Jason Babin: Still an Idiot

Lunkhead, tattooed idiot and gun advocate Jason Babin is, obvi!, a hardcore Republican. And apparently, at some point today, house speaker John Boehner said something that jived with the beliefs contained within Babin’s limited mental capacity. So, Babin, who’s really into politics and can totally grasp all of that stuff, tweeted about it and made his best attempt to spell the speaker’s name [have to use the retweet from Les Bowen, because Babin quickly deleted his Tweet]:

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.33.52 PM

Nope. Not even phoneetickcally correct.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.33.06 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.32.46 PM

There you go, dope.

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26 Responses

    1. I know. This Kyle Scott dude is reaching again. We get it dude, you’re a hardcore Democrat from this area. How unique, interesting, and just as part-of-the-problem as a hardcore Republican.

      1. dude democrats are on the right path just give them another year on top of their 3 decades ruining i mean running the city

  1. Be fair, Kyle. Democrats are just as dumb as Republicans, and both should be fed into a giant woodchipper

  2. WHO CARES? Ohhhhhhhhh…..he spelled a name wrong. AND HE’S REPUBLICAN!!!! Let’s hang him.

    Hate on Babin all you want (he’s a tool who sucks at football) but this is a stretch.

  3. Thank God for this site. Lord knows 700 level doesn’t keep me updated on Republican Gun Advocate’s typos.

  4. I don’t hate babin as much now, hate antigun liberals,it irks me that our football teams owner is one of them, I’m embarresed to walk into the Linc with all this green energy crap thrown in your face everytime you turn around, how I miss the vet

    1. Renewal energy is for pussies! Burn more fossil fuels like a real Merican! By the way, we just made $10 billion in the time it took me to type this sentence. Thanks, suckers!

      1. TSSSS!!!!!, thats fukin hilarious! My mudda told me, Chip, if ya wanna tell a good joke, there’s nuttin funnier then lookin to old tired cliches from a decade ago

    2. I’m embarrassed that you can’t spell or use proper capitalization or punctuation. As for Babin, just just another narcissistic, muscleheaded moron who’s not worth my time.

    3. funny thing is the man across the street that built the Flyers from the ground up is a hardcore objectivist, basically the opposite of retard billionaire liberals

    1. Hardcore libs and conservatives are highly annoying, but not as annoying as holier-than-thou Libertarians.

        1. Yeah, look at all those countries that are doing better than us that have more libertarian policies…ummm, er, oh, zero.

          1. yea no country ever adopted libertarian policies..

            except the one you’re living in right now at it’s inception.

            you fuckin dolt.

        2. It won’t let me reply directly to your comment, so I’ll re-reply here…the country’s greatest economic growth occurred during its highest marginal tax rate. And the fucking dolt part is out of place. Crybaby rage bag

          1. i’ll assume you’re referring to the 50’s, where the marginal tax rate was 91%. What people that think this proves something never tell you is that there were so many loopholes that most companies didn’t pay income tax for decades, reducing their actual tax burdens to lower than today’s rates.

            Philadelphia has been in the hands of Democrats for 60 YEARS, and somehow they refuse to admit maybe doing the same thing over and over with no change in results is INSANE

  5. I hate both sides too with a passion. Liberals like Kyle who are all for government control of our lives, high taxes, and gun control. Then you have the conservatives , love the 1%, fuck the other 99%, religious zealots who make the Taliban proud. I’m an agnostic who thinks all politicians should be drowned in the river. Yes I have alot of guns too. Sorry Kyle!!!

  6. So we’ve got a post on Donovan McNabb and one on Jason Babin today. I can see the signifigance of the 5 post i guess but seriously dude, come up with some new material quickly, bore-fest lately. The number of comments reflects that. Have you been blocked by too many twitter accounts? Your information pipeline seems dry since the cooper thing, wonder why?

  7. Really Kyle? E is next to W on the keyboard. Who the fuck cares? I’m a gun guy as well getting ready to buy my second. Yeah the Republican Party sucks except for Rand Paul. But the Democratic Party is no better.

    How about a post on how democrat Diane Feinstein is trying to pass legislation to put you and other bloggers out of a job defining what a journalist is, putting you at risk for slander and libel law suits?

    I read this blog for Philly sports, and sports TMZ info. Leave the politics out of this page, PLEASE!

  8. The only reason Babin is a Republican is because he loves his guns. Outside of the 2nd Amendment, I am sure he has not clue about anything else in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights!

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