Hugh Douglas was Arrested on Assault Charges Yesterday, He Claims it was Just “Rough Sex”

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2.18.04 PMThe classic he said-she said scenario. He said she liked it rough… she said she was assaulted and strangled.

Hugh Douglas is having a bad year. Just over a month ago, he was fired by ESPN for calling his colleague Michael Smith an “Uncle Tom” and a “House Nigger.”

Yesterday, he was arrested on assault charges:

Douglas was arrested in downtown Hartford after police said he violently attacked a woman at a hotel.

Police said Douglas got into a fight at a woman at the Marriott Hotel at Adriaen’s Landing.

According to court documents, Douglas “grabbed her by the neck” and “slammed her into the walls several times.” The court papers go on to say that Douglas told investigators the victim’s injuries happened during rough sex.

Douglas was charged with third-degree assault and second-degree strangulation. Douglas was arraigned on Tuesday and his next court appearance is Oct. 21.

And boom goes that dynamite.

Ballsy to go with the “rough sex” defense here. Third-degree strangulation-we were just having sex! mixup? Sure. But second-degree? Well, that’s defined as such in Connecticut:

a person is guilty of strangulation in the second degree when such person restrains another person by the neck or throat with the intent to impede the ability of such other person to breathe or restrict blood circulation of such other person and such person impedes the ability of such other person to breathe or restricts blood circulation of such other person.

Ohhh… that’s not sexy.

We’ll keep you updated on the story.

via Awful Announcing

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16 Responses

  1. Bet the white hoe is lying. Never has a black athlete left a sexual assault victim with out a black eye

  2. And McNabb’s the douchebag? Okay! I can’t wait until Angelo Cataldi comes up with 10 different excuses for his ole’ buddy’s behavior LOL. The NFL and NBA are full of past and future jailbirds.

  3. Another class act affliated with the WIP Morning Show.

    Yup, let’s harp on and bash McNabb–who is a class act all around–for years despite all the winning he helped bring to Philly and sweep another WIP crein under the rug.

    Maybe Hugh and El Wingador can do a time slot together when they’re both off of parole.

  4. Let’s take it easy on Hugh, there’s a fine line between “slammed her into the walls several times” and “foreplay”.

  5. nuff said

    and the Duke Lacrosse team too

    Michael Irvin – the list goes on — Fuck a Celebrity (or ex-pro anything) and GET PAID !!

  6. Booty fever will do it to you every time.. The getto hoe he was with baited the poor guy so she could take him to court.

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