Curt Schilling and Howard Eskin Got into a Vicious Twitter War Over the Weekend

Voila_Capture711And happy holidays to you too!

Curt Schilling and Howard Eskin love pissing on each other. In January, Eskin attacked Schilling’s HOF credentials and Schilling called Eskin a jackass.

This weekend, their ongoing disagreement bubbled over into new territory. A confusing Twitter war commenced when Eskin again took aim at Schilling’s credentials. Schill responded. And many followers chimed in, sending the argument into strange territories.

I’ve done my best to curate the conversation into a coherent exchange. Do enjoy. To the Storify machine!


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          1. Dude your username is bae which makes you lose all credibility. And if you’re getting all butthurt just bc someone used the word faggot then you obviously need to reevaluate your life you typical arrogant liberal

  1. God I hate Eskin. Everything he says makes my skin crawl. He talks about how the hof should be “special” and then uses the argument that he’s in three of them??? I’m sure all three of them are real “special”. Jackass.

  2. Howard Eskin- creator of the media personality that has borne all the fuckhead beat writers in this town. Fucking hate that guy.

  3. My favorite quote from Schilling…..Spent your whole life talking about what others actually achieve, awesome.

    1. This was definitely my favorite too. Just killed him with that line. No coming back from that

  4. It’s always going to be entertaining when you have an argument between two people who love themselves that much but Schilling, with his flaws, has actually done some impressive things on the mound. Anyone can do what Eskin does (nothing) – he’s just trying to stay relevant. It’s sad

  5. Thanks for sharing that.It’s too bad fox 29 hired this douchebag after he got dumped from his radio show and lied saying it was his choice.

  6. Buddy of mine used to coach an Over 40 team in Fla during spring training.
    Eskin was on the team. He showed up wearing Mets cap and shirt.
    Coach benched him.

  7. If these two had a competition of who is the biggest douche……….

    My guess is after months of battle they would spontaneously cumbust into a shimmering pile of male ejaculatory fluid.

    Anyone know what would really happen?

  8. Howard Eskin- the hardest working guy in sports media history. Stop hating
    Curt Shilling- a hall of fame player but a selfish Jerkoff

  9. Both of these guys are total cunts, but I’d rather see Schilling die in a car fire.

    Eskin is a professional jerkoff who got a woman that he was trying to plow killed.

    Schilling is a right wing hypocrite egomaniac who took a loan he will never repay from the government he has compared to Nazi Germany, stiffed hundreds of former employees on their moving expenses (including mortgage reimbursements), recently had to auction off everything including his kid’s toys and his collection of VHS tapes, and faked the entire bloody sock thing. He is a fucking twonk and I hope him and his Aryan wife and kids die of rampant canceraids.

  10. Eskin is a disease and his son is a fucking asshole. Saw him start a fight in a movie theatre and said do you know who I am…. Even the girl with him looked at him like he was a jerkoff. He left alone she stayed and watched Prometheus. With his face I don’t blame her

  11. Eskin is a douche for sure, but Mikey Miss has surpassed him as the biggest, most unlikable douche of them all. Schilling? He is a douche, but at least gave Phillies fans something to look forward to. I don’t listen to putzes on the radio for pleasure or entertainment.

  12. Poor, poor, poor gasoline. Why does it always fall on your toxic shoulders to ignite the flames? From every pore, poor gasoline doesn’t want to be poured out, but would rather fade away into the smouldering ashes. What about kerosene? Kerosene can be a willing accomplice, too. But, alas, poor gasoline is too often the scapegoat. Poor, poor, poor gasoline.

  13. This Eskin is a “Monster Putz”. He works the sideline for the Eagles but can’t wait to get his face on camera every time NFL Films is near.

  14. For all of Eskin’s bluster, he is a little guy that you can hang up on a coat hanger. It is funny listening to some wannabe athlete go at it with a player who played and excelled at baseball’s highest level.

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