Riley Cooper Apologizes on Twitter

Riley Cooper apologized on Twitter for his racial slur at the Kenny Chesney concert:

That, in response to this video.

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37 Responses

  1. Two things:

    1. It is a lot to ask that someone who goes to a Kenny Chesney concert (or whatever that concert was) is a reasonable, progressive person who values individuals regardless of their skin color, religion or creed (whatever the F creed is).

    2. All of that aside, just catch the f’ing ball over the middle and we are cool.

  2. S’alright mate, you’ll be fine in no time. Just catch a few of them downzones in Handegg and you’ll be apples and pears.

  3. Hi Tom and Wheels, all anyone is talking about down here in the stands is how they can’t wait to see what Marcus Vick has to say about this on his twitter account and that I should be dragged behind a closed vendor stand and beaten within an inch of my life. Back to you.

  4. Riley is definitely going to get a invite to the golf tournament

    I mean who doesn’t let out a NI$$er when you hit a tree or miss a 2 foot putt.


    1. excuse my grammar an*

      Where the F is the edit button KYLE! Jesus Christ

      and get a LIKE button too…be the first blog to get a like button and I promise you more money. Have you reviewed my resume yet?

  5. Jesus Crossing Broad just a got a name drop on ESPN. We’re gonna hear about this for weeks.

  6. I’m shocked that Chip didn’t deleted the video, probably sent it drunk to a guy he met at the concert think it was a vid of him jerking off.

  7. Philly sports talj just ran the credit given and the cb logo cut off..hilarious..

  8. something quality from crossingbroad… shocking. All the major news outlets are picking this up, usa today direct linked to the youtube video. How those analytics looking today? Congrats… cha ching. I hope your monetizing that youtube.

    1. Ok… He dropped the N bomb while he was drunk at a country concert…. I here “cracker” thrown around like its a god damn connecting word by the black community…. I have news for you… Racism is alive… And it thrives amongst all races… But Marcus Vick needs to shut the f**** up… Go point a gun at someone or something like that… When anyone wants your opinion on anything I’m sure they’ll e-mail or send you a post card… Guarantee that he’s made racial remarks about white people on numerous occasions…

      Riley… You f***ed up…. Be more aware of your surroundings… With that said, it isn’t the end of the world… Keep your head up and your mouth closed and you’ll be fine….

  9. Why is it any black man can sing , speak, clown around using this word ? But a white person uses it all hell breaks out ? Really sick of the double standards how about we all stop saying it and maybe it wil go away.

    1. It’s not a double standard it’s plain ignorance, one must understand as a race of people we must move away from this type of rhetoric. I don’t use the word simply because of what it stands for and that simply is racism. It’s the last word heard as racist group hung our ancestor from the the trees. As a Pastor we teach of the love that Christ had for us. It’s all inclusive, and Christ did not just die for any particular race but all mankind. Lastly if a young black male can clown around use the word very loosely. He has lost respect for himself and does not speak for all of us. If a white person uses the word he too must understand the consequences he can face. Lets move away from this because it is here, always has been and I really don’t see it leaving, RACISM.

  10. Kyle, you fucked up, had you played your cards right you coulda shook down red neck cooper for that fine money.

  11. Tom and Wheels, as predicted it appears Marcus Vick has indeed already tweeted that Riley Cooper is a racist “peace” of shit bitch boy and has actually offered a $1000 bounty to the first free safety that takes his helmet off with a hit this season. @MVFive is always making a splash, huh Wheels? Back to you guys!

  12. Hey Karl,

    Killer score on the vid! How much did you pay the guy who filmed it? We would like to barter with you for an exclusive – are you busy tomorrrrrr…. Never mind brb Chris Brown just spray painted a cat.

    Keep up the good work!


  13. Love these fake apologies everytime someone fucks up. “I am so disgusted with myself, blah blah blah”. Like I am surprised a racist and gun lover would be at a Kenny Chesney concert. Probably a homophobe too which makes it doubly hilarious that he was at this concert.

  14. Riley your just like any other white TRASH…… After about 20 buds you think you can learn how to spell…. Better watch out for those Niggas at practice….

  15. Blacks use the word not as a negative racial word Whites use the word EXCLUSIVELY when saying something negative about black people. Whites dont call each other the N-word.

  16. I must say, Kyle, I give you a lot of shit with some of your articles. But I need to congratulate you on breaking this story. Well done my friend.

  17. Using racial slurs is not good. After it is said, the damage is done. Saying I am sorry is only damage conttrol and showing remorse. Don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and get the confidence to use racial slurs among your friends, because they maybe not be a biggot like you. People don’t change, they just adjust their behavior, to what is expected of them.

  18. As is often the case, a high profile athlete apologized for being an asshole AFTER his assholery became public. Cooper sat on that little faux pas for nearly two months, no doubt hoping it would never get out. What a fool he was, he should’ve known that would never happen, not in this day and age.

  19. I think its terrible that white and black people still use that word I here it from a lot more black people than white after all are ancestors went through no one should use that word out of respect for all of them.

  20. We all have our feelings about each other, with this said we are not professional sports people.. Tv cooking professionals… Etc… If you are a franchise and have sponsors what you may feel and think is scrutinized…. Shame on you if you get caught … Now pay the cost$$$$$$…. We learn this as kids… Man up and Woman up!!!!!

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