Former Eagles Fullback Leonard Weaver Has a New Rap Video

Favorite Twitterer and God Squad member Leonard Weaver, who once live tweeted a gunman on the loose that wasn’t actually a gunman, has entered the rap game, apparently, and just released a video for his new single, My Time.

Here’s an executive summary: Weaver is getting himself ready to fly high, because it is his time. We first meet our star in what has to be the most anti-rap video opening of all-time– Weaver dressing himself in an orange bow tie and heading downstairs to meet his loving family for breakfast. He kisses his wife, dodges an Apple Jack flicked by his son, and helps himself to… is that a cherry tomato? Upon kissing his wife goodbye, Weaver immediately leaves for an airport hangar rendezvous, where he’ll be joined by two friends… a Bentley, Beemer and Benz… and two luxury prop planes, one of which I think pulls advertising banners above the Jersey Shore. The Backstreet Boys did this once, but Weave doesn’t want it That Way– it’s his time, to fly.

And that’s about it. There’s a lot of arm flapping, a couple of Superman takeoffs and Weaver landing back at his suburban home to greet his loving wife after a long day of preparing to fly. Shit’s pretty hardcore.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.05.50 AM

Love me some Weave. Maybe him and D-Jac will collabo before Weave’s career really takes off.


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  1. Whatever Leonard’s day job is, I hope he has the good sense not to give it up, because that video was crapola.

  2. He tries so hard to be black in this video. It’s painful to watch. Oh yeah, Leonard, singing rap lyrics kinda defeats the purpose …

  3. Don’t quit whatever job you are doing these days. And when you edit music videos, make sure the audio track is synched with the video.

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