Matt Harvey is an Idiot

It’s a testament to how good The Big Show was back in the 90s that, today, we’re using videos featuring both Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick.

Mets star and naked man Matt Harvey, who, just yesterday, told reporters that he will not undergo Tommy John surgery, had a scheduled appearance on Patrick’s radio show as part of a promotion for Qualcomm. But unfortunately for Patrick and his listeners, of which there are many, Harvey has no idea how these things work, which is: athlete-star-celebrity agrees to (usually) 10-minute interview with TV-radio-website under the stipulation that they get to plug a particular product-charity-company-small African child who you can feed for just 10 cents a day. Whatever. That’s how it works. Always. The athlete has an agenda to push, but is usually pretty good about putting up with the typical questions because he’s either getting paid or promoting a charity (and that makes him look swell!).

Surely, things can get awkward… like when Jim McCormick and I tried to find something relevant to talk to Chase Utley about (around 4:30) when he was promoting Philly Financial Day in 2011. Awkward, but not contentious and disastrous.

Harvey’s… was contentious and disastrous.

Patrick’s show is a big deal in the sports world and it’s not the sort of thing an athlete should blow off. Had it been, say, a local blog, Harvey wanting to get right to the point would be understandable. But on a national radio show? He’s either a dick or completely clueless about how being a sports star works. Good thing he doesn’t play in a major media market or anything.

At least when someone like Cole Hamels doesn’t want to talk about, oh, I don’t know, welcoming Bryce Harper to the Majors with a fastball to the back on national TV, he politely shakes off Marshall Harris’ interview request at Utley’s All-Star Animals event in 2012, at first not believing that Harris will avoid the elephant in the room that was Hamels’ suspension, but eventually agrees to do the interview when Harris promises not to ask him about it. Hypothetically speaking, of course:

Anyway, some things to watch for in the Harvey video:

1:30: Harvey fist mentions Qualcomm and seems irked by Patrick’s questions about his arm.

2:50: Patrick finally lets Harvey do his pitch.

4:50: Harvey hangs up. Patrick spends the next five minutes railing on him.

Good stuff.

via Busted Coverage

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  1. I love all the faces! What is so great about qualcomm anyway? Usually don’t they plug charity events not stupid bs like that?

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