Minnesota Parade Anchors Offend the Spirit of the 6 ABC Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Voila_Capture691This is SUCH BULLSHIT. Cecily Tynan and Rick Williams wouldn’t be caught dead doing something like this.

The anchors for the Duluth Christmas City of the North Parade (the F?) covered the festivities from in front of a green screen and wore coats to dupe viewers into thinking they were outside:

Jim Romensko:

The news team from Duluth’s Northland News Center dressed warm to cover the annual Christmas City of the North parade — even though they were doing their live commentary from a warm studio with a green screen. They were busted by a local radio station, which asked: “Why are hardy Duluth anchors sitting indoors wearing big winter jackets?”

News director Barbara Reyelts (pictured on the right) tells me there was no deception because viewers weren’t told that the anchors were outside. In fact, she says, the news team was both inside and outside during the two-hour parade.

Somewhere, Dave Roberts and his frozen Thanksgiving lips are totally outraged. So are local viewers:


I don’t know why I’m posting this. I’m just really fired up about my battle tomorrow morning with Ms. CB over who gets the TV– me, or her and her heathenist Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade LIVE FROM NEW YORK. Previously, I described the strain this was about to put on our relationship. I’ve been gearing up for domestic warfare. But here’s the thing: it might be over before it starts. Weather may ground those ridiculous New York balloons.* And sure, some elements of the 6 ABC Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade* may be affected, but no amount of wind will stop Fat Santa and Adam Joseph and his scarves from kicking some Thanksgiving ass. In fact, Adam Joseph’s scarves were born in the wind, molded by it. The Macy’s parade merely adopted it.


*That is a celebratory article from ABC News, who turns over Thanksgiving morning coverage to local affiliates (like Action-WPVI-6 ABC) while NBC broadcasts the national parade. Love the trolling by ABC here.

**I refuse to acknowledge any other sponsor. It’s Boscov’s and always will be.

UPDATE: Reader Ryan sends– #21:


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  1. What a bunch of limp-wristed pussies at that station, covering their parade indoors! SHAME!!

  2. HEY KYLE Happy Thanksgiving.

    I usually don’t care what you post because this is your blog and you do what you want and usually I am on board. But this is garbage. Go back to sleep.

  3. Any male, and any female under 35 that watches a fucking parade needs their head checked. You should be so hung over tomorrow that you’re not functioning until the first football game starts.

    1. Make that 15-35 and I’ll agree. My daughter wants to watch the Macy’s parade because of the balloons, wind shear be damned. But she’s a kid. Meaning we can infer that Ms. CB is a mental child. Tough break, Kyle. Happy Thanksgiving!

      1. Agreed, girls do not apply to my premise. I also agree with your theory that Kyle’s wife is likely a mental child. That said this says way more about Kyle than it does his wife. Chicks are strange and like strange things, there is just no excuse for any guy waking up and thinking wow I gotta go turn on the parade.

        1. Are you that type of bro that talks about getting fucked up all day long, the type of bro that comes into the office Monday morning talking loud enough for the entire office to hear, but trying to act like he doesn’t want anyone to hear about how fucked up he got over the weekend. Yeah you’re a douche.

          1. Haha dead ringer for that guy I am. I’m not in college I don’t talk about getting fucked up all day, I was simply referring to the biggest drinking day of the year and how most men that have a friend or two will be hung over tomorrow. Also people that call other people “douche” are probably waking up nice and early to watch the parade.

    1. Kacie M got a boob job? Is she the worst hire ever in Philly media? Absolute pig.

  4. Since it’s 14 degrees with a high of 20 as a possibility I have to give the sissies a pass here. Oh and I possibly don’t give a shit either….

  5. That is the fugliest news group Ive seen in a long time. But I guess I cant expect much from a city called “Duluth”.

  6. It’s a dreadful, dreary place. I wouldn’t go outside either.
    It’s a crappy little blue-collar city on the edge of Lake Superior.
    The view of the lake is nothing but cranes, ships, trucks, towers of black smoke and it’s sub-freezing 9 months a year.

  7. I know this phase is getting a lot of play recently, but the woman on the right really does have DSLs

  8. there has never been a time at any point in my life, young or old, where I have given even a fraction of a shit about a parade unless it was the one going down broad in 2008 involving a bunch of world fucking champions

  9. This is a sports blog? Looks like someones personal site who posts things he “thinks” are funny….I guess the rumors are true about this site.

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