Let’s All Troll Allen Iverson and Dom Brown When the Eagles Win the Division on Sunday


Just a soul-crushing Tweet from Allen Iverson. Big fan of both him and Dom Brown, but I’m going nuclear on them on Sunday when the Cowboys lose to a carefree Redskins team and the Eagles beat the Bears. You should join me.

And yes, I have purchased a healthy amount of crow after writing that headline. You know, just in case.

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28 Responses

    1. again, who gives a flying fuck when an athlete cheers for another team outside of their own sport. mike trout is a huge eagles fan. anyone calling violation on that?

        1. He doesn’t know. Too much for Simple Jack up there to comprehend. God, this guy is the worst commenter on this site.

        2. Who gives a fuck? Are Brown and Iverson? No. Thinking an athlete has to root for the town they play for in other sports is moronic. Basically saying if you grew up in Philly and took a job in Denver you have to root for the Broncos. These guys are just employees who tentatively reside here. Get a life.

        3. fully aware trout is local. i merely pointing out the hypocrisy in shredding brown and iverson when trout does the same yet is given a free pass because his loyalty is with the local team. my point is who gives a fuck who roots for what team outside of their own sport.

      1. I have a problem when they do it publicly and in a manor that becomes a distraction, such as Dom Brown.

        Root for whoever you want but don’t expect the fans in this town to like you come April when you’re all over twitter sucking the collective cocks of the most hated rival in this city…


  1. Who cares? It’s been well known that AI supports the Cowboys for some time now. I don’t recall him ever rubbing a Cowboys win over the Birds in our faces while he was a Sixer. He’s not from Philly (nor Dallas lol) but he can root for anyone he wants.

    Also, I remember AI wearing an Eagles jersey before Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals.

    As for Dom Brown, let the trolling commence.

        1. Maybe. We’ll see. If it were in Chicago, I’d be inclined to agree. I’m 50/50 right now. Could go either way.

          I think it all depends on Chip and what kind of game he calls…

  2. Allen had to be drunk when he tweeted that, but he gets a pass. Dom Brown on the other hand can lick Pete Schweaty’s Balls.
    The Eagles secondary is going to have so much trouble trying to stop Marshall & Jeffrey. This game will be a shootout in the high 30’s low 40’s. Turnover at the end of the game sets up the winning team.

  3. Kyle, first time, long time. What do you think the likelihood of you getting a weekly spot on air with Mikey Miss. Thought you did a good job.

  4. Yeah let’s not.

    Where in the official pro athlete hand book does it say that it is mandatory for you to become a fan of the other pro sports teams in the city in which you play or spent most of your career?

  5. I won’t be able to do so until there is an English to Getto ass muthafucka translation page available on the net.

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