The Phantoms and Wolf Pack Got into it on Twitter

The Phantoms and the Hartford Wolf Pack engaged in one of the most uncreative Twitter battles of all-time overnight.

It all started when the Wolf Pack tweeted a lame Photoshop of curious Phantoms mascot, Dax, holding a Wolf Pack sign. It went downhill from there. The insults quickly became childish and the Phantoms referred to the Wolf Pack as dogs, which they are not– they’re a pack of wolves. Ugh.

Voila_Capture156 Voila_Capture157 Voila_Capture158 Voila_Capture159

The Wolf Pack have yet to respond as to how well OT went for them last week.

I do like the team Twitter battles, though. Perhaps it’s something the Flyers and Penguins will take part in before their first matchup of the season on October 17…

H/T to (@pats_blueribbon)


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  1. my son, nobody gives a shit about minor league hockey teams talking to each other on twitter. the phantoms and the wolf pack. really? who the fuck are these teams?

    this reminds me of the time your father and i came home early from our hospice charity work to find you dressed up in your sister’s lingerie while you covered your genitals with spray cheese. son, i still to this day have no idea what you were thinking. and, really, i don’t know why this typical, utterly useless, post of yours reminded me of it but….keep up the good work with your “sports” website. your father and i, and your sister josephina could not pretend to be any prouder.

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