Voila_Capture726 Voila_Capture725Philadelphia, PA — Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson celebrated his 27th birthday on Monday. He was joined by his mother, Gayle, and two cakes: one showcasing a “stack” of Benjamins, and another with a Mercedes Benz.

On Sunday night, after the Eagles beat the Arizona Cardinals in an NFL matchup, Jackson was joined out on the town by 33-year-old singer Ashanti, best known for Foolish and Fat Joe’s What’s Luv?


Large-breasted Instagram user “nataagata,” with whom Jackson was pictured last week, could not be reached for comment on the Ashanti image.

Sources say Jackson’s response to an inquiry about the multiple females was boastful: “10 mode on my grind yessir what it do baby one time !!”

And yes, there is a t-shirt for that sort of thing:


Pics via DeSean’s Instagram