Help Us Identify the Flyers in These Frightening Bunny Costumes


So here’s what we know: based on these Twitter and Instagram posts, three of the six were Scott Hartnell, Hal Gill and Steve Mason. Want to know who the others are. A bunch of people had to hop into them last night.


This is what Hartnell cut his hair for, isn’t it?


15 Responses

  1. Reminds me of that entourage episode when Johnny drama fucked that whore in 1 of those costumes

  2. These guys need to put some results on the ice. They can get their dick in about anything but can’t put a puck in the net. I dot give a fuck about your hair cut or bunny costumes!!!! Win some fuckin games!!!!

  3. My god no wonder we’re 3-8-0. Grown men should never coordinate matching costumes. fuckin fags.

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