First Day on the Job and Craig Berube Already Told a Reporter to “Get Lost”

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.47.20 PMTo be specific– Mike Sielski, our favorite rabble rouser who pressed Ed Snider at a press conference on Monday and then wrote a screed against the organization on Tuesday.

Questioning Craig Berube about a dumb penalty Jay Rosehill committed in the Flyers’ 2-1 win against the Panthers, Sielski asked if The Chief would punish the goon who has a two-year contract to punch people:

Berube: “I thought it was a weak call originally. And then what he did after that was unacceptable. He can’t do that, he knows that.”

Sielski: “Do you have a punishment in mind of some kid?”

Berube: “Do you want me to spank him? Get lost. That talk’s stupid.”

And Sielski did. I’m told he left the press conference at that point.

Hilarious retort by Berube, which would’ve only been funnier had it been to one of the crusty beat writers we’ve gotten to know and love over the last week, not Sielski, who is just ruffling all sorts of feathers this week at the Wells Fargo Center.

Video after the jump. CSN stepped away from the press conference during Postgame Live, but credit to them for posting the somewhat unflattering exchange online– especially since I’m told that Ed Snider was not at all happy with Michael Barkann’s line of questioning on Monday. At all.


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  1. Funny how times have changed so quickly, now the philly beat writers have a real possibility of getting punched in the nose for a stupid question. Flyers might actually be interesting to watch now

  2. Somebody has to ask the tough questions. If he keeps this up, Mike Sielski will have a radio show in 3 years.

    1. Maybe he can replace Angelo and that lame ass morning show crew. There is another place they need new blood!

  3. That’s why he’s the Chief! The organization needs to change their thought process if they are going to do anything down the road. How bout we send Mez away for a bag of pucks and some tape or something? That way we have some more cap.

    By the way, waiting for your new man crush Kyle to ask why the heck in this hockey state we still have a 100% goon? Rinaldo can drop the gloves and has some talent and Talbot, as we found out the hard way, doesn’t mind mixing it up.

  4. Hey Kykle Snott….Your new man crush Dike Sealshit is a sorry ass sack of horse shit with a pathetic, mildewy, rancid, sweaty, awful 1 inch erection that has an enflammed pisshole with green spots on the tip. Every time he excretes piss out of it the green warts swell from the acid of the urine until they pop. Its especially slimey when RHEA HUGHES offers her dry, festering anus to him for penetration. The only lubricant he has is his green wart sludge that comes out of popped warts that were popped by HUGHES coarse rectum. I hope ed snider hires Karl Malone to spray bloody ejaculate all over Dike Sealshit. Fuck you all!

  5. Chief has a nice Delco look to him Won’t be shocked if he has a flyers calf tat n rocks jean shorts during heat waves

  6. Sielski is an arrogant $h*t. Always has been, since his days with the Courier. This site is a joke… bunch of community college, wannabe sports reporters that hate on beat writers for a gig they wish they had. Get out of your mom’s basement and get a real job, junior.

  7. Welcome to Goonalism 101. Mike Sielski is the off-ice equivalent of a hockey goon. He is totally biased in writing his articles that seem to be grudge fueled rants. He needs to grow up and stop asking silly questions.

  8. Mike Sielski is a douchebag trying to make a name for himself.

    He’ll fit in great on this site and on 97.5 which is home to Douchebag Bros who try to make themselves into media stars all for reporting on the athletic achievements of others.

  9. Are fm, goonalism, and ds all the same person? All three posts basically said the exact same thing.

    1. Goonalism101 stands alone. I don’t know who the other two are. I guess that’s what happens when posting without reading comments. (Guilty of that myself)

  10. hilarious to see Sielski’s twitter feed and stories as he’s whining worse than Eli Manning that he got embarassed in front of his friends for trying to be a tough guy reporter…. Grow up Seleski!

  11. Sielski is the embodiment of arrogance. Much like asshole umpires in the MLB who do everything they can to make every situation in the game about them, this little fucking prick needs to get over himself…no one knows who you are (other than Kyle, who would blow you in a cocaine heartbeat), nor does anyone give a fuck.

    Read this cock-sucker’s last 2 articles regarding the Flyers…he sounds like a scorned high school girl who got pumped & dumped by the JV quaterback. L-O-S-E-R.

    It’s almost as if this fucking moron just starting watching the sport last season. Instead of remarking about the defensive-minded style that Berube wants to incorporate, the awesome game played by Mason, or the 4th line keeping the puck buried deep in the offensive zone to close the game out, he chooses to focus on the dumb shit Rosehill did and ask for punishments to be doled out like a little bitchy schoolgirl, while completely overlooking the fact that Rosehill will probably play, maybe, 23 games total this season…just so he can have something to use to bash the organization.

    He’s a bitter little fucking twerp with an agenda, and no sense about the sport which he covers.

    1. I like the fact that the guy is willing to ask challenging questions at press conferences, but he does seem like a self serving douche.
      He tweeted out “#CultureChange #Flyers”.
      That’s it, no comments, just those hashtags. What’s the point of that? Just to draw attention to himself because he challenged Snyder at the presser?

  12. If you think Zac Rinaldo has talent you should slam your head into your laptop. Rinaldo flies out of position to make useless hits on guys, is a guaranteed liability in his own end and overall goon. This is one of several problems with the typical Flyers fan. They defend useless goons who play “old time” hockey when the bigger issues are ignored. Remember Rosehill and Rinaldo are stealing ice time from players with actual talent and young players who need experience.

    1. I didnt say rinaldo is amazing, but he has some hockey ability. He is only 80% goon. I agree with your name. But i think the fact that he is in juniors still speaks to the fact that someone in the front office thinks one of two things. Either they are too good, which i dont believe or that they dont need to waste a year of him developing on our team so they get to put him on the squad next year when they can start his entry level contract then.

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