Kobe Bryant’s Favorite Cheesesteak Joint Can’t Even Spell His Name Right

Voila_Capture748 Voila_Capture749Kobe Bryant has always been a vocal fan of Larry’s in the nonsensical cheesesteak dick-measuring contest that everyone who has ever swept through this city has thrown their two cents into. So, one might think that Larry’s would, you know, be able to spell the name of one of the most famous athletes in the world who, oh by the way, just happens to be their free spokesperson.


I can’t only imagine how badly they would’ve butchered it if Dwyane Wade were a fan.


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  1. Larry’s sucks hind tits and the service is ass. I used to work at St. Joes and they would overcharge the students for that nasty old yak meat. I go to the ORIGINAL Jim’s at 61st and Callowhill ESPECIALLY late night. Yes, I carry my hammer..

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