Voila_Capture595Speaking to the best Eagles beat reporter on the planet, Tim McManus, DeSean Jackson admitted that, yeah, this is probably the first time he’s into that whole team thing:

“Honestly, man, I’ve just bought in. I just really bought in all across the board. Never really had done that in the past, maybe sometimes fighting the system,” Jackson acknowledged in a one-on-one with Birds 24/7. “So just trying new things that I think have really been paying off for me. Staying focused and doing all the extra little things , being a teammate, being a leader. Staying after practice later, working hard, little things that being young, never took the importance of doing that. It’s kind of been my focus.”

10 MODE… better late than never?

Whatever. DeSean has been really good this year, and credit to him for at least admitting that he slacked off previously. Both him and Michael Vick have shown some real maturity lately. There’s something to be said for that.