Ya Boi D-Jac Got Dat New Ride Turnt, Ya Herr Meh !!

Voila_Capture659A HOME OFFICE IN HORSHAM — Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson returned to his home in California for the bye week and posted pictures on his social media accounts of his new custom automobile, what Jackson refers to as a “Big Body Benz,” which, according to previous reports, features multiple video screens, two (original) iPads and improved interior illumination. The vehicle also appears to feature reclining rear seats, presumably to increase creature comforts, though sources have been unable to confirm their true purpose.

Jackson posted these pictures of the luxury car to his Instagram account with the following captions [sic]: “Push it 2 Tha Limit like a Big Body Benz ‘ Fresh off Tha Lot,” “Born Fly ‘ Since day 1,” and “Cali traffic tho* ain’t miss this shit !!”

Voila_Capture655 Voila_Capture656

Jackson also posted another image on his Instagram account last night**– a picture with fellow social networker “nataagataa.”


Jackson appears to no longer be with his former love interest, Chantel Jeffries.

Further research of nataagataa’s social media accounts reveals 10 MODE STAY FLEXXIN ON DAT GRIND YESSIR WHAT IT DO BABY ONE TIME !!

Voila_Capture661 Voila_Capture660

In 11 games this season for the Eagles, Jackson has 58 receptions and seven touchdowns for a total of 985 yards. The Eagles’ next game is against the Arizona Cardinals, on December 1. Jackson is expected to return to Philadelphia early next week. Sources say he will be “refreshed” and “ready to get on his grind.”


**The first comment on nataagataa’s post is: “what happen to kyrie?” Jaccpot is what happened to Kyrie.


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    1. wait, so she dated kyrie irving and now she is hooking up with desean? quite the jersey chaser. guess her and kacie are friends?

    1. Great observation. Based on personal experience, the fact that he is from cali, & common sense, there is absolutely no other explanation for them styrofoam cups besides desean is on that lean, sippin on that sizzurp. No doubt about it.

  1. You have a better chance of seeing a 3 arm midget than a African American athlete dating a black girl


    What’s this? Are we neighbors now?! Do you want to do karate in my garage?!

  3. That’s just a normal S class. It comes with the interior lighting, reclining rear seat and video screens (not iPads).

    It’s an expensive car but not completely ridiculous for an athlete making deseans salary.

  4. Kyle – Want to do lunch at Bryn and Danes this afternoon? Didn’t know you were a Horsham dude.

  5. I would be shocked if that car had insurance and was registered. Love the white girls disappointing their family’s

  6. I heard he pays Freddie Mitchell to drive him around on when he’s on work release.

  7. What a piece of ass! Woooo sons she is a prize indeed. She’s enough to turn your mamma gay in a heartbeat.

  8. Wonder what Mikey Miss thinks of this? He loves bringing up D Jac’s instagram page and how he’s so annoyed about it. Just looked up Mikey Miss on Instagram and no users with that name… does that mean he’s trolling D Jac?

  9. Me and DeSean are gonna have a contest so see who can bag the most white chicks over the holidays. Will I bang as many white girls as I brick open jump shots? Stay tuned.

  10. Can anyone tell me if DeSean Jackson is directly related to Wesley Willis, or if Wesley was just his English teacher in Grade School?

  11. I would date D Jac. Im all about suckin the soul pole, ask BronBron. My gay lisp is sexy D Jak, need your benz waxed? Do you know Patrick Swayze, he be hot, yo. See, I from the Bristol hood, Im all for the black man, fuck dem white boyz. Lebron?

  12. Black guy with a white woman? Looks like Ms. CB! And for all of you demanding I tell the story, I’ve dropped pieces of it before but I would rather Kyle finally acknowledge that his wife routinely cheats on him. Then as part of a tell-all blog I’ll explain how I came upon this information. Kyle, thank me later, you don’t need that dirty whore of a wife. Stop being a cuckold!!!!!

    1. Guess we’ll just have to go to the TGIF’s on the Mainline and investigate. There is a better chance of a black athlete dating a black chick then Kyle openly admitting on his blog that his future wife gets banged out by black guys on the regular.

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