Some Thoughts on Why the Flyers are a Laughable Mess

Voila_Capture106I don’t have the energy to write another post on the matter, but these are some of my asides from the running commentary post earlier today that may have gotten buried:

Three games. Yeah, it’s obvious the Flyers have a ton of problems. But, like the Phillies, this is more the GM’s fault than the coach’s. In three years, Paul Holmgren has (this might become a run-on sentence) traded the captain and leading scorer from a Stanley Cup team, overpaid for a goalie and then traded his backup who went on to win the Vezina and replaced him with his mediocre backup, traded a promising young forward who had just been given a long-term contract, missed on signing big name free agents, and, with no plan B, settled on giving mid-30s players too-long contracts all while extending Zac Rinaldo and Jay Rosehill because, yeah, THEY’RE IMPORTANT.

Meanwhile, the young forwards that were supposed to be sooo promising haven’t exactly done anything yet (except for Jake Voracek), meaning that the Flyers have traded away very legitimate all-stars and missed out on even more legitimate all-stars, and are instead left with a concerning mix of slow-to-develop youngsters who just got their coach fired.

This team has an aging, terrible defense, no natural goal scorers (BUT HEY LET’S OVERPAY SCOTT HARTNELL!), and a goaltending situation that couldn’t have been mishandled any more than it was the last few years.

The one issue that needed to be addressed from successful teams in 2010 and 2011 was the impending demise of Chris Pronger. But nope, instead the Flyers jettisoned half of their forwards, signed Bryzgalov, traded Bob, and failed to land any of their target free agents. Solution? FIRE THE COACH.

So now, the Flyers are going to bring in another made man, a goon in the typical Flyers mold, to coach a team made, not surprisingly, in the typical Flyers mold. And Ron Hextall will be the GM by Christmas, thus completing the cycle.

No idea if Berube will be a good coach or not, but this team is laughingly predictable.


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  1. So…. Let us get this straight, Kyle. It wasn’t our fault this whole time?

  2. I think Amaro and Holmgren should of went too but the moves were right. Charlie wasn’t coming back at the end of this year and the team lost the hustle they used to have for him. It’s been talked about since the Richards Carter trade that the team was split in the locker room and couldn’t take the way Lavi was so strict about things and they should of fired him at the end of last season because there was a ton of Free Agent coaches we could of signed. No point of trying to put band aid over cancer for one more year. We need to now sign some quicker and younger defense men that’s what I think is our main problem right now and we need a true Sniper on our team we don’t seem to have one. I think the JVR trade is still one of the dumbest trades I know they ran out of patience with him but he was young and I think he’s gonna become one of the best players in the league and Scott Hartnell needs to stop trying to skate and get around players and be the guy he used to, the guy who goes into the corner and gets the puck out and just stand in front of the goalie and get rebound goals like he used too and Bazaros needs to be the guy who sits near the blue line and just drills pucks at the goalie to get rebound chances. The Flyers can be turned around very quickly if we just get a couple pieces we desperately need.

  3. ED Snider The jerry Jones of the NHL maybe he Could be Like DEbartolo of 49ers Fame (Resign Ownership) sell the Team to a family member take his Real estate ventures and Disappear…. The Flyers Like his dysfunctional Sixers of Yester year are a Managament Organization case study for Wharton School Turnaround Course.

  4. “We need to now sign some quicker and younger defense men that’s what I think is our main problem right now and we need a true Sniper on our team we don’t seem to have one.”

    Yeah. That’ll happen. If we had a GM that had any idea how to run an NHL team in the salary cap era. But….we don’t.

    BTW….it’s should “have” not should “of”.

  5. Snider is the worst owner in this city….even worse than Joshua Harris who has at least gone outside the organization and brought in some forward thinkers. What’s even more frustrating is how completely brainwashed the Flyers faithful are in that I’ve seen such little criticism about this move on Facebook, etc.

    1. Exactly. As long as he has enough enablers to fill up an indoor arena, what does Snider care?

      It’s funny because Snider was the best owner in the city by two orders of magnitude right up until the NHL implemented a salary cap. Now he relies on the trademark NHL low-seed miracle run every few years to make the operation look respectable.

  6. I usually agree with all of your holmgren hate, mainly because the guys a fucking idiot. It must be menopause, it’s the only explanation for the overly emotional/irrational decisions. The one area I disagree with you however, is on Ronaldo. The guys by no means a goal scorer, but does almost everything else right. He plays solid position and defense, all while agitating the fuck out of the other team and drawing penalties. Not to mention he actually hits, and isn’t scared of any guy on the ice. He deserves an expanded role on this team.

    Now the players I can’t stand: both of the schenn’s. Luke is the biggest liability on the team. This idiot can’t pass, can’t cover anyone, and gives up way to many odd man rushes because he lacks the ability to determine when is a good time to step up. Oh, did I mention TURNOVERS?! Jimmy Jackson shouldn’t even say this guys name when he touches the puck, turnover is the only thing that should leave his mouth. If he got hit by a bus tomorrow I would not care, one bit. As far as Brayden, he hasn’t developed and it leads me to ask why the fuck this guy was considered a top prospect? He panics almost every time he touches the puck, it’s pathetic. Couts is another player that’s a let down, you don’t draft a defensive forward at 8 overall. Someone needs to teach this kid some offensive skill!

    Anyway, I just realized how long this rant got, sorry if you read the whole thing.

    1. “Ronaldo” actually has some of the worst advanced metrics on the team.

      He hits. Woo fucking hoo.

      1. My bad, I had a typo when I spelled Rinaldo, you fucking twat. You clearly don’t know anything about hockey analyzing advanced metrics. You should go watch moneyball, you faggot.

        1. Whatever, if you want to remain and ignorant fucktard because you cant understand rudimentary statistics, then go for it.

          But for anyone else –

          Further, with Rinaldo on-ice at 5v5, PHI has been outscored 3-0, out-SOG’d 19-6, out-Fenwick’d 25-11, and out-Corsi’d 37-15.

          in short – 3 games is a small sample size, but he hasn’t done anything else aside from turn the puck over and hit people.


  7. This couldn’t have happen to a nicer franchise. Ed “dirty old man” Snider, holmgren and Clarke have been horrible towards their employees for a long time, and have no clue how to do things.
    The players are a bunch of common criminals wearing skates. Holmgren is the reason for the Flyers’ problems & I love it.
    As a Pens fan, I endorse this firing.

    1975 forever !!!

  8. Talk about being ungrateful,Mr Snider made Philadelphia a viable hockey town and this is the thanks he get from you people(#PhillyfansRmiserable).

  9. Everyone loves to shit on the Richards/Carter trades in hindsight. We got Voracek, Simmonds, Schenn and Coots out of it. That’s a pretty solid deal. And for people bashing Coots and Brayden Schenn for not developing already…are you fucking kidding me?! They’re 20 and 22 years old! Give them some time. It’s called ‘development’ for a reason.

  10. Not defending Holmgrens recent moves, but how are you gonna sit here and bash them for being reactionary and having a win now philosophy, while simultaneously not giving schenn and coots a chance? Half the reason those guys havent developed is because lavy refused to give them any ice time. Cooter only got like 10 minutes of ice time per game last year, and when he did get in he was playing with jody shelly. Thats absurd for a guy who shut down the leagues mvp the year befoee in the playoffs.

    Then timing is retarded, but laviolette needed to go.

  11. It has finally come to pass…. Al Davis has been reincarnated as Ed (Mr. Baldwin) Snider. Thats right, Ed Snider is the Al Davis of the NHL. The next press conference, he will be sporting a Members Only jacket and slick the hair back a little. Hers Ed (Al): ” I am pleased to announce the appointment of our beloved enforcer (from 25 years ago) as head coach. Chief was largely responsible for keeping up our goon image, that resulted in our 2 recent Stanley Cup championships (Homer nudges Ed, it was 8 years ago)”.

    Just as the dearly departed said Al Davis said, 27 years after his last championship, We need another Jack Tatum and Daryl Lamonica, we are this close.

    Just Win Baby !!

  12. the thing that’s funny is that it’s so easy to point out the negative and write looking retrospectively….When Richards and Carter were on the team, they weren’t going to win the Cup. Richards was so flat, wasn’t even hustling. I think everyon in the city was crying for Carter to get traded. The other thing is that Richards and Carter are pieces of the King’s team. They aren’t the two leaders on the team, which is what the Flyers were asking of them. While I didn’t want Bob traded away, I think if you asked anyone if he’d be the Vezina winner, everyone would have laughed. Through two games this year Bob is 25th in the league in save %. So is he going to be an elite goalie in the league, or did he get hot and ride a defensive minded team?
    Where are the positive moves Homer had? Bringing in Lecalvier for a freaction of the price he would have gotten because he was able to sign him before free agency. Bringing in Forsberg for Upshall and Ryan Parent. Coburn for Zhitnik. Timmonen and Hartnell for a 1st rounder that didn’t develop. Pronger for lupul and some picks. Grossman for a couple picks. How about taking a risk on Jagr and how did that turn out? How about getting rid of an ineffective Peter Laviolette who couldn’t adjust in game and his strategy didn’t work.
    So while there were some bad deals made, their were also some good moves. No GM is perfect, but it’s disappointing that the writers just want to write the easy story….

  13. …also, where would this team be if Pronger was still healthy. That’s a blow to any team. Imagine your fantasy football team without a top 3 player for 82 games

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