Woman Busts Out Stun Gun at Franklin Mills Mall, National Media Uses it as Excuse to Mention Snowballs at Santa

From FOX Philly:

“It’s my first instinct to pull out the phone, to get it on camera,” said Mike Napolitano, of Newtown, Pa.

His quick instinct captured a brutal Black Friday brawl on tape.

Within seconds of fists flying, the video shows a girl in gray using what appears to be a stun gun on another shopper.

“You could around you all the managers were actually shutting the gates on the stores because people get nervous,” Napolitano said. “They don’t know what’s going to happen.”

He says the fight broke out around 2:30 a.m. Friday. The witness tells us it started inside of a store and then spilled out into the “red” wing of the shopping mall, quickly attracting a crowd.

“There was a baby like right in the middle of it in a stroller. It was crazy!” Napolitano said.

The video stunned shoppers who were at the mall Friday night.

“Oh snap,” said one while watching the footage.

“Oh my God!” said another.

There is nothing that sounds less sexy than 2:30 a.m. at the Franklin Mills Mall. I mean, there are probably strip clubs that have more upstanding clientele at that hour. And I can’t even blame the lady for bringing – and using – her stun gun. Hell, if you go to the Franklin Mills Mall at 2:30 a.m. on Black Friday, you should be carrying a stun gun– at the minimum. I’m not a big fan of concealed weapons, but I’d probably consider strapping a piece under a tube sock or something if I was there yesterday.

Of course, the incident, which is GOING VIRAL, as the news people like to say, was yet another excuse for Albert Breer to continue his war on Philly:

Breer told Kevin Negandhi of ESPN, a Philly native and defender, that he was just joking, without acknowledging the obvious fact that joking is actually trolling in this case, which is a bad look for a national writer:

Stay classy, Breer.


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  1. Guarantee around 90% of people who bring up “snowballs at Santa” don’t even know what decade it happened during.

  2. “I’m not a big fan of concealed weapons…….” Of course pussy ass Kyle is afraid of inanimate objects that go boom. No wonder you were a pussy who got his jollies off watching his dog torture a baby squirrel. Try not being a victim in life, go shooting, it’s a great time( even skeet shooting with douchebag elitist, is more manly than you are acting)

    1. With that comment, you definitely proved to us that you bang your cousin, and/or your sister.

  3. Even not on Black Friday, it’s unwise to go to Franklin Mills unarmed. I once saw knives, and inevitably a gun, pulled over a fight over a dude in an Arby’s. Fuckin’ Arby’s.

  4. Who is Albert Breer? And, no, I don’t feel like Googling that name. Seriously, if someone, somewhere who nobody knows says something on Twitter, that doesn’t constitute the “national media”.

    What Albert Breer (and apparently Kyle and this other unknown named Kevin) doesn’t realize is that 99.99% of people who see/hear the Santa Claus jokes aren’t “worked up” because they’re offended. They’re “worked up” because someone, somewhere is actually getting paid to be completely witless and unoriginal. It’d be like if you went to see a standup comedian and he started the show with a Howard Cossell impersonation.

  5. Wasn’t there an actual Black Friday shooting in Las Vegas over a TV or something?

    Nah Candy, delco chicks carry mace. These chicks have Kensington written all over them.

  6. Nothing says, “Thanksgiving” quite like a bunch of women (!) brawling at the mall.

    And, if you are the parent of a child young enough to be in a stroller and you have your child out at 2:30 AM at the mall, you have issues.

  7. I wouldn’t feel safe at Franklin Mills at 2:30 in the afternoon. Besides, that place is a dump.

  8. What exactly does Kevin Negandhi love about Albert Breer’s work? What does Albert Breer actually do? The only thing ive ever seen him do on NFL Network is regurgitate other reporters scoops.

  9. Homicide in the parking lot after the KC Chiefs game, but that will get buried because it did not happen in Philly. Hey, we threw snow balls at a drunken Santa Claus over 50 years ago, that is much worse than the murders in the parking lots at events in LA, SF, and KC. We are such heathens 🙁

    1. The death (which hasn’t been called a homicide yet) after the Chiefs game is currently on the front pages of ESPN, SI, NFL, CBS Sports, Yahoo!, Deadspin, CNN, and USA Today… You know, just to name a few…

  10. Those bitches know better than to pull a stun gun on me. I’ll shove it up their ass so far and pull the trigger they’ll end up looking like Powder’s little sister nobody ever heard of.

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