Probably our best episode yet. Kevin (back from LA!), Dave and I discuss Snow Bowl, people clamoring on Twitter to “put in Vick,” Roy Halladay’s retirement and the Phillies’ offseason.

We were joined by John Bolaris (~21:00), who talked about what went wrong with the forecasts for Snow Bowl, local news’ need to drive ratings with overhyped weather forecasts, his work forecasting for the New York Yankees and the Seinfeld-esque call he got from George Steinbrenner, the infamous “do shot” episode in which he testified against the Russian mob and did not shit his pants, his new weather-related company that’s launching soon, and why he retweets himself on Twitter.

Later in the show, we were joined by my old ad sales colleague at the Inquirer and Daily News, Jon Beck, founder of Mobi-Growler (~1:30:00), the only patented product designed to protect, preserve and transport craft beer and all carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. He explains why his new product is going to replace the growler for all your craft beer transporting needs, and he’s sending us sample giveaways to prove it.

Inspired by the heated debate about local sports talk radio that took place in the comments, we discussed the ideal Philly sports radio listening schedule (~1:40:30) and the impassioned debate that accompanies the topic. We also talked about the post from last week on when it’s acceptable to fart in front of a significant other– with input from Ms. CB. And why pink eye is the greatest disease on Earth.

Beer(s) of choice while recording: Troegs Mad Elf and Peroni… and Rolling Rock.

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Show notes:

Dave is unemployed and I’m not paying him– hire him! Here’s his broadcasting reel. You can follow him on Twitter (@SportsTalkPhila).

Follow Kevin on Twitter (@Tooozy).

John Bolaris’ do shot episode and his testifying against the Russian mob. And what we think is the time he warned the Yankees not to warmup Mike Mussina before a playoff game.

The sports talk radio post that got everyone all fired up.

The fart post.

The Mobi-Growler, which eliminates 100% of light and oxygen– the two biggest killers of craft beer. And the drunken durability test to prove its worth.