Besides Using the N-word, Riley Cooper Acted Like a Jackass Throughout Much of the Kenny Chesney Concert

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 3.08.28 PMPart of the story surrounding Riley Cooper’s comment is the fact that he acted like a jackass the entire day of the Kenny Chesney concert.

The morning after, video of him in a parking lot (let’s call it) disagreement was posted on this site and others. The person who sent us that video provided little context at the time, but, in light of what came out yesterday, we decided to follow up with that tipster to find out what he saw before the concert. His words:

A big group of us were tailgating in K lot at the end of the row.  Based on our location there were a lot of people walking by us as they were heading into the concert.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw two guys, arms locked up with each other and one guy (who turned out to be Cooper) was clearly winning and pushing the guy backwards pretty fast and eventually took him to the ground – as expected, an NFL receiver can put a really nice block on an average person.  Unfortunately I missed that part but started rolling once I realized who it was.  They both got up and were pushing and yelling at each other. That’s when I saw Coopers friend and the kids friend come in too and try to keep them separated.

Cooper was with one guy who I don’t believe is associated with the Eagles – of the two pictures of mine that I sent that are in the original blog you did, he is in the bottom picture on the left hand side in a similar outfit to Cooper of cutoff jeans and a blue plaid shirt.  From everyone I talked to, he and Kelce were tailgating nearby but Kelce wasn’t with him at the time of this “disagreement”

Also, from what I heard Cooper was walking around like a drunk idiot messing with people in the parking lot and I suppose this kid decided he would say something back and the video/photos was the result.

That video:

A commenter on the original post claiming he was “in the white shirt” in the video provided the following:

that is in fact riley cooper, i am the guy in the white shirt in the pictures. i didnt see him shove my buddy in the black to the ground but when i turned around they were going at it. riley walked away then came back and told my buddy “watch who you mess with i’m riley cooper” such a tool, wasnt my first run-in with him either, saw him at a delco bar a while back, tried to shoot the shit and was a total douche told me he wasnt riley cooper when he obviously was cause he was with chad hall, and kafka

Today, “guy in the white shirt” gave us more detail:

Basically what happened was me and my buddy were walking from Jetro, through K lot to go into the concert. I was a little bit ahead of him so I turned around and saw Riley and my friend going at it. Apparently Riley ran up to him and started dancing on him and my friend didn’t like that he did that so they started wrestling. When I got to them they were standing up yelling at each other with their faces 2 inches apart. I was a little intoxicated so I don’t recall exactly what was said but Riley had friends trying to pull him away (they all looked like they haven’t left their moms basement in 10 years) I was in between them trying to break it up, as you can see from the videos and pictures, I’m in the white cutoff. But I do remember not knowing it was Riley until the very end when he finally walked away and it settled he screamed in my face “you better watch who you mess with, I’m Riley Cooper, I’m Riley Cooper” and walked away.

Now that wasn’t my first run-in with him because probably a year and a half ago I was at a local delco bar on MacDade on a random Wednesday night when who walks in but Riley, Chall Hall and Mike Kafka. They were being the usual tools drinking while everyone was hanging on their every move. Me and my friend were just minding our own business chilling at a table watching ESPN on the tv. This is the time when one of the big stories on ESPN was Tim Tebow. Couldn’t tell you what story it was cause he’s got plenty of headlines haha But they eventually make their way to the dance floor. Me and my buddy still at the table, when out of no where Riley walks up right in between us and starts watching the tv. My friend goes “yo what’s was it like playing with Tebow and what was it like being his room mate?” Riley says “I have no idea who Tim Tebow is.” and then says “Tim Tebow is a douchebag” and then walks away.

Needless to say I’m not a huge fan of Riley. Guy doesn’t know how to handle his alcohol.

Meanwhile, Joe Santoliquito, who writes for this site, posted the following on CBS Philly today:

According to a number of sources, Riley Cooper wanted to be treated as if he was Bradley Cooper at the Chesney concert. He was an unruly “drunk who wanted the red-carpet treatment and security to basically kiss his a–, because he was ‘Riley Cooper, an Eagle,’ from what I saw,” said someone close to what happened that night. Apparently, when Cooper pulled out the “Don’t-you-know-who-I-am” card, it wasn’t acknowledged. “Security wasn’t having it” and Cooper apparently had a snit-fit.

A camera phone at a Kenny Chesney concert may have revealed what Riley Cooper thought about a “lowly security guard doing his job, and we get cussed at all of the time,” said the source who witnessed the Cooper meltdown

A similar account was posted on Deadspin.

Cooper eventually found his way backstage and then onto the stage, along with Jason Kelce, Chip Kelly and others. Cooper slapped Chesney’s ass on at least one occasion and attempted to sing into a microphone which appeared to be switched off. He, um, wasn’t sober.

At the conclusion of The Boys of Fall, Cooper was the last player to linger on the stage. He eventually had to be directed off by what was presumably a member of Chesney’s crew. You can see that in the video after the jump. It has been on YouTube for almost two months.


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  1. Removing Babin was only step 1

    Still the douchiest team in the NFL, that’s saying something

    That CB from Baltimore

    Anyone im forgetting?

    NO LOVE,

    Beez Nutz

    1. Most unlikable team in the NFL the past two seasons just gets worse. Add to it a coach who is only here because he is dodging NCAA sanctions and you have a team I want to fail in every way.

      But, hey, at least the QB doesn’t smile too much like the old days. Right, guys?

    2. Beez, while we are at odds on Utley, I have to say I thoroughly agree with this post of yours.

      1. LMAO .. at Celek and his exWife! They’re added to the douche list

        @Informed – Its all good man, we could both be right about Utley. Lets just hope the deal he gets isnt too long

  2. The popularity of this sports-related gossip site (and other sites like it) only prove that the majority of “men” in this country have become wayyyy too queer.

  3. fuck riley cooper — can i get the name of the trance/house song played in the first video around 0:48?

  4. I had sex with a black girl before and was close another time. Sometimes I say the N word when I am drinking and when I hit a bad shot while I am golfing (while drinking). Am I racist?

    Within 24 hours this site just turned into a racism forum… Not sure this is how you planned it KYLE.

    But seriously…the golf tournament is it going to be whites only?

    1. I also say it mentally when I’m stuck behind 1 in line somewhere. Transaction never runs smooth with them lol

    2. Yes… You are a racist and a complete dick head.. You brag about sleeping with a minority.. God you are completely lame.. Let me guess…. in real life you have been diagnosed with Small Cock syndrome.

    1. I was at the concert and was sitting way up and I’m surprised he made it on the stage. You could definitely tell he was wasted.

  5. I know this stuff makes for a lot of hits on your site and more $ in your bank account, but maybe it’s time to stop piling on the guy before you help ruin his life.

    He made a stupid mistake and has owned up to it.

    I dare say a lot of the people who are shouting for his head right now have done and said *far* worse. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, right?

    1. Do you consider the story of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood a historical record of fact?

    2. I’m calling for his. I’ve never said that word and I can’t think of saying anything “far worse” than that word….especially to a black man.

      Good enough for you? I say cut him.

  6. Imagine how out of control he would be if he went to one of Kyles BYOB tailgates. I heard he fingered blasted the horse that does traffic

    1. FACE, they may have to cut him because I just dont see this firestorm dying down the least bit. this will linger for quite a long time. however, i dont think the eagles will cut him for two reasons. one, they painted themselves into a corner when they signed a convicted felon who served jail time for having butchered and murdered plenty of man’s best friends. so, right there is when the eagles sort of took a stance and said we really dont care about player character even though it likely cost them quite a bit of fans who do care about player development. secondly, if the eagles do cut him, then they would be setting a new precedent which is players will be terminated if they use derogatory or hurtful language. in that case, you then have to cut players who use other offensive and hurtful terms including fag, bitch, etc. not to mention, if you cut him for saying the N word, well then you have to also cut any black who uses the N word because then you are creating a double-standard.

        1. ^ about time somebody said that. Hanging out in bars in Delco explains the knee length jhorts.

  7. I’ll never forget seeing him at a bar downtown & extending my hand to shake his paw. He said get the f out of my face, I ain’t trying to shake your hand

    1. I saw him and Kelce at a bar and they were both cool and talked for a while. Kinda sounds like you’re making that up =\

  8. As much as I despise nu-country like Kenny Chesney I gotta appreciate the Thin Lizzy-esque guitar harmonies towards the end of the song.

  9. This site is starting to become TMZ. It wouldn’t surprise me if the next story is about what the Kardashians are wearing, and who Katy Perry is banging these days. “Guy in white shirt”? Your parents paid good money for you to go to college, and this is what you come up with, Kyle?

  10. Still talking about this? Time to move on. The guy apologized. Let it go. Sure he probably isn’t sorry he said it, he’s just sorry that unfortunately he lives in a time when you are constantly under public surveillance. I’m mean really, do you think Michael Vick is sorry he killed dogs? No, he’s only sorry because he got caught. Twenty years ago no one would be video taping you at a concert or out to lunch or at the or where ever. I’m sure plenty of his black teammates have used racial slurs talking about other races. Funny how these people are so up in arms over this. I’m guessing none of these people have ever used a slur word? Or made an derogatory remark about another race? Give me a fucking break. The difference between you and Riley Cooper is no one was around video taping you at a concert while you were calling the guy next to you a slant or a moon cricket, or a wetback, or a dego, or a mick, or a nigger, or a jap, or a chink, or a wop and so on and so on. Get over it.

  11. cut cooper! another florida guy. if they are not murderer than they are bigots. shut his life down, and let him be an example to what happens to drunken racists out of control. george zimmerman, hernandez, cooper, florida’s 3 stupid stooges.

    1. George Zimmerman and Aaron Hernandez, neither of whom are white. I guess they fall under the “murders” category (one found NOT guilty and one awaiting trial to prove his guilt)….look at what group/race statistically commits the most murders…

      Why can blacks can call blacks the N-word, and blacks can call whites “crackers” (see Trayvon) with no repercussions, but a white guy says something and it’s national news. Get your facts straight…

      The guy was stupid and apologized. No need to “shut his life down”. If every black guy got his life shut down, lost his job, etc, for every racial remark toward a white guy, none would have jobs. O wait….

  12. How come flyers fans didn’t react like this when that fan was wearing the black guy jersey with Simmonds #??? What a shit city

    1. Black crack addicts around Temple offer this guy their leftovers from lunch, he so beyond white trash looking

    2. fuck off Pittsburgh. your city is cold and beat up, just like your mothers vagina. Plus, your city created Mac Miller.

  13. Good job Kyle Scott, create a shit storm around here for something incredibly stupid.

  14. leave the guy alone, he sounds like a dick, but in America you have the right to be a dick.
    he should be cut cause he sucks not for saying… ANYTHING really. we have all said things we regret, but like James said, there just was no camera around when you said it.

  15. Besides using the n word, I was more offended by how much of a hard ass he is. Typical douchebag jock

  16. Not condoning what Riley did. He was absolutely wrong but I don’t know who’s worse Riley Cooper or
    Kyle Scott. Again the TMZ of Philly sports. Cheap journalism.

  17. Guys and dolls I’m from Philly and I’m stuck in the Redneck Capitol of Atlanta like Florida and in the south let me say this 100% all white people down here hate black people and all the blacks hate white people they still call me a Yankee , I own a restaurant and still say to this day I hope the braves plane goes down on ther next road trip and the whole team is gone !!! Would you expect anything less from a Philly fan ? Riley cooper is a redneck cut him and be done he is 100% a racist but who cares if he comes up to me in a parking lot either I’m dropping him or he’s dropping me but I ain’t going out like that fuck him!!

  18. That story at the bar is hilarious and totally believable. When those scrub athletes want shit they’re all about playing the “I’m such and such” card, but when a casual fan just wants to go up and say hi, they act like they aren’t that person. Funny that the bar story mentioned Mike Kafka, cuz the same thing happened with him at the Trop in AC. My friends and I ran into him there and he totally denied who he was.

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