Miguel Cabrera is Here to Tease You, Philadelphia

Voila_Capture455 Voila_Capture456Picking up where he left off on Friday – visiting the Flyers before they got their asses handed to them both on the scoreboard and in the ring by the Capitals – Miguel Cabrera visited the NovaCare Complex today, presumably to tease you about how the Phillies don’t have someone that good, or to bring his bad karma to the Eagles. One or the other.

Miggy wore an Eagles sweatshirt on Friday. He got core muscle surgery in Philadelphia last week and, I guess, he likes it here.

Photos via (@MattLombardo975) and the Eagles

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20 Responses

    1. What in the fuck are you doing, amannnnndaaaa?
      I told you never to come or post comments on this site ever again!!
      Now go hop to the kitchen & start prepping dinner, cunt.

  1. His house burned down last night. Maybe it didn’t burn down but it was on fire, and it didn’t seem like a small fire either. That sucks no matter how rich you are. Hope you didn’t lose anything important Miggy.

      1. LMAO!, I knew that too, but for some reason my brain couldn’t differentiate. Pretty dumb of me. Too much chicken gravy on my lunch I guess. Get’s me every time.

  2. Hi, I’m Richie Incognito. Please join me in the fight against bullying. Those little nerds do not deserve being called losers on a daily basis. Just do what I do and text it!

    1. Dude, nice to meet you! I’m an admirer of your work. You’re on to some next level stuff there. I hope to one day be like you.

      1. Can either of you guys man a power play?

        Just kidding. Your sweaters are already in the locker room boys. Paychecks and puck sluts are distributed after the first period of each game.

  3. Thanks, Riley. Just keep up what you started. Be sure to target rookies next year! Best way to get better at what we do.

  4. Hello! My name is Richie Incognito! I have a tiny tiny dick and huge man boobs! I am a fat out of shape fuck that raises hell in bars with people that are 10x smaller than me. BTW, did I mention I have a tiny dick and I suck at football? I love to lick my mothers cunt too, as well at eat her ass! My mothers silver dollar/manhole nipples are too much for me to resist and I just can’t help but nibble on them. Who else loves to suckle on my moms fried egg tithes?

    1. Great job, faux Richcie Incognito. Now, the key is saying that to a teammate! Do that and you are well on your way!!! #finsup

  5. It’s nice to see that Dorenbos spends his practices taking pics and doing nothing else. Anyone else think he hides behind the pads during drills giving Julie a shocker?

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