Your Monday Morning Roundup

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.20.45 AMGood morning. The Phillies still stink. Contrary to popular belief, the Eagles season isn’t ruined. Chip Kelly remains unconventional. And another ex-Phil has cancer.

Let’s hit it!


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Nails. He wasn’t at the 93 reunion last night, but he’ll be signing autographs at the Sports Vault in the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday, August 17 from 2 – 4 p.m.

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The roundup:

Chip Kelly continues to be unconventional. He spoke with Peter King, who has a brand spankin’ new Monday Morning Quarterback site. Chip noticed, too:

“I’ve always been a ‘why’ guy,’’ he said. “Like, I want to know why. And a lot of times the why is crazy. I understand it. I just always have been inquisitive. The only thing I won’t accept is because that’s the way we’ve always done it. I ask you: Why did you change from your old Monday Morning Quarterback format to a new one? Well, it wasn’t just for the sake of change. It was because you figured out why it was a better idea, and you thought it made sense.

“That’s the point. The inquisitive part is why do people do this or that? I think the one thing we’re very conscious of is we don’t have an ego in our program. So it’s not: We are gonna do it our way no matter what and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. If it makes sense, and the science is behind it, we’ll do it.’’

He 100% flipped King’s question back around on him. Impressive.

Here are the introductions of the 93 Phils last night. Conveniently dubbed, so you can’t hear Ruben Amaro getting booed out of the stadium.

Amaro was also at the Union match Saturday night, where he was booed:

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.29.34 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.29.46 AM

Todd Pratt told Leslie Gudel that he underwent treatment for head and neck cancer this year. He’s doing well now, but yet another former Phil with cancer.

Sunday Night Baseball, against the Braves. 9:12 p.m.:

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.32.06 AM

pic via (@cuz729)

Cole Hamels’ Big League Chew is available:

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.33.04 AM

pic via (@Cindy610)

A referee at Eagles practice saw no issues with the pace of Chip Kelly’s offense:

“What I’ve seen over the last two days, we didn’t have any problem,” NFL official Scott Green said. “It didn’t seem out of the ordinary, as far as the pace.”

John Gonzalez has more on that.

Where does the poop go?!

I think New York has had it with A-Rod:

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.35.33 AMMichael Vick keeps throwing his passes into a fly swatter.

How Michael Vick altered Madden forever.

Charlie Manuel on the very generic John Mayberry Jr.:

“I can’t explain to you how the guy can be holding him on, how he can have a short lead … and he gets picked off,” Manuel said. “(Plays like that) inexcusable. When you’re playing like we are now, you’ve got to really be concentrating on staying focused and playing the game right and cutting down and eliminating mistakes. … The more that you see mistakes and the more you see somebody keep making mistakes over and over and over and over, that might tell you what kind of player that he is. If I’m going to be responsible, I think other people have to be responsible too, especially the ones that play the game.”

Hugh Douglas nearly got into a fight at an ESPN party.

A scouting report on the 93 Phillies.


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  1. Why was Schilling there on Friday but didn’t stick around for Sunday’s ceremonies??

      1. He was signing copies of his video game in Northeast to get sold on the Russian black market, while giving handjobs with a towel over his head for an extra $50.

  2. Dutch is the man and is all heart….last night’s “team” if you want to call them that have no pulse_______________flatlined

    I know Smasche is batting like 0.10 right now, but start him at 3B every game for the rest of the year….period

    1. At least Asche isn’t 27 like Ruf. Was the big guy a POW for a few years like in Homeland? Who comes up at 27?

      1. True. I like Ruf…dude gets on base at least once a game for like a year straight now, longest active streak in the show.

        1. Yeah the guy is a gamer. Hell we might as well go the moneyball route and get on base any way we can. Fransden leads off and takes a fastball to the face to start every game followed by Ruf?

          1. Word! I’m actually optimistic about the future of the club…this shitstorm of a year just can’t end soon enough…Darin Ruf, Dom Brown, Ben Revere, Cody Asche, Ethan Martin. Then you have Adam Morgan, Jesse Biddle, Maikel Franco, Kelly Dugan in the minors yet who seem to be the closest to major league ready, so although this is the dark ages comparable to the Vet during Harry and Whitey Bobblehead night in ’03 to get butts in the seats, I’m still hoping Rube doesn’t shit the bed at the end of the month and put these old fuckers on waivers and pray someone claims a few.

  3. A damn shame about Todd Pratt. I hope he’s doing well. Meanwhile, John Mayberry Jr. is proving beyond any doubt that he is NOT a major leaguer, if the Phils weren’t so short on options in the outfield, I daresay he would’ve been given the boot before now. Meanwhile, I’m glad A-Roid is the Yankees’ problem and not ours because he’s going to haunt them for years to come, regardless of if he plays or not.

    1. Thanks, Tom. I had a chance to catch up with Leslie in the men’s room after the interview in question where ironically she was in the process of removing Todd Pratt from her neck and throat. When I asked her how alumni weekend was going for her, she replied “More children have died in my hair this weekend than in my unsafe inventions!”. On a personal note it was incredibly touching to watch the ’93 team still ignore your existence after 20 years, Wheels.

  4. Anyone who can’t see this Cooper thing destroyed the season before it began is deaf dumb and blind. Football is more of a team sport than any other. There are so many aspects to the game (blocking, stunts, coverage..etc) where you rely on your teammate..etc. This Cooper thing has divided the lockeroom. Blacks (Vick) forgiving, Blacks (McCoy) outwardly won’t forget..etc. We saw how TO destroyed us in ’05 and I suspect this mess will doom us too. Not to mention we have a gaps all over the place on this team…I mean can you name more than 3 starters on D (ok, 3 that matter)….Philly sports is a joke right now and I see no reason to put any hopes on the Birds especially with this Cooper situation tainting the whole season.

    Lets face it, Eagles Nation was starting to get enthusiastic until the Cooper news broke but then we started looking at the guys we are supposed to be rooting for and we can’t find one guy in that locker room who we really give a shit about. SAD.

    1. Yeah nothing dividing has ever ever happened to a sports team before their season has started. You’re a fucking dumb piece of shit.

    2. Say, I have a great idea! Let’s actually play the season before anyone decides it’s already destroyed. Are you kidding me? I do NOT see a little used receiver with precious little talent being the tipping point that will wreck the locker room. With 53 different personalities in one place, it’s impossible for everyone to get along, hold hands and sing Kumbaya, even in the most harmonious locker room, there’s cliques and divisions and factions, you can’t get around that. While I wish Cooper got the ax last week, that’s going to happen anyway since he’s bound to be among the first round of cuts, even with Jeremy Maclin out for the year. Chip Kelly won’t be so stupid as to keep Cooper and his baggage around if he can’t play. As for the 2005 team, T.O. didn’t destroy it, Andy Reid did because he refused to put his foot down early and put Owens in his place until it was already too late.

  5. Charlie’s teams are always 2nd half teams. We will make up the 16.5 games on the next road trip.

    1. Love the tag…any broad with a facebook pic and claims to be a Phillies “fan” falls into that category

  6. It’s the broads that still have the ’80s GnR Mutt Cut that have a decent selection of Phillies bobbles on the cheap at their garage sales who are the diehards

  7. “The more that you see mistakes and the more you see somebody keep making mistakes over and over and over and over, that might tell you what kind of player that he is.” – HE’S TALKING TO YOU, ROLLINS!!! F-ing asshole. I can’t wait for the next time Manual sits him for piss-poor at-bats and not hustling. And we have 2 more years of this shit to look forward to.

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