LeSean McCoy is No Longer Friends with Riley Cooper

More teammates spoke today about Riley Cooper threatening to “fight every nigger” at the Kenny Chesney. Some have his back, some don’t. File LeSean McCoy in the don’t column. He told reporters today that he forgives Cooper, but wonders if his true colors came out in the video. Said he “can’t respect” what he heard and that he lost a friend.


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  1. I can’t respect men that assault women on the NJ Turnpike…but that’s just me.

    1. I’m buying the shit out of his Jersey…Trayvon was a racist and Blacks are still wearing his shirt!!!

  2. I can’t respect someone who treats women the way he does. Also, can’t respect a running back who can’t beat his QB in a foot race.

  3. i wonder if riley said that he cant be friends with shady after shady’s deadbeat dad comments and the assault/throwing a bitch on the turnpike issue.

    did you know that cooper was talking to marcus vick at the concert? who know he loved kenny?

  4. This is the guy who verbally assaults the mother of his child, repeatedly and publicly, on Twitter. What a scumbag. This kid needs his ass kicked.

  5. Murph, with the game out of hand at this point, tell us what u have heard through the grapevine about the tension at eagles training camp between mccoy and riley cooper?

    1. Tom, it’s a somber day here at the NovaCare Complex, on par with the day that the Phillies let a hero named Dickie Thon depart our beloved city bound for the warm plains of Texas. Not many players want to comment on the Shady situation for fear that he might rub his herpes-infested penis onto their deodorant rollers when they leave their locker unattended, but it’s safe to say that somewhere tonight, a single white mother will be getting an extra angry dose of that LeSean LeLoving that we’ve all come to expect and enjoy from our star running back. Sarge, on this day I stand proudly with you and all of your colored relatives that call for free tickets to sell on StubHub. I’ll be back in the bottom of the 6th to talk about the day I found a pube on Larry Andersen’s laptop mousepad!

      1. Murph From the Stands is the greatest commentor in CB history.

        I just come on here to read these and get on with my day, with a big smile on my face.

  6. I can’t respect someone who has everyone at the casino bend over backwards for him and doesn’t tip anyone, ever. McCoy is a cheap cunt

  7. Lol coming from a dude who throws beer at a women & kicks her off the bus in the middle of nowhere.

  8. There was anotherYouTube video of cooper that circulated prior to this one…it showed cooper getting tough with (presumably) some jerkoff tailgater. Still, cooper acts like a clown in that video and this new video only reveals more of his character.

    If he was drunk, that’s zero excuse. Ever heard the saying “a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts”…its not even like he was blackout wasted. He knew what he was saying and it rolled easily off his tongue. And he’s not even good!!

    1. a drunk mind doesn’t speak a sober heart when someone is in a rage.

      and who are you to say that hes not good. he made it to the NFL, what have you done?

      people make mistakes, he knows what he did, let it go.

      1. I’m not a football player. When I say he’s not good, I mean relatively speaking. I didn’t think I’d have to spell that out.

        Being in that situation, and a person that is going to attract attention, it’s the responsibility of an adult to make smart decisions and rise above a situation that might case “rage”. Even if in a “rage”, to me personally, it’s still a direct negative correlation to a persons character if they stoop to racial slurs. That’s basically taking the confrontation back to a kindergarten level because you can’t think of anything else to say.

    1. he also apparently showed up late to his charity event in lancaster. generally a terrible person

  9. I can see Cooper jerseys selling out in the la d of trash n tats. Good old Delco

  10. I agree with the guy who sprays beer on chicks & chucks them out of party busses

  11. I can see McCoy jerseys selling out in the land of crack and heyron. Good ol’ Camden.

    1. Shady’s jersey already sells out everywhere dickless. Nice try though, trying to restore some honor for that godforsaken shithole of uneducated scum known as Delco

  12. Wow this is what America has come to. Yeah we have evolved. Both Races, black and white, need to shut the hell up and move on. Ive heard enough racial crap from both sides and neither race is better or perfect.

  13. Omgomg i cant stand shady for what he did to women…Guess what..Neither can anyone else. That incident happened, hes dealing with it, and I’m sure his teammates dealt with it and him as well. Theres certainly a discussion to be had about Shadys hypocrisy, but this is once again yet another way to distract from the issue of racism in this country…

    Know what I cant respect? I can’t respect the droves of ignorant white people, who when things like this happen, constantly deflect blame or attention back onto black people and minimalize the effect of the man who shouted obscene racial in a situation like this.

     Its always stuff like, “What Cooper did is obviously awful, but lets steer the bulk of this conversation in a direction that focuses on things black people do instead of the actual aggressors actions”

     “Sure, what Cooper said was terrible, but heres two paragraphs about how black people say the N-word all the time and ignore the fact that the context in which they use it is completely different than when racist assholes or ignorant people who lack perspective use it. Lets just act like cooper throwing the N word around is the same as when black people use it”

    “Cooper was wrong, but what about McCoy? Lets talk about something that he did months ago and keep the focus on him on ignoring any tough, meaningful or positive discussions on race, racism, and racial disparity in this country”

    1. LMAO

      “I’m sure his teammates dealt with it” – if dealt with means high fives and butt slaps in the locker room then youre spot on!

    2. Maybe when the savages start acting human, other humans will respect them. Keep killing each other

    3. Lets just act like cooper throwing the N word around is the same as when black people use it…

      Ummmmm It is exactly the same in every way!! Please don’t try to say that black people do not use the word in anger. You make it seem like it is a term of endearment and it is not always used that way. Crips and Bloods aren’t calling each other “niggers” because they are friends.

  14. If you respect shady, as a person, you should re-evaluate where your life is heading. BIGGEST.douchebag.on. the. team.

  15. FYI..At Sunday’s practice, we will be having an event where you can trade in your Riley Cooper jersey for the player for your choice.

  16. Ease up people. Dude was drunk and said some stupid shit. Didn’t rape anyone or put anyone on blast on twitter. It’s over with, grow up and move on. Sheez.

  17. Honest question because I can’t remember the answer. Did Desean Jackson get fined by the team a few years back when he called a guy a “gay ass faggot” during a radio interview? Does anyone even still remember that?

    1. No but I think he did copyright “gay ass faggot” and is now splitting the proceeds with Trayvon’s mom

  18. Better to put distance between yourself and a crazy useless female, and you should always tip well if service demands. None of which have anything to do with what the prick said. He apologized because he was caught, not because he was wrong. Stick with the issue. Don’t be a closet racist. Embrace who you are. That way people can respect you more when they know where you stand. Now they can’t trust him.

    1. This incident occurred in June why didn’t he apologize Then? He did not apologize until he was caught amen

  19. I don’t respect Shady for:
    1. baby mama turmoil over twitter.. (JK)
    2. leaving that hoe on the turnpike without toll money.. (hilarious)
    3. going to Pitt.. (can’t forgive him for that)

    But, I still hopes he falls to 7 in my fantasy draft this year. Maybe when he matures a bit we can ditch the “Shady” McCoy, and start calling him “Classy” McCo-hahahahahahaha.. no but seriously, I hope he’s good for 10+TDs and 1000 Yards this year.

  20. Get over it.Your race Is the biggest offender . If you’re so upset about this word y is it spoken on tv and in your songs and comedy by ur race.

  21. Theyre all a bunch of scumbags im sure most wouldnt even have charities if it was up to them. Black or white, american athletes often have big egos and act like idiots. Yet we stand in line to go see them and pay way too much to do it!

  22. I now understand why Michael Vick stayed on his ass more than on his feet; racists on the Eagles would rather lose football games than protect the quarterback. Look at Congress, 85% of Americans state that they are ineffective, but the philosophy adopted is to make President Obama ineffective. SAD, SAD, SAD!

    1. Oh yes! That makes complete sense. How did I not think of that? Vick gets sacked and injured all of the time because his O-Line is a bunch of racist a-holes. We all thought Watkins sucked but maybe that’s not really the case. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the O line was decimated with injuries last year and that Vick holds on to the ball too and thinks he can make any play happen on his own.

  23. @ treat from the pine
    you prolly go to camden in your mccoy jersey looking for heroin and crack. Then again it’s the first of the month. I got what you need homie, bottle or bag, which one you prefer?

    1. Prolly??? Did you even go to school? They still don’t have a cure for stupid but I nominate you to be a test subject.

  24. Kyle is hoping that this increases his chance of landing on TMZ and blowing the long-haired blonde guy.

  25. I understand how he feels, but he is not any better in his disrespect and hostility towards women. Athletes on a whole are in reality a bunch of a-holes with entitlement issues and too much money.

  26. @Patrick Martel
    Prolly is used in online conversation dickhead. Look in the mirror for your test subject.

  27. Stupid move by LeSean. He’s supposed to be a team leader and there remains a very strong (with Maclin out, a very very very strong) chance Riley Cooper makes the roster.

    It doesn’t matter if your daddy got lynched by someone down South whose mother was also his sister. You’re making 7 figures and your career largely depends on the support of your teammates in your shared efforts. If a guy asks for forgiveness, you give it to him and clam up.

  28. I bet Riley is really hurt that McCoy and him are no longer pals, since Shady is such a great example of how to conduct yourself off the field.

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