LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson Both Fell for the “Michael Vick Broke Both His Legs in a Car Accident” Story

Voila_Capture732As you may have heard last night, Michael Vick was in a very serious car accident and broke both his legs, according to Global Associated News on a page with the following URL: http://michael.vick.mediafetcher.com/news/top_stories/football_car_crash?location=Philadelphia.

Obviously, the story was fake, and it’s actually a reprint (repost?) of a story from last year, which said the exact same thing (it’s also the reason why it took me, like, an hour to believe the Paul Walker news– boy being cry wolf*).

But the story fooled some people, including the eSeans– Jackson and McCoy.

Eliot One L Shorr Two Rs-Parks of NJ.com has the details:

LeSean (McCoy) and DeSean (Jackson) called me first to make sure I was OK,” Vick said. “Nobody really believed it, but everybody just called to make sure it was a hoax. It was weird.”

Vick said he woke up to the report, but was confused as to how it was happening again.

“That was an old story,” Vick said. “That surfaced last year.”

Presumably, this means that D-Jac took time out his cake day and attention away from his Mercedes birthday cake, mom, and possibly Ashanti to find a quiet area from which to call his friend and backup quarterback to see if he had really broken both his legs. I love our world.

*For realsies for a minute– is there a more unfortunately ironic death than Paul Walker dying in a speeding sports car? I mean, I spent all weekend trying to figure it out and the only example I came up with was if Mark Hamill would’ve died in a spacecraft accident.


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    1. Until he tore his knee up because of fatass Billy Bob. He went from being like a son to Kilmer, to nothing more than a gimp in a matter of weeks. Fuck Kilmer and his 23rd district title.

    2. Can see kacie McDonnell coming out in a whip cream bikini trying to seduce her next jock strap.

  1. James Dean died in a wreck after racing in movies…reaching way, way back for that one.

    I think they tried to get Flacco with that story too…People have too much free time…



  2. Leonardo DiCaprio drowning at sea?

    Harrison Ford dying in a bull whip related accident?

    You can have those for free, Kyle.

  3. Jimi Heseldon buys the Segway company — then dies in the same year in a Segway accident.

  4. The dead giveaway was the 76 year old driving an Audi. Bullshit it was anything other than a Buick… Maybe a Chevy but that’s it.

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