren’t offended because we know better.
    You’re the real niggas violent hostile racist.
    Even Dave Chapelle did a skit called the niggers LOL with a white family because you barbarians are a worst nigga of them all more so than I or anyone I know.
    Your ignorant aggression and hate makes you one. I’ve seen white monkey’s.

  171. He has a team full of black men he could fight if hes up for the challenge. I’m sure it was the liquor that brought out his ignorance. The young lady next to him is no better. It’s their history and part of their heritage.

  172. He is a cutie! to bad his mouth makes him a ugly white monkey. The Eagles should FIRE HIM!

  173. Evytime a white person says ANYTHING bout black people its race motivated its unethical its politically incorrect n all this other shit but black people say 10 times mre shit bout white people n evytime some dumb white person says somethin evy black person wants him executed. Cmon really i hate that shit black people will forever b on that ride its time to get off really its been almost 500 years since yall were slaves how long does it take to get ur shut together evytime they get denied for ANYTHING its cuz the person is racist white peoe r crackers honkeys caspers n whatever else u guys got I’m not white but I can’t stand cocolos they cry evytime they don’t get something if it wasnt for affermative action blacks would have shot n dominate the public assistance funds less qualified blacks in favor over more qualified latinos whites asians bcuz they cry to much and to respond to tarniman plz bruh ur

    1. In your statement lies the core of the human conditional defect. You assumed that a group of people can be lumped together and generalized and labelled. I think humans should just be humans. I haven known so many honorable white males and have met those that are not so honorable. That is life. The same with Blacks, Asians, and others. Look around, you may be able to come up with few examples of your own. watch the news around the world.
      Again, it is not Ivy League Black graduate that is a beneficiary of affirmative action.
      I live in a predominantly white zip code and my sons have been on top of their class all their lives, and Harvard graduates. My sisters and I attended Ivy League collages par excellence. There is nothing that will stop by kids from doing better than me. This story can be the story of anyone regardless of race.

      Friends, your level of consciousness will ultimately determine how far you go in life and in our society today regardless of your race! Here was a talented young man whose football career is being affected due to his level of consciousness. It makes no difference what the color of your skin or the subject matter. If you don’t raise up, you will fall in the new realities.

    2. Stupid is as stupid does. The Emancipation Proclamation was made law around 1863 or 64. Segregation in the South didn’t end until 1968, as was the Civil Rights Bill and Voting Rights Act that ensured blacks the right to vote. 1863 to 2013 – that 150 yrs of fake freedom. 1963 to 2013 – only 50 years of relative freedom. What lasted about 500 years was our enslavement. Just for the record.

  174. Love conquers all. If one negative word or all of the negative comments expressed here can advance the human condition, I would have joined the conversation to berate another human being. Only love can heal. There is an evil nature in the heart of men and we should all try to use this to examine our hearts. I choose the path of love. I am an African-American.

  175. Everyone screams Racist and for what…. Blacks can say CRACKER HONKY WHITE TRASH nothing done… An African American lady in NC is a city official and she can SAY NO WHITES NEED TO APPLY ON THE NEWS CHANNEL 12 their and nothing happens. But if anyone other then a BLACK TO say Nigga or Nigger is a Racist. Why is that. When are people going to see that the media can blow anything out of portion. Do you think we would have heard about this if he wasn’t an Eagle. Think about!!!!!!

  176. What color do you see when you die? What color are you after death? Guess what! BLACK! Haha we all niggas

  177. Do none of you understand that this is just more of the corperate driven media bullshit to distract us while the 1% steal the rest of the country out from under us. We all need to rise up together, and this is the crap that stops us from doing so. We are all Americans. When the bullets are flying theirs no racists in a foxhole.

    1. James – More and more peeps are coming to understand, as you do, this “divide and conquer” tactic of the 1%. But, since we are ALL Americans, we are just having a “friendly” family dispute. This dispute won’t distract me from my efforts to make the American dream a realistic goal for all who will work for it. But the media didn’t make Cooper say what he said. He is a racist pig. Plain and simple. There is no defending what he said.

  178. Unfortunately we as “humans” are too stupid to realize that the differences within all of us are what make all people beautiful. Life is too short to spend hating one another for reasons that make absolutely no sense, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We are all humans with our own set of individual ideas and experiences. I personally have choosen a path of welcoming these differences and learning from all people because the collection of experiences is one that I, with a genuine thirst for knowledge will never be able to accumulate on my own. I have a major issue with those of you too ignorant to realize that your actions and comments are hurting yourselves and your lives more than those around you, please take note of your own lives before casting stones amongst all others. all people make mistakes and say things they regret, it is those who learn and grow from these circumstances that will truly live a happy life.

  179. Wow, he was really stupid to say that, and why does he feel more entitled to backstage than anyone else?

    All the hate in these posts makes me sad, sick, and mad all at once. How will we ever learn to live in peace when ereryone is hating on anyone a little diff from them?

  180. Ok he said it so what get over it. Who are we to judge him or anyone else. I’m sure we all have spoken in a negative about an opposite race before, shows our ignorance, not an one of us is perfect. I’m a strong Afro-American with many Caucasian and Hispanic friends. We know its here (racism) hell it’s everywhere but to acknowledge it only indicates that you may be a racist yourself. There is enough land for us all to live on and believe it or ot we all need each other in some type of way.

  181. There are so many people on here, assuming they aren’t black, you speak in generalized terms about the way, “blacks” behave. Clearly these people must know a great deal of black people and since they do why reference Al Sharpton? How many of all of those black people, that you must know, give a shit about what Al Sharpton says or even follows what he says?

  182. I don’t know how much Mr. Saltine makes, but he is going to earn his salary this season. Please send him over the middle!

  183. I really wish people would stop using a color as an excuse to hate somebody. None of our ancestors are from here, however we were all born here. Take color out of the equation and guess what you are left with…YOU ARE AN AMERICAN. Period. Obama is black and 99% of African Americans voted for him and blah blah blah. He would not be in office without the white vote. That is fact. We are Americans. American people have a history. But so do Germans. So does Africa. So does England. Who gives a fuck? Every where you turn there is good and bad history, in every culture, in every race, in every religion and in every country. It’s time we move on and bridge the waters. Race hate is like beating a dead horse. We are Americans. We need to start acting like it.

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  185. Man, nothing brings out the stupid people quite like an article on racism…

  186. It didn’t appear to me that he used the word in a literal sense. There are pictures online of him arguing with a white person in the parking lot. I mean how many black people are there at a Kenny Chesney concert really? He could have replaced “nigger” with “fag”, “mother fucker”, “pussy”, “cocksucker”, “retard”, etc. and I think it would have meant the same thing. Though all of these words are offensive, there is a big difference between saying “I will beat up every retard here” and actually meaning I will seek out every mentally disabled person at this concert and assault them. This is the same thing. He didn’t literally mean “I will fight every African American here”. He just chose the wrong word that always gets a tone of backlash when caught saying (as a white person). If he used “fag” instead, this would have already been over with and you wouldn’t be hearing from millions of gays or lesbians about how offended they are.

    1. He was arguing with a black security guard. He meant just what he said, and obviously he holds deep-seated hate against anyone who is black. If the security guard was openly gay, and he had said he’d fight every *ag there, you’d be hearing the same reaction from the gay community. Why would you presume to put (different) words into his mouth. He shoud be kicked or knocked out of football.

    2. You be right… “fag”, “mother fucker”, “pussy”, “cocksucker”, “retard”, etc. They ALL apply to niggers!

  187. wow hey why dont all you whinning bitches get a life this is the land of the free home of the brave some nigga or cracker is givng there life for you right now overseas when push comes to shove we fight kill die and playfootball side by side god bless america

  188. Is this Nazi Germany? Since when can’t you say what you want? Ever since we elected a black muslim president the blacks hold the nigga word over whites like a sword.It is just a matter of time before all white people are dragged into court and have their careers ruined because they said “nigga”. I guess it is the only revenge blacks have for slavery.

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  190. This whole string is very interesting and to me a bit blown out of proportion. To think of the repercussions Cooper as well as Paula Dean are facing sort of reminds me of how the muslims react about criticizing the Koran or their Mohammed. In some of their countries it is punishable by death and all of us look at that as ridiculous and extreme. Yet the reaction to Cooper saying a word is approaching that level of outrage. Brothers call themselves the N word and it is apparently OK. Even the word itself was a derivation from black people coming from the Nigeria area of Africa. I don’t see any furor when an African American calls a white person a cracker. Shouldn’t the reaction be the same if this is such a big thing to call someone a name based on color? Again, I feel that yes there is a lot of anger and resentment but give it a break.

    1. you areabsolutely right. the blacks call themselves nigga all the time and if a white person says it OMG its racism but blacks can call us whites crackas all the time and just laugh. they need togrowupandstop committing crimes and acts opf violence andmayb pplwill treat them with respect

  191. It’s absolutely amazing that people are still so fucking racist. I’m a black man with skills to whoop a lot of ass. So whether you assholes want to admit it or not the best thing for you racist motherfuckers is blogs and white sheets. That way spineless scary assholes can hide and talk all the shit you want. The bottom line is he was dead fucking wrong and probably would have gotten his ass kicked. Turn the tables and there would be a much bigger outcry. BTW, Romo’s steroided ass spit on his teammate. Unbelievable, that so many people still Jason dge people by their skin color. All u motherfuckers are ignorant black or white. If you disrespect me white, black, orange, or fucking, striped I’d break your fucking jaw!!!!

  192. yo go riley copper fuck the black people they are the reason why we have crime in the world

  193. channon August 2, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    You are part of the problem… You saying the above statement is equivalent to what Cooper said…

  194. The absolute bottom line- who gives a fuck, I could careless about a name someone calls me I’m not a little kid i am an adult and the last time I checked we do live in America and there is a thing called freedom of speech…

    1. Oh and one last thing in case everyone had forgotten!
      It’s only ok for whites to call whites crackers and It is only ok for African Americans to call African Americans niggers! Absolute bullshit to me, the ones who get affended by words are the one who have issues with racism! Time to grow up America before we start a civil war between blacks and whites…

      1. No civil war….but the reason you think its just another insult is because your ancestors wasnt enslaved murder and raped behind it. and everybody wants to call the Castro guy the devil…the things the white man did to people makes the Castro guy look like a saint…and at the time unlike Castro the White man had the white man made laws support it. So their victims went without any justice….The white man is worst than Castro….and I know just by reading some of these racist comments from racists whites I know if they could they would love to have slavery back. Goes to show the white is still evil in the heart yet they are so quick to call the black man a thugs….the white man is the biggest violent thugs….just look at history….what they did to the Indians, Africans etc. They can’t say anything to blacks….they are far far more evil….and there descendents still have that evil in their hearts just read these comments….the white man hasnt changed….he just cant get away with it anymore Blacks have been a fight for equal rights ever since the amendments was passed in Dec. 6th of 1865 to free the slaves. We are still not there quite yet believe it or not….We should be the one with angry in our hearts not the evil white man

        1. you are so lost.
          To use the term evil white man lets me know that you still don’t get it.
          you are causing division of races when really none exists. it is all in our imagination. we are all the same human, and the same type of human. for you to say blacks need to do xyz makes you as racially dividing as cooper.

          1. I dont want to spread hate and I get along with almost everybody except rednecks. 1st of all we have nothing in common so there not that much for us to talk about and 2nd they have chosen to adopt the mindset of their evil ancestors and Im not talking bout those white guys that drive around in their trucks listening to hip hop(they r alright) Im talking bout those true rednecks with the dirty boots etc and are smelly. They dont like me simply because Im black and I dont like them because they are racist and hate me just because Im black.

    2. T is just looking for a reason to be mad, an excuse. It is a lot easier to say that you are the victim, or someone is working to keep you down than it is to say, “well maybe I am just not that good.”

      1. All racists white folks are not rednecks so I should say….I dont get along with racists white folks….they have chosen to adopt the evil mindset of their evil ancestor. and I do know that not all whites think that way….I have white friends that are great and I would fight for them if they got into it with anybody(white or black)

  195. talk about thieves in the temple. listen up white folks. you came to this country with a chip on your shoulders. How can you come to a country and claim it, yet it was all ready occupied. the whites of America has gotten away with murder and robbery from day one.
    they stole from the Native Americans, and placed them on Reservations, and told them “this is all you get”.

    when you landed on Plymouth Rock, you started the origin of segregation. The Native Americans “Indians” were happy with out you. so, Whitey go home.”

    1. people of all races have been doing this since the beginning of civilization. remove the hate from your heart and learn. take a world history class.

      1. talk to me Kalvin what is it that I need to learn….I hope you’re not the same as that kalvin kennedy that posted all those racist comments….I will know soon enough as soon as my report gets back.

        1. Well for example you need to know that biologically we are all the same as humans. the only difference in skin tone has to do with exposure to the sun.

          so when you say “white ancestors” you are talking about the exact same make up as “black ancestors” there is no race that in inherently more anything than another. a American that lived 200 years ago is as much my ancestor as a white Italian that lived 200 years age. the same applies for you as well.

          2nd you need to know that civilizations from all over the world have killed and conquered to take resources, shit even bugs do it, it is a very basic form of survival driven by the fact that there are limited resources on the world up for grabs. Muslims/middle easterners, have carved out large kingdoms taking from their neighbors, obviously Asians did with mongrels, African’s have had thousands of years of war. the slave trade was already huge in Africa before Europeans arrived.

          You claim “whites” are evil for killing so many hundreds of years ago, but what does that make of “blacks” considering Africa is one of the most violent places on earth and there are mass genocides being performed by Africans against Africans today?

          1. I agree with you Kalvin that in the sense are all the same in God’s eyes. We were all created by God and race division was something man came up with. I know that neither heaven or hell will be segregated. Jesus said the #1 commandment was love each other….so I dont think any of these racist people on here have to worry about heaven. Where you’re wrong at is “You claim “whites” are evil for killing so many hundreds of years ago ” Yes the slaves were freed in 1865 but the killing and the getting away with killing blacks came well into the 1900s. I wouldn’t have wanted to lived here even in the 1950’s.

          2. The genocides of Africa today is due to European colonization. It’s the same in Arabia. Europeans divided the original tribal lands into “countries” and put the minority clan in power. Take for instance Iraq. The Shites are the vast majority. However European colonizers used a natural suspicion between rival sects of the same religion. They put the minority Sunni’s into power, thus breeding real hatred. You can’t “rule” they world as Europeans claim and did, and not take responsibility for the $hit you caused. You talked truthfully about history, then came to the end and tried to re-write it. Europeans and Euro-Americans killed MILLIONS of blacks. Euro-Americans killed millions of Indians. That’s the said truth. In Africa as in Europe, slavery was not as brutal, muderous, and generational as it was in America. Only is America was the slaves thought of and treated as sub-human. REAL TALK!

  196. Wow, this article has summoned the angry, bigoted, semi-literate, overcompensatingly-macho morons of all colors and hues into one site. Amazing to read the drooling ignorance and hate in these postings.

    So much for Rev. King’s dream, “… judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. RIP.

    Seems we are doomed instead to live in the era of Farrakhan and Limbaugh, stoking the fires of animosity and division.

    1. Dr. King wasn’t God. He underestimated the depth and breath of hatred whites feel for blacks. Remember Zimmerman murdered Trayvon. Cooper used the N-word. It wasn’t the other way around.

      1. Yes, white hatred and racism persists.

        As does black hatred and bigotry towards whites (Farrakhan, Leonard Jeffries, New Black Panthers, and some people posting here, obviously). I’ve faced it personally.

        As do hostilities between hispanics and whites, hispanics and blacks, blacks and Koreans, Muslims and Christians, Muslims and Jews, IIrish Catholics and Irish Protestants and English, Shi’a and Sunni, and on and on and on it goes.

        And every bigot has his or her excuses and “justifications”. People have been oppressed. People have been mugged, raped. Faced job discrimination. Got beaten up in school. And on and on.

        We have to overcome it. One by one, make the personal decision to not judge entire groups, and every new individual, as being “just the same” as whomever wronged us before. Forgiveness, decency, positive attitude — it’s at the core of Christianity, Islam, …, and being a decent human being.

        Seems like you haven’t yet decided to give up the hate and be a decent human being. I hope you will.

  197. why is everyone so angry?. That word is used in pop culture everyday. In EXTREMELY popular rap songs that all races like. so when someone uses it without any thought of the meaning does it really matter? and thinking a “word” is offensive ONLY if one race says it is just plain stupid. if a word is bad than NO ONE should say it. thinking its ok just because your part of that race to use such a hateful word, maybe you should think about not using it at all. and its just a word!!!! for christ sakes there is so much worse things in this world is a word really worth getting pissed about. If a fool says something stupid, only a fool lets it bother him

    1. Bobby you make the wrong assumption concerning what you hear. I am not pissed, I am happily returning hate for hate, disrespect for disrespect. These &^#$% aren’t worthy of my anger. In fact, if they were on fire, I wouldn’t spit on them to put it out! LOL My main point is that other blacks need to realize that they will never be equal in the eyes of racist whites and they should stop trying to fit in where they can’t get in. There are two Americas. Let’s make black America as good as it can be, and as good as white America.

      1. I think you are very intelligent. You have posted some very good posts. I had to resend my former post to our friend bobbymanz87

    2. the reason you think its just another insult is because your ancestors wasnt enslaved murder and raped behind it. and everybody wants to call the Castro guy the devil…the things the white man did to people makes the Castro guy look like a saint…and at the time unlike Castro the White man had the white man made laws support it. So their victims went without any justice….The white man is worst than Castro….and I know just by reading some of these racist comments from racists whites I know if they could they would love to have slavery back. Goes to show the white is still evil in the heart yet they are so quick to call the black man a thugs….the white man is the biggest violent thugs….just look at history….what they did to the Indians, Africans etc. They can’t say anything to blacks….they are far far more evil….and there descendents still have that evil in their hearts just read these comments….the white man hasnt changed….he just cant get away with it anymore Blacks have been a fight for equal rights ever since the amendments was passed in Dec. 6th of 1865 to free the slaves. We are still not there quite yet believe it or not….We should be the one with angry in our hearts not the evil white man

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  199. Kukakahn, the last time I checked, grammer was actually spelled as grammar…
    And a drunken mind speaks a sober heart.
    To address the rest of the Tom foolery on here… It is easy for a non-black person to stick up for or not understand why it is hurtful to say the word “nigger”. This was a word that was used to demoralized, dehumanized, hang, and mistreat a ppl who had never done anything to the ppl who raped, murdered, etc them. They were brought to America against their will. So 9 out of 10 times when non-black ppl use this word and others,it is for the same reasons it was used hundreds of years ago. Now that black ppl have owned the word and use it in various scenarios, it’s ok for others to so as well. IT WILL NEVER BE OK when your intent of using the word is as Cooper’s was; and that of those back then. The bottom line black ppl, if we take the time to really learn who we are then none of this crap would matter because you would know that our condition is because of God and not a white man, or any other man! We are God’s chosen ppl, chosen to spread his word. We couldve had it all, but we are hard-headed and rebellious. Read your bibles and stop just taking the word of a man behind a pulpit. Whites will continue to think that we are equal and think saying nigger is ok because that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Until we realize that the Lords Sabbath day is Saturday and not Sunday (sun-worshipping), stop celebrating these pagan holidays of Christmas, Easter, etc that has nothing to do with The God of this creation, then we are going to continue to get upset with the foolishness of ignorance and blatant used of hurtful words. But when you learn who you truly are, the world in which we live in will look totally different. It is the hope of God that all ppl will live according to His laws and commandments by treating each other with love and respect, and inherit his kingdom. My goal was not to offend anyone on here. It is only to rationalize with my brothers and sisters of all colors
    May The Lord touch the hearts of everyone who reads this
    In Jesus Name

  200. Well if there is any animosity among the millionaires of the NFL then I think the DBs of the NFL world will make him regret his words to the level that they need to be regretted.

  201. I’ll tell ya one thing ….most all of the people who go to the trouble to comment on these boards have sewer mouths. Most of you would make George Carlin blush.

    Shame on you low lifes.

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  203. Anyone want to try to identify the origin of the obviously (to you low-life’s) RACIST remark:

    “An’ there we spied a nigger, with a trigger that was bigger than a elephant’s proboscis or the whanger of a whale”

  204. Racism is bad mm’kay.
    Whether it’s black dudes calling white dude’s crackers.
    Or it’s white dudes calling black dudes niggers.
    The truth is our outward appearance doesn’t matter in the long run only for those who want to divide the races to keep them poor.
    The guy is obviously drunk and running his mouth off. Who cares. Fine him for his conduct as a sportsman and move on, or don’t. It’s not news. It does not add to the racism debate. These discussions and comments add to the debate more than his conduct.
    Besides go back 150,000 years and we were all in Mother Africa. So we are all niggers. White Niggers, Black Niggers, Asian Niggers. Besides if I remember rightly before the blacks outlawed that word it was a shade of Black. Maybe the word black will be too offensive in 50 years, we will see.

  205. Watching Vick say he forgave Riley Cooper what a hypocrisy.
    He should be thanking him for all his people has done for dark skinned people. We will never be equal never. It’s a fraud & ignorance to believe we are. We took you from aids, malnutrition, genocide, poverty, you were cannibals when we found you. As a whole dark skinned people have done nothing more then complain & cry about how bad they have it.
    Tell you what create numerous empires that rule the world & give a safe haven to those who are of a peaceful & creative mind. That give shelter to a world of lesser people who do not have the (courage) it took for all those white men to die on fields of battle in the name of the future.
    You talk about white men like we are weak we have had the power & technology to end you as a people for centuries now. Yet we don’t we have granted mercy even when it was not in our best interest. White men are the most violent creature on the planet history will never deny us that. I myself was in an altercation with 2 black Crip gang members that were willing to kill for the 17$ my friend had in his wallet. I was 16 years old. My father raised a Viking & instead of a young man that drinks the government kool-aid. These crips had been to prison were in their mid twenties. One of them was stabbed thru the heart it took extreme violence to stop them. Why do these blacks have the mentality that u can just take & take. It’s the government telling them we did them wrong to them. They are drinking the kool-aid & they don’t even know that’s exactly what makes them weak. Look at all the sacrifice the white man has made. All our lost brothers of freedom, look what we did to hitler because we knew it was not right to kill just based on color. If blacks would just stand up & thank us for our sacrifice pay homage to us for what we have done. I believe we could respect them I believe we could all come to terms with who we are as a people. We celebrate the Fourth of July for no other reason then what the white man did. For our loss & all the brothers who were never born because their fathers lost their lives. So M. Vick saying he & the team accepted the apology from Cooper like I said hypocrisy. Oh & by the way you all speak English just 1 more gift we gave you. Final quote it is better to die standing then live on your knees. That’s what made us great!!!

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