Dom Brown is Trolling You, Philadelphia

Yeah, we see you, Mike Adams, over on the left
Yeah, we see you, Mike Adams, over on the left

Dom Brown, who is from Florida, was at the Cowboys game yesterday (Eagles didn’t show, so we’re just calling it that) decked out in his Cowboys gear. In fact, he showed up with the intention of trolling you…

… and he followed through once it was obvious that there was only 11 men on the field and they were all wearing the Blue and White:

For that Tweet, Brown received dozens (hundreds?) of angry Tweets from lathered up knuckleheads. But that didn’t stop him from again posting about his Cowboys’ victory last night:


See, the first time was all in good fun. Yeah, I know, Brown being from Florida and rooting for the Cowboys makes him that special type of sports fan that you hate. But it’s hard to get too worked up over a little trash talking during an October game between two very mediocre football teams (even if it is the Eagles and Cowboys). And the fact that we’re more interested in Brown’s wardrobe on the day after Eagles-Cowboys is probably telling about just how awful the game was.

via reader Billy
via reader Billy

The second Tweet, however, was just rubbing it in.

Brown realized with the first one just how personal Eagles fans take the rivalry with the Cowboys. He probably should’ve just quit while he was ahead. I will never understand athletes who intentionally stoke a fire with their own fans. It’s totally irrational for fans to get pissed about this sort of thing, but we are the people who buy their jerseys, show up at their autograph signings and talk about the size of their swinging dick when they get hot. The more irrational the fan, the more likely they are to pay for something bearing their favorite player’s name.

via reader Jason
via reader Jason

Anyway, Dom Brown is trolling you, and it’s working. Check out the, um, best of the angry responses he received after the jump.

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22 Responses

  1. My brain is smaller than my nose, what you want from me? Go cowboys, heat, Yankees, and Blackhawks, on second thought, I am black , fuck hockey

  2. I don’t give a shit who he roots for as long as he plays good baseball for the Phillies. I like it that he doesn’t give a shit what people think about his football rooting interests. He’s just a little douchey about it, but what Philly fan isn’t like that themselves at times? Yeah he saw the team win super bowls as he was a child 5-8 years old. Are you going to say you hate a person that as a child that young following a winning team, doesn’t dump them when they suck, still roots for them during a shit season is the fan you hate? I say the dude at least has some character. Dom, still I have some words for you though. Fuck you Cowboys slurper, it was too warm for a knit hat you bone head. You looked like dumbass. Go Eagles!

    1. A lot of people root for random teams as a young child. Most people grow up, get rid of the footie pajamas of that team and root for their home town team.

  3. Dom’s a grown man and is free to root for whatever team he wants in whatever sport he chooses. Still, he should’ve shown some common sense and not flaunted both that Cowboys jersey, and his attitude about Dallas like he had, not in front of this fanbase that has a VERY long memory and is not too terribly forgiving when it comes to slights like that. For someone who parlayed all of one good month during that debacle of a baseball season into more praise than he deserved, the dead last thing Dom needs to do is go around smelling himself. Just saying.

  4. The fact of the matter is that he was a total douchebag about it. Classless, no matter how you feel about him being a fan of another team.

  5. I could give two shits who this turd nugent roots for, who the fuck cares?

    This dude needs to produce for the Fightin’s and that’s it! Get a fucking legit RH Bat Rube!

    By the way, he has a UPS tattoo…I’d say that’s way more of a fucking violation than rooting for those faggot cowgirls..

  6. Wait….ya’ll would be smiling too if Mikey Adams was giving you ass play, like in the picture! Remember, “What can brown do for you”?

  7. This makes me like dom brown even more. Fuck the eagles, and fuck WIP listening bandwagon jumping, nick foles dicksucking, nick foles hating fans.

  8. I’ll never understand why people swear, especially using the ‘F-word’, when trying to get a insult across. It is the quickest way to go from mean and hurtful to stupid and laughable. You think all of those ‘Fuck you Dom Brown’ comments really made him even a little upset?

    Bottom line is what Your Mother said: if the man plays good baseball for the Phillies, he can root for the Cowboys/Celtics/Penguins all he wants.

    (Ok, maybe not the Penguins…)

  9. Looking at these tweets from Eagle’s fans makes me hate them and the Eagles even more. Just because another pro athlete plays in the city, doesn’t mean he has to jump on the Eagles bandwagon. If anything the people on that bandwagon should be ashamed at a poor excuse of a football team. Fuck the Eagles, fuck their fans, fuck Merrill Resse, fuck Angelo Cataldi and fuck your stupid chant. I’m glad you ass clowns can spell!

      1. Did ya? Too bad, John and I are 2 different people. I really don’t think you did. You Eagles fan’s are like zombies…ahhhh new coach we are good now. Ahhhh…Vick is hurt Foles is taking us to the Super Bowl….ahhh oh now we suck again. Ahhhh I should have seen this coming. Keep wasting your time and money on a pathetic excuse of a team.

  10. What is wrong with you guys? Seriously? It makes me question what happened to you during your youth to make you so outwardly hateful. What do any of you give a shit that he roots for the cowboys? He plays for our baseball team… He didn’t grow up here, Who was he supposed to root for? the Bucs? in the 80s-90s? who had the lowest payroll in the league to boost profits? who drafted Bo Jackson who then refused to play for the? Real intriguing to a 10 year old, they had a 15 year playoff/winning season drought in the prime of his football youth.

    Regardless of all that, it’s pathetic that as sports fans we devolve to spewing hatred and bigotry. Also, Congrats again Kyle on poking the bear and having some real journalistic integrity with this article. You’ll be mainstream in no time. Between this and the Cooper video, you’re having an aces year

  11. can we seriously give tigolbitties his own column on CB? Shit would be amazing! Love that guy.

  12. Dom is a jackass. I have no problem with rooting for your team, whoever that may be, but you play for the Philadelphia Phillies. Posting this Dallas shit is just trying to start trouble and then it compounds even further when he starts trashing Philly and the fans because they’re taking shots at him…

    What did he think was going to happen? I’d say 95% of his twitter followers are Phillies fans…did he think that posting a picture of him in his Dallas gear was going to go over well?

    I can’t stand the childish, clown type attitude. I wouldn’t care if they traded him today.


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