Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.47.20 PMTo be specific– Mike Sielski, our favorite rabble rouser who pressed Ed Snider at a press conference on Monday and then wrote a screed against the organization on Tuesday.

Questioning Craig Berube about a dumb penalty Jay Rosehill committed in the Flyers’ 2-1 win against the Panthers, Sielski asked if The Chief would punish the goon who has a two-year contract to punch people:

Berube: “I thought it was a weak call originally. And then what he did after that was unacceptable. He can’t do that, he knows that.”

Sielski: “Do you have a punishment in mind of some kid?”

Berube: “Do you want me to spank him? Get lost. That talk’s stupid.”

And Sielski did. I’m told he left the press conference at that point.

Hilarious retort by Berube, which would’ve only been funnier had it been to one of the crusty beat writers we’ve gotten to know and love over the last week, not Sielski, who is just ruffling all sorts of feathers this week at the Wells Fargo Center.

Video after the jump. CSN stepped away from the press conference during Postgame Live, but credit to them for posting the somewhat unflattering exchange online– especially since I’m told that Ed Snider was not at all happy with Michael Barkann’s line of questioning on Monday. At all.