Voila_Capture865Just your usual NBA swingman sitting at the Genius Bar with his Fridays leftovers. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Side note: At what income level do you stop getting to-go bags and just let them clear the scraps? I don’t know if there’s a rule for this, but there should be. I say if you make over $750,000 per year, then you shouldn’t take leftovers. At that point, you’re more than capable of just buying another top-notch (or chain restaurant) entree for your next meal. Do you think LeBron gets to-go bags? No way. Durant? 0% chance. Turner? Yep. This is the sort of thing that prevents him from being a star. To-go bags. Overdrawn bank accounts. Waiting in line for GTA V. And yo, Evan, JUST BUY A NEW 15-INCH RETINA MACBOOK. Amateur hour over here.

Pic via (@gld_steve)