The Flyers Beat the Pens, and a New Puck Bunny Emerges

Voila_Capture566Move over, Princess Sass, there’s a new puck bunny in town, and this one wants to fuck Sidney Crosby onto the IR.

Meet Lacey Janelle (@laceyjanelle), a Penguins fan from Northern Alberta. She has a website. Last night, she was in the ‘Burgh (however unfortunately) to watch the Flyers take another dump in the Shit City. Pictures of her and her sign quickly found their way to Deadspin and Pensblog, which meant a backlash of nasty Tweets to Lacey, who, predictably, toed the line between loving-the-attention and nervous breakdown like the experienced bunny biter she is.

Unfortunately, none of her increasingly crazy responses provided any information about the chick on the right. Those eyes. My God, if Lacey wants to give Crosby a concussion, her friend wants to murder Evgeni Malkin and cut him into a million little Shrek pieces:

Voila_Capture562 Voila_Capture563

Voila_Capture559 Voila_Capture560 Voila_Capture561 Voila_Capture564 Voila_Capture565

Chris Rock once joked that a father has one responsibility in life: keep his daughter off the pole. I’d argue, however, that if you’re an upper-middle-class suburban father, the pole is of no worry to you. Puck Bunnydom is. Your job is to keep your daughter away from the rink.


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  1. Did the Flyer’s beat their biggest rival, and the leader of their division, on the road after playing in Ottawa the night before?

    Better not talk about the game and instead focus on some slut in the stands who wants Crosby’s prepubescent baby dick in her neutral zone.

    I have to make sure that everyone knows that regardless of whether or not this team plays well that I have to hang on to Richards and Carters nuts as long as possible.

    Better find a way to post about something Kings related soon.

    1. Did u see the Simmonds-Schenn goal? That was the ghost of Mike Richards, shitting in your coffee.

    2. Butthurt much?
      You sound like one of those Flyer fanboys who bitch &complain that the radio hosts at 97.5 the fanatic don’t talk enough about the Flyers.
      What you should do is in the comfort of your parents basement,create your own blogspot dedicated to Flyers talk that way you and your 2 friends can suck off each other to the Flyers,and leave the people at 97.5 alone because they don’t talk enough about the Flyers.

      1. You might have some kind of relevant thought in your retarded rant about “Flyer fanboys” if this wasn’t an article about the Flyers game… on a Philly sports blog… Thanks for taking time off from your busy schedule of licking Kyle’s taint to deliver this master piece of a comment. I guess I should go jerk off in my parent’s basement with my 2 friends now.

        I bet 97.5 enjoys the free plugs you gave them and love the support from their fans with special needs.

    3. no offense to Kyle Scott….but commentor….are you REALLY coming to CrossingBroad for insightful Flyers commentary? How fucking stupid are you. There’s already a dozen flyers beat writers who tell you everything you need to know, what kind of insightful logic will someone who has admitted they arent the God of hockey knowledge are you looking for? Do you really want to read a dozen articles that are copy/pasted from each other (dont people bitch about that here?) God forbid a website offering a different twist on stuff.

      I mean shit you probably go to Ford dealership and bitch about them not selling Hondas.

      1. I guess if you completely throw logic out the window, your last point makes slightly more sense, but its still absolutely retarded.

        If reading an article about a Flyers game, and questioning why instead of hockey coverage really of any kind we got photo’s of some dumb blonde twat who’s dad didn’t pay enough attention to her is likened to your example above, I must have really missed something.

        This blog shits on the writers (and often rightfully so) for Philadelphia and often portray’s itself as the true voice for the fans.

        Then here we are, after the Flyer’s beat the Penguins in a hard fought game and look to turn the corner, and hes posting about some gutter slut yinzer wannabe at the game who wants to fuck SIdney Crosby.

        Hockey God of knowledge or not, if you are going to cover this game, it should be more than HURR HURR THEY WON AND THIS GIRL WANTS THE D.

        If you don’t know shit about hockey, don’t post about it, and that includes retarded King’s blogger posts that spew nonsense about Coke-Boy Carter and his west coast point totals.

        1. the princesssass and riley cooper stories were a lot more entertaining than cookie cutter stories at 700, csn, and every newspaper/online contributor/espn/foxsports/bleacher report etc. This site wouldn’t exist if he wrote 500 words about the Flyers, in which 498 words would be exactly the same at csnphilly. I also wouldn’t go to deadspin to see insight, but it’s one of my favorite sites out there because I dont need someone to tell me how good the flyers played…i have a brain….i can analyze a game on my own, especially if you take peeks at twitter during tv timeouts. amateur fans who need someone holding their hands while watching sports are going to for PG and easy to understand stories not

  2. Don’t look now, but Schenn is starting to assert himself.

    Hoping that the Flyers lock him up long-term soon (but that they do so without handing him their standard NMC).

    Huge win last night. Used to be that the 2nd game of back-to-back (road!) games was an automatic loss.

  3. “Better not talk about the game and instead focus on some slut in the stands who wants Crosby’s prepubescent baby dick in her neutral zone.”

    – We have confirmed coffee spit on this one.

    1. LOL even the “slut” herself had a good chuckle at this one. Well put. But a stinky vagina? Chubby? Get some better material.

    1. Says the faceless guy who probably resembles the fat kid from the 80’s tv show “Head of the class”.

  4. Since Kyle and the Kings like to harp about those ruffie carrying frat boys who set up their love nest in LA:

    Mike Richards: 5 Goals; 12 assists, 17 points.

    Brayden Schenn/Wayne Simmonds: 7 goals, 12 assists, 19 points

    Jeff Carter: 5 goals; 4 assists, 9 points, glass feet.

    Voracheck/Couturier: 3 goals. 8 assists, 11 points.

    And on an unrelated note: that loud bang you heard just west of the Ohio River was Sergei Bobrovsky crashing back to Earth.

    1. I don’t see how Schenn and Simmonds combined posting only 2 more points than Richards has by himself proves your point? Same goes for Voracek and Couturier versus Carter.

      Are you saying the trades were good because the four players we acquired have outscored the two players we shipped out by a combined 4 points? I don’t hate the trades, but I am not saying they vastly improved out team.

      1. Oh, wow, you guys can add.

        Yes precisely my point.

        Also, its to the whole Jeff Carter vs. the Entire Flyers in Points Production garbage. Just pointing out that the two guys acquired in the Carter deal are out-scoring him.

        1. But dude, of course 2 guys are going to have more points than 1. Are you serious with that post?

          The sad thing is the Carter and Richards have just as many points as the multiple players they were traded for combined!

          1. Don’t waste your breath, Tr. If someone cannot understand why needing 4 players to fill the points void left by 2 players is not a good thing, trying to explain it to him is not worth your time.

        2. this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. just because Jay Rosehill has as many goals this year as Giroux doesn’t mean jack shit. Good to know you think Alexander Steen is better than Ovechkin or Malkin because he has better stats. I would still do both Richards/Carter trades in a heartbeat (because i think this core group of players will be really really good 2015-17), but this is the stupidest logic I have ever heard.

          and if we don’t do those trades and we still have JVR (because we have 2 forwards instead of 4) who has 7 goals this year so that fucks up your stats too.

  5. Why doesn’t this Canadian broad like her local teams? Edmonton and Calgary are right there. That’s just bad parenting.

    The only thing worse than a yinzer, is a wannabee yinzer…

    1. I hope big teeth kacie moves to whatever city Aaron Murray gets drafted to,.’ I’m so sick of her attention whore jock sniffing act

      1. I agree, that chick’s act is really getting old.
        She expects to be perceived as a serious news/traffic person yet her twitter page looks like a giggly, boy crazy, 7th grader with all the selfies and stupid shit she posts.
        Grow up, chick. You’re not that great.

    1. I’m probably going try. & get blocked by her soon. I’ve been waiting to unleash on this annoying whore

  6. This chick is a fucking pig. That last pic, all I can think of when I see that is some huge, wet fart sound. Her breath prob. smells terrible. Her friend though, with the scary eyes….she could catch it.

  7. Saw her Twitter page and looks like she has some nice tities. Mouth looks good for insertion.

    1. I DO have great tits! Thanks! Mouth, not so much. Have a jaw problem. (Too many hockey dicks, obviously. It’s a tough life)

      1. Lacey, don’t listen to these losers. Seriously though… Your girlfriend’s very attractive, How does she feel about ass to mouth? how bout water games?

      2. All women have a jaw problem Lacey… don’t feel singled out. What’s your girlfriends name…she looks like the Igor kid from Frankenweenie. I’m into freakish…

  8. I’m going to get her to host my road trips! Oh, by the way, I still have everybody’s money. Haha!!

  9. Where I come from it’s the chicks head bouncing off the headboard. SOOOO … apparently she knows crosby LOVES the cock and she’ll be pounding him from behind with a strap-on. (a big black one).

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