Voila_Capture691This is SUCH BULLSHIT. Cecily Tynan and Rick Williams wouldn’t be caught dead doing something like this.

The anchors for the Duluth Christmas City of the North Parade (the F?) covered the festivities from in front of a green screen and wore coats to dupe viewers into thinking they were outside:

Jim Romensko:

The news team from Duluth’s Northland News Center dressed warm to cover the annual Christmas City of the North parade — even though they were doing their live commentary from a warm studio with a green screen. They were busted by a local radio station, which asked: “Why are hardy Duluth anchors sitting indoors wearing big winter jackets?”

News director Barbara Reyelts (pictured on the right) tells me there was no deception because viewers weren’t told that the anchors were outside. In fact, she says, the news team was both inside and outside during the two-hour parade.

Somewhere, Dave Roberts and his frozen Thanksgiving lips are totally outraged. So are local viewers:


I don’t know why I’m posting this. I’m just really fired up about my battle tomorrow morning with Ms. CB over who gets the TV– me, or her and her heathenist Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade LIVE FROM NEW YORK. Previously, I described the strain this was about to put on our relationship. I’ve been gearing up for domestic warfare. But here’s the thing: it might be over before it starts. Weather may ground those ridiculous New York balloons.* And sure, some elements of the 6 ABC Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade* may be affected, but no amount of wind will stop Fat Santa and Adam Joseph and his scarves from kicking some Thanksgiving ass. In fact, Adam Joseph’s scarves were born in the wind, molded by it. The Macy’s parade merely adopted it.


*That is a celebratory article from ABC News, who turns over Thanksgiving morning coverage to local affiliates (like Action-WPVI-6 ABC) while NBC broadcasts the national parade. Love the trolling by ABC here.

**I refuse to acknowledge any other sponsor. It’s Boscov’s and always will be.

UPDATE: Reader Ryan sends– #21: