Lions Fan Incident Gets Animated Treatment

Voila_Capture807And puff. That’s all it needed— a little wind in its sail of possibly inaccurate salaciousness to become a national story and a viral video. Now, without security footage, witnesses or another side to the story, Philly is the town that gangs up on and beats the shit out of opposing fans. It’s public record now. Fuck Santa, and fuck the Lions, tooPhilly is the worst place on Earth and it should be obliterated from the globe because a guy from Detroit spun a tale.

H/T to (@ahbying)

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44 Responses

  1. This dude’s story doesn’t add up at all. He’s prob just mad he got his block knocked off and now he’s in money grab mode.

  2. C’mon, Kyle. Don’t even pretend that you’re not hoping this takes off on a national level, you page view slut.

  3. This shit happens everywhere. A fucking Chiefs fan got killed by fellow Chiefs fan a couple weeks ago, there’s video of a Cowboys fan breaking a bottle over a Chargers fans head from earlier this year…this shit happens every week.

    If there’s a mass group of drunk people gathered in one location, there will be a fight 9 times out of 10, regardless of the fucking location. The video is a pile of shit wrapped in failure, and the guy that spent hours of his life making it is a waste of space.


    1. The national media doesn’t care how shitty fans act in other cities. There could’ve been a full-blown shootout in the stands at Dallas caught on camera for the world to see, and it wouldn’t have drawn so much as a second’s worth of interest compared to allegedly bad behavior here. That’s just the way it is, and it will never change.

  4. Are we going to ignore the ‘bama fan shooting another ‘bama fan to death for not being upset enough about the loss to auburn? What. the. Fuck.

  5. Sounds made up and honestly if you’re gonna be such a pussy don’t go to the fucking game in your lions jersey. Oh sweet you’re a Barry sanders fan? Why don’t you grow the fuck up and stop frontrunning in the 90s, guarantee this dude has a cowboys jersey in his closet.

    1. I’m an eagles fan and I have a Barry Sanders jersey hanging in my closet. Too many childhood thanksgiving games watching the magic known as Barry Sanders to not leave a lasting impression on young me. Always had Detroit as my #2 team growing up. Now that I’m grown I could care less about Detroit.

    2. Well let’s see… Pussy? He was alone and there were six guys….so I think we know who the pussies really were. He’s a friend of mine. Not gonna let you make accusations that aren’t true.

  6. I’d like to add that there’s also no fucking way this actually happened with no witnesses and a good samaritan throwing away his Eagles jersey in disgust.

    No police report either? Guy gets jumped by 12 dudes, wakes up to some Eagles fan picking him up off the ground and just say, “Aw shucks, well guess I’ll get on the train and go home now…” Fuck outta here. If this shit was real, he would’ve called the cops.

    1. And in this day and age when everybody and their goddamn grandmothers have camera equipped cellphones, you mean to tell me there’s no video of this alleged attack? And no video from stadium cameras either? This thing’s fishier than the Camden Aquarium, and yet, it’s all over the news because this loser cried wolf. Talk about shoddy reporting.

  7. Dis motherfucka deserved THAT SHIT!!! You don’t come in OUR HOUSE wearing another TEAM’S jersey!! He LUCKY I wasn’t around because I’d give home another BEATDOWN.
    Bottom line, don’t come in MY HOUSE (Linc, Wells Fargo) if you don’t want your ASS KICKED.

    1. Way to go Dan Hanratty. You continue are the lowest form of a human being on earth. Stay classy Philly!!! Oh wait, that doesn’t work since class and Philly don’t ever mix. Way to be OAKLAND of the NFC

  8. I’m almost surprised this guy didn’t come out and say that Philly cops were standing around cheering on the group of Eagles fans beating him senseless. No witnesses? No video? I feel like people nowadays have the their phone camera running just for these type of instances. Thousands of people and cars in every direction in that area after the game and no one has confirmed this story? Not to mention, there is more then enough decent people and Eagles fans that if they saw a person laying unconcious on the sidewalk as they were passing by they would have at least called the police or someone for help. This story stinks.

  9. IMO, This guy made the whole thing up.

    You mean tell to tell me that 6 Eagles fans beat the crap out of a Lions fan on Pattison Ave., near the subway station, with thousands of people walking to either their cars or the station itself and we haven’t heard from any other witnessess in the past 3 days or seen cell phone videos of this appear on this site, Youtube or anywhere else? Not to mention all the police on Pattison Ave. directing traffic and are in that area at the end of games. And they didn’t see what this Lions fans said happen to him?

    Who knows what actually happened to this guy but unless video of this appears or witnesses come forward, I’m not buying his story.

    1. Do you know the story of Catherine Susan “Kitty” Genovese? It’s quite possible but since no cell phone video exists, I’m calling bulllshit on the story….

      1. Yes, I am aware of the story of Kitty Genovese. But the difference between the early 1960s and now is that people today would stand by and do nothing BUT record it with on their smartphones.

  10. I’m calling shenanigans on this video. Why did all the Thugs have on Reilly Cooper jerseys but the good Samaritan have on a Vick Jersey? RAY-SISM!!!!!!!! LOL It’s always more fun when the rabbit has the gun….

  11. Fuck all you PUSSIES. You guys let these PEOPLE come in OUR house. I don’t stand for this SHIT!! We need to protect our HOUSE.

    The LINC is my HOUSE. Where another teams jersey and you get FUCKED UP. Just sayin…

    1. Man, what do you do when the mailman delivers your welfare check to the wrong HOUSE? Hate to work for the US mail THAT day yo….

    2. I hope you slip on a banana peel and break your hip. You’re the reason we all get a bad rep. Your douchebaggery is exceeded only by your classlessness. Go stick your dick in a light socket, flat brim.


  12. I find it very funny that the animated video has every one of the eagles fans wearing a Riley Cooper jersey. Those Philadelphia Eagles fans travel in packs and beat up innocent away teams and they are ALL RACIST! Ridiculous.

  13. Dan “hand job” Hanratty really likes his capital letters. I bet he’s never been in a fight in his life. He does sound gangster though.

  14. I don’t understand this. How could YOU PEOPLE let other fans come in MY HOUSE, our house, wearing their colors??? If they do that they deserve to get FUCKED UP.

    I would never wear my throwback Mitchell and Ness SCHULTZY or my Frank Bialowus PHANTOMS jersey to another city. If it did I’d expect an ASS WHOOPING. You don’t do that shit in MY HOUSE either. Just sayin.

    1. I genuinely hope that you’re just trolling this site and aren’t serious. If you’re serious, please do not procreate. For the love of God, do not reproduce and pollute this planet with your offspring.

      This isn’t jail or Compton dude. You don’t just jump people for wearing the wrong colors. It’s a football game. It’s not your house, it’s the Eagles players’, coaches and Jeff Luries house.

      Can’t you just root for the Redskins’ and Nationals instead? We sure as shit don’t want you on our fan base.

  15. Am I the only one that knows “Dan Hanratty” is just trolling? Your remarks towards him only fuel his lonely fire.

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