Claude Giroux Mic’d Up is Awesome

Voila_Capture200Last night, the Flyers posted Episode 5 of Flight Plan, their ingenius behind-the-scenes web series. Episode 5 is broken down into three parts, each about five minutes in length, and manages to avoid Peter Laviolette’s existence and his firing up until the last minute, when it was mentioned in passing for about 20 seconds.

That’s what happens with organization-produced content.

Other than that, though, these Flight Plan videos are great. They’re shot and edited very well and there’s all the locker room access you could want. The first part of Ep. 5 is a little mundane, but there’s a great moment in Part 2 where a makeup artist compliments Claude Giroux on his skin, and even better moments in Part 3, where G is mic’d up for the first game against Toronto. That’s when we’re treated to these exchanges:

Linesman: How’s your wheel?

Giroux: What?

Linesman: How’s your wheel?

Giroux: What do you mean?

Linesman: Didn’t you have a knee or something?

Giroux: Oh, my hand.

Linesman: It was your hand?

Giroux: Yeah.

Linesman: Fuck.

Giroux: I hurt it playing golf.

Linseman: Oh, yeah, yeah.

I love hockey lingo.

And then when G bumped into James van Riemsdyk:

Giroux: FUCKING PIGEON. [bird noises]

JVR just took it, because he’s a big pussy.

Watch all three parts after the jump.


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  1. It’s no 24/7, but good shit. G’s pigeon sounds were hilarious. I’d pay to listen to the mic’d up chatter every game.

  2. Can’t wait for the deleted scene of G asking the goalies to let him score for a blowjob. Speaking of blowjobs. You a fan Laura ?

  3. G has to be still hurt from the golf injury. He’s just way to talented to be playing this poorly

  4. Kylie calling a professional athlete a pussy…that’s fresh.

    And since when is referring to the legs and feet as wheels exclusive to hockey?

  5. I know most athletes drink beer and get wasted like the rest of us, but the fact that Kessel accused G of drinking a beer on a game day should raise some questions about where his head is at if other players in the league are accusing him of having a drinking problem.

      1. Just after the 2:10 mark of the 3rd video. G asks if he had a coke/pepsi today and If you listen close enough after Kessel says yeah, he asks did you have a beer today?

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