City of Philadelphia and WWE Refute Report About WrestleMania

Voila_Capture773A spokesperson for the City of Philadelphia reached out to us today and provided a statement from the WWE which refutes previous reports that WrestleMania was awarded to Santa Clara due to lukewarm interest on the part of the city and the Eagles, and says that ALL REPORTS, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, ARE WRONG, BUDDY, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY TESTICULAR FORTITUDE IN THOSE TINY STONES, YOU’LL CORRECT YOUR REPORT RIGHT AWAY BEFORE I BREAK YOU APART AT TLC NEXT SUNDAY IN FRONT OF THE MILLIONS – AND I MEAN MILLIONS – OF WWE FANS ACROSS THE LAND:

“While Philadelphia expressed a great interest in hosting Wrestlemania in 2015 and 2016, the fact is the city did not submit a formal proposal because the facilities necessary to host ancillary events weren’t available. Philadelphia remains a strong market for WWE in all aspects of our business.”

Executive director of the Philadelphia Sports Congress, Larry Needle, told 6 ABC that the venues needed to host WrestleMania – The Linc, and also the Wells Fargo Center and Convention Center (for ancillary events) – did not have the dates available, and:

However, on Wednesday, Needle called stories of Philadelphia bidding and being a finalist to be “totally unnecessary” and “disconcerting.”

Needle says “the blogosphere seemed to have had bad information that percolated for who knows how long.”

“It’s disconcerting that this story would get legs,” Needle said.

Damn blogosphere.

End result: WrestleMania 31 will still be held in a stadium named after a jeans brand.


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  1. Finally, THE ROCK has come back to Philadelphiaaaaa…

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  2. I predict a lot of “straight” dudes that love to s the d will be posting in here.

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