Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 7.30.57 PMMarcus Hayes was an asshole even by Marcus Hayes standards when he went on 950 KJR in Seattle to defend his comments accusing Ken Griffey Jr. of using steroids (hosts bolded):

“You can call [Griffey’s drop-off] coincidence if you like. But I think that’d be a little naive, don’t you?”

I wouldn’t call it either. I’d call it old age and playing on astroturf.

“No. You would either call it coincidence or you’d call it not coincidence.”

Well Marcus, what are you calling it?

“I don’t think it’s coincidental, no.”

You’re saying, indirectly, that he was using PEDs?

“No. I’m saying it’s a possibility and the pattern follows, doesn’t it?”

Well no… you’re saying from 1997-1999…

“Answer my question. Answer my question. Does it fit the pattern? Does the pattern of Griffey’s performance drop-off follow what we know to be the consequences of using PEDs and stopping using PEDs?”


“OK, then you’re wrong about that.”

Marcus. Marcus. If we’re going to have you on…

“No, no, no, no no. You don’t get to talk over me. You asked me to come on your show.”


“You asked me to come on your show. You’re not going to ambush me on your show. Understand that?”

I’m not ambusing you. I’m just asking you…

“Do you understand that? Do you understand that? Do you get that? Do you get it?”


“Do you get it?”

They weren’t ambushing him. They were trying to have a reasonable conversation about the wild accusation Hayes was spewing on their airwaves.

Hayes hung up on them.

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