Riley Cooper, Jeffrey Lurie, Michael Vick and NFL Comment

video via Press of Atlantic City

Riley Cooper apologized on Twitter earlier. He then met with reporters outside the NovaCare Complex. He told them that he will speak with teammates tonight. He seemed genuinely sorry, but, perhaps in trying to shield others from being roped into this mess, said that he was alone at the concert. He wasn’t. Jason Kelce can very clearly be seen in the video, and they appeared on stage later in the evening, along with Chip Kelly.

Jeffrey Lurie’s statement:

“We are shocked and appalled by Riley Cooper’s words. This sort of behavior or attitude from anyone has no role in a civil society.  He has accepted responsibility for his words and his actions.  He has been fined for this incident.”

And an NFL spokesperson with the necessary comments to Pro Football Talk:

“The NFL stands for diversity and inclusion. Comments like this are wrong, offensive, and unacceptable.”

Michael Vick told the media that he forgives Cooper and doesn’t agree with what his idiot brother is saying. From Philly Mag:

“Riley came to us as a man and apologized for what he did,” Vick said. “As a team, we understood because we all make mistakes in life and we all do and say things that maybe we do mean or we don’t mean. But as a teammate, I forgave him. As a team, we forgave him. We understand the magnitude of the situation. We understand that a lot of people may be hurt and offended, but I know Riley Cooper. I know him as a man. I’ve been with him for the last three years and I know what type of person he is. And that’s what makes it easy, at the same time hard, to understand the situation, but easy to forgive him. I forgave him.”

He spoke with Cooper for 15 minutes and the pair addressed the team in a five-minute “open dialoge session” at Chip Kelly’s urging.



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  1. For Michael to call Marcus an idiot… proves Marcus is an idiot.

  2. I’m not going to lie I scream the N word a lot during Saturday & Sundays during football season when I’m wagering on the games. I’m not proud of myself but I scream you dumb N or “why you in the game white boy” when the team i bet turns the ball over. Smh I’ve got to stop betting

  3. Right, thanks a lot Tom. I’m down here in the stands and all the fans are talking about is how they haven’t seen such a heartfelt apology since the time Wheels interrupted Bill Conlin and Jerry Sandusky in the men’s room at Beaver Stadium. Just really touching stuff from class act Riley Cooper today. I’ll be back in the 8th to discuss my progress in healing my homosexuality through Christ, back to you in the booth!

    1. Sarge sorry to bust in here during your story about the time you hit a baseball but we are getting breaking news that the whore that vicariously gold-digs Mike Vick through his brother Marcus has convinced Marcus to delete his twitter account. I dunno, Sarge, she was fine with him posting Vines of her ass but I guess there’s a line you don’t cross with those ghetto coochies!

      1. not once… i didnt laugh not once.

        get your shit together. i’d start with dropping the murph gig.

  4. First of all when he made that statement those were his true feelings,90 percent of your teammates are of African descent, we do not need this in sports I’m a Eagles Fan .what kind of example are you setting as being a professional athlete.Are you really a racist , and you are in the lockeroom with a bunch of brothers .

  5. Aite, Homey apologized for his bad
    language and he seems to regret what he said, For Real!…
    Now, the NEWS MEDIA has got to
    stop talkin’ ’bout this Bullshit already!
    What, Do WE Really Want to Drag This Shit on??…
    Eagles WR Reilly Cooper has Already Apoligized to All Black African Americans and to ALL Blacks around The World AND to His Teamates and Coaches…
    Listen, We ALL say stupid shit that we later regret one point in time or another!
    Most of the time We Really Don’t Mean Jack Shit by It!
    It’s not like he is in a World or a League where nobody Talks Shit!
    Everyone from Blacks, Whites, Latins, Spanish, Orientals or Jews Talks Negative or Just Relate to
    their own kind to a certain extent…
    Sometimes as a Friendly Gesture or in a Joking Matter.
    We might say it like; Wat’s up ma nigga?… To ur friends, that is sometimes a friendly gesture…
    But if We come out and say; What’s up nigger or Wat’s up spic?…
    Then You Got a Problem Especially if you say it around a Black or Spanish person that might not like what you said or a group of Black or Hispanic people that don’t know who you are!
    You Better Apoligize Real Quick!!
    And That BullShit Will Never Go Away, Because Deep Down, There
    Are Still People Out in The World Who Are Negative Racist Naive MotherFuckers!!!

  6. What a moron. Urban meyer had a great bunch of kids at florida tebow, hernandez, cooper what a joke

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  8. I’m definitely not condoning what Cooper said, but why is it acceptable for Kevin Garnett to say this? There is definitely a double standard on the use of this word.

  9. Black players in the NFL are much more racist against whites but they can get away with it cause there is a double standard in this country. Thanks Liberals…

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