Hawes_skullyThe Sixers beat the Rockets in an overtime thriller and Spencer Hawes – White Howard (™reader Gavin) – threw down on Dwight Howard. Or, as #shitmaliksays: Spence just put a skully on top of Dwight Howard.


After the game, Hawes killed it with a little karaoke celebration at McGillian’s:


Pic via (@joeFRICKer35)

McGillin’s, of course, is the home of Claude Giroux’s famous Thank God I’m a Country Boy rendition. No video of Hawes (yet), but if you have one, do let us know.

The Sixers are 5-4, and I can only assume at this point that Sam Hinkie will need to resort to poisoning his own players, who just refuse to go down without a fight. Everyone on Twitter wants me to make the Major League winning streak reference about the Flyers, but it’s the Sixers who deserve it: they’re hate-winning just to spite their front office.

Also at the game were Cole and Heidi Hamels. Cole never fails to amaze me in looking like a little kid in every picture he takes. Nice jeans sitch on Heidi, too:


Photo: Sixers

Oh, and here’s Howard Eskin, presumably trying to insert his nose into (Cole) Hamels’ butt:

Pic via Kyle Carmean of FOX 29

Pic via Kyle Carmean of FOX 29

Someone should tell Eskin that it’s not 1952 and you don’t need to wear a suit everywhere anymore. The haberdashery is closed, King.