Marcus Hayes was a Huge Asshole on a Seattle Sports Talk Radio Show

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 7.30.57 PMMarcus Hayes was an asshole even by Marcus Hayes standards when he went on 950 KJR in Seattle to defend his comments accusing Ken Griffey Jr. of using steroids (hosts bolded):

“You can call [Griffey’s drop-off] coincidence if you like. But I think that’d be a little naive, don’t you?”

I wouldn’t call it either. I’d call it old age and playing on astroturf.

“No. You would either call it coincidence or you’d call it not coincidence.”

Well Marcus, what are you calling it?

“I don’t think it’s coincidental, no.”

You’re saying, indirectly, that he was using PEDs?

“No. I’m saying it’s a possibility and the pattern follows, doesn’t it?”

Well no… you’re saying from 1997-1999…

“Answer my question. Answer my question. Does it fit the pattern? Does the pattern of Griffey’s performance drop-off follow what we know to be the consequences of using PEDs and stopping using PEDs?”


“OK, then you’re wrong about that.”

Marcus. Marcus. If we’re going to have you on…

“No, no, no, no no. You don’t get to talk over me. You asked me to come on your show.”


“You asked me to come on your show. You’re not going to ambush me on your show. Understand that?”

I’m not ambusing you. I’m just asking you…

“Do you understand that? Do you understand that? Do you get that? Do you get it?”


“Do you get it?”

They weren’t ambushing him. They were trying to have a reasonable conversation about the wild accusation Hayes was spewing on their airwaves.

Hayes hung up on them.

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  1. In addition to being an asshole, Hayes also has a persecution complex. The head honchos at the Daily News need to have a talk with Hayes who is clearly losing his mind.

  2. Just thought of something. How long before that interview goes viral and Hayes becomes a nationwide embarrassment for Philadelphia? He needs to be put into a timeout immediately.

  3. What an asshole….and yet he makes a good point about Griffey…the pattern DOES follow.

    I’m not accusing and really don’t care to. All steroids should be legal in the game, and then it’s not cheating.

    1. I’m more inclined to believe Griffey’s habit of recklessly hurling his body against outfield walls wore him down over the years, that, along with age short circuited his productivity. If all Hayes has to go on is rumor, innuendo and just plain guesswork, then he’s no better than the average cynical fan who accuses every baseball player of being a juicer with no solid facts whatsoever to back up his claims.

  4. Pattern follows????? Griffey had season ending injuries each year from 2002-4. His decline in production began then.

  5. How does this guy still have a job in this city? Seriously, have you ever heard someone say they enjoy his work?

  6. So Marcus’ twitter says he’s a dad. Is he married? His wife must be a real prize if he is. He sounds half-drunk or fucked up in this clip. What a fucking loser.

  7. Someone needs to reel this guy in a bit. We see how the national media loves to blow things out of proportion just to reinforce the notion that Philadelphia is populated by a bunch of goons with the combined IQs of a stick. Marcus makes us all look bad. I think we can all agree that we don’t want him speaking on our behalf.

  8. these guy needs to seriously get beat up. Such a hack, bully piece of shit. Nobody knows Bernie Parent too right? Go play with the traffic Marcus.

  9. absolute embarrassment. I know you dont like the guy but I never watched DNL to understand why. Please don’t allow him in the media anymore.

  10. I never had the problem with his writing that Kyle does, but Hayes does come across like an a-hole in that transcript.

  11. Marcus is working overtime at being an idiot. On one of the article his comments regarding Rollins and Howard being thought of as lazy because they are black are quite odd. Everyone with site knows that Jimmy doesn’t run out a lot of ground balls and is always the last one in the club house on game days. I don’t recall people calling Howard lazy at all. They question his judgement at times in not being willing to make adjustments at the plate but I have never seen him referred to as lazy.

    Marcus is in the midst of losing his sanity.

  12. Marcus Hayes has always been a pompous ass. He reminds of William C. Rodent on the Sports Reporters on ESPN

  13. His thoughts about Griffrey and steroids are illogical. Everyone knows that Griffey would show up for games at home (when he was with Seattle at least and I think for a good part of his stay with the Reds) a hour hour to 45 minutes before the game. The reason why his performance dropped with the Reds was because he did not take care of himself. If he had been doing roids his performance would have been better. That is what doesn’t make any sense in regards to the point Marcus is trying to make.

  14. MUcus as he is referred by is a turd. Very pompass, mad at the world and pissed that he got so fat. He is a mix of white, black, hispanic, asian and Saint Bernard, I believe.

  15. Hayes has serious mental issues. AND as an aside his argument is seriously flawed. Injuries and age clearly could have been factors in decreased production every bit as much as Hayes’ PED accusation, just like every other player.

    And how the hell do you agree to do a Seattle sports-radio interview, then allege being “ambushed”? What a loser of a person he is.

  16. what a fucking retard. of course, if he came back from those things and had monstrous seasons again, THAT would be evidence of PED use. This fucking brilliant student of sport should know that this is what’s supposed to happen to the human body after years of abnormal abuse , like what professional athletes expose their bodies to…… except HE doesn’t know because HE’S a fucking retard.

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