Mike Missanelli Reads CB Comments Live On-Air

Mike Missanelli and Jason Myrtetus read comments from “a message board,” which would be this post, live on-air. This is the audio of them doing so, making this post so, so meta.

Congratulations, Supra, you’re famous.


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    1. mike miss show is actually very entertaining. He always has me smh, pissed off at his points, sometimes agreeing & loling. seems like philly fans aren’t happy with any sports talk. always bitching & complianing

  1. That segment just proved all commenters correct.

    Again he insinuates that if you don’t agree with him then you are a racist.

    Mike, you suck anymore and you prove it again and again everyday.

    1. Or it proves you are a tough guy behind a key board unable to handle a DISCUSSION. To each his own…

          1. It’s okay Mike, I know you have trouble telling which is your left and right hand. You’ll get it one day.

      1. I wasn’t having a discussion with anyone, I was stating my opinion.

        If I am just a tough guy behind a keyboard, then what does that make you?

        1. Your opinion was stated in a vulgar manner. Maybe you could put slightly more thought:

          I feel Mikey Miss insinuates that if you don’t agree with him than you are in the wrong. I personally do not like him and choose not to listen to his show.

          You honestly thinks your a racist if you don’t agree with him? Did you even think of logic before writing that statement?

          I guess you consider me a “bully” or a threat because I called you out on your comment. Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you….

          1. Vulgar? Because I said he sucks?

            Mike says if you don’t agree with him continuing to talk about Riley cooper, which he does because he Hayes racism, then you need to take a look at yourself. Thus insinuating you are a racist. How about that cooper is old news now and the listeners are tired of him continuing to bring it up.

            And why would I be frightened by you? You are just a tough guy behind a keyboard.

            Missanellis a blowhard, and if you think he’s not an ass than you are entitled to that opinion.

            Get over yourself

          2. @mike miss blows That is vulgar and a straight attack. As far as Cooper goes There are people out there that will never cheer for Mike Vick or the Eagles for what he did. I honestly feel if that is their opinion than I respect their opinion. I believe Mike shares a similar opinion regarding Riley Cooper. If you don’t agree that is fine and it doesn’t make you a racist and that isn’t what Mike is saying. You don’t like Mike so that is how you interpret it. You don’t have to like him and that is all good but you need to learn to be objective in your thinking. Also do you speak for all the listeners? Isn’t his rating higher than the other show? I love it when people say “that isn’t what the listeners want to hear. I know what the listener want to hear.” I have yet to meet a person who likes Angelo in the mornings yet he continues to slay the morning time slot. Is he giving the listeners what they want to hear??

          3. “That is vulgar and a straight attack” – That was your response to “mike miss blows”, haha, you are a whiny pussy! How does it feel to be Mike’s lap dog, haha, do you make his coffee too??

            I have my opinion and so do you, get over it.

            And what do ratings really mean when you have a choice between bad and worse? If there were any real competition, missanelli would get destroyed.

          4. Whats wrong man? Are you not smart enough to come up something other than calling me names? Oh that’s right you curl up in the fetal position when someone calls you out. You just assume this is the internet and I can say whatever I want and it will always be right. Animals respond the same way when your corner them.

          5. I did make other statements besides calling you a pussy. Did you not read them? You were actually the one who began this by calling me a name “tough guy behind the keyboard”. But to each his own.

            How did I curl up in the fetal position? Dude, I responded to every comment. You really think a lot of yourself.

            I can say whatever I want anywhere and believe I am right because I am stating my OPINION. just as you were, the only person who knows what mike miss is really thinking is mike, not you or I.

            I am not sure how I am responding like an animal. I’ve never seen an animal respond to someone on internet comments.

            Get over it already. I feel one way and you feel another. Its not your job to try and prove all who disagree with mike wrong. Or maybe it is your job, because you are obviously mikes lacky.

        2. “If I am just a tough guy behind a keyboard, then what does that make you?”

          It makes Logical Voice the latest in a long line of douchebags that attempt to cleverly ridicule a poster, but end up making a fool of themselves. (In this case, he doesn’t know his left from his right. Oh, maybe he meant the keyboard’s right!)

    2. MM purposely trashes Foles because he’s white. That going a but too far wouldn’t you say Mike

  2. I LOVE Mikey Miss!!! We don’t agree on everything but he’s honest and the BEST on talk radio. 97.5 listeners= College grads, W.I.P. = knuckle dragging touchdowns. You know, They aren’t all the way retarded but they O have a touch of downs syndrome….

      1. LOL. It appears you’re too stupid to spell his entire name. BTW, I have some good news and some bad news. The Good news? That’s not his dick in my mouth. The bad news? Your mom’s clit is HUGE!!!!!! I mean phallic-like. The sock on the doorknob means KNOCK, son. LOL

    1. 97.5 blows dick. you know you’re a shitty station when you have to take any chance on air to put the other station down. WIP doesn’t even acknowledge 97.5 exists. that makes your “college grads” sound like a bunch of whiny faggots

      1. Like being a CG is something to be ashamed of…. LOL I’m a stoopid laborer and I luv it!!!! Eat a dick and go set up a car show or something… LMAO!!!!

        1. LOL read your original post you moron i wasn’t coming at college grads i was coming at the 10 97.5 listeners. you’re probably a fat lazy union thug since you can’t even read the bull shit your dumb ass wrote.

  3. I love how he skipped over the part where Supra pointed out his own racist/sexist comments.

    1. Yea, it was a lame move by Mikey Miss. It’s the same way he treats his callers. They try to set up a point, but then he starts going off on them before they finish the point. It’s the poor man’s Eskin routine he has been pulling for years.

  4. Dammit if I had known he was gonna be reading comments, I would’ve copied and pasted one of my rants on this thread.

    Since Mike Miss concludes that we’re all racist cuz we don’t wanna talk about Cooper, than I’m gonna conclude that he’s a homophobe because he doesn’t repeatedly harp on DeSean Jackson for calling someone a “gay ass faggot.”

    1. Wow sounds like a lot of people on here hate 97.5 and the on-air talent, but yet everyone still continues to listen. For all the hate everyone still knows all the details. There are a bunch of other stations you are free to choose, no one MAKES you listen. Everyone one here has a lot to say but yet they wont put their name to it – classy.

      1. I don’t listen to Missanelli anymore. The Riley Cooper thing happened awhile ago and once he kept beating it to death I gave up on him. In no way in my post did I comment on 97.5 as a whole or claim to still listen to Mike Miss. I never voiced any kind of opinion on any of 97.5’s other on-air talent. I don’t see why you assume I still listen. Nice try though.

        Oh and yeah you’re a real tough guy using your name. I definitely have a way of contacting you now that I know your full name because A.) I have proof that’s your real name, B.) Your name is so uncommon so I’m sure you’re the only Jason Coletti in the world and C.) you publicly provided contact info for your name. So yeah you’re totally not an anonymous internet poster anymore. Great work, man.

        So yeah keep riding on that high horse by using your full name while making unfounded and inaccurate inferences about my 97.5 listening habits and feelings on other 97.5 hosts based on my comments about Missanelli. Stay classy, skip.

  5. This is an unwinnable fight for him. You can’t make headway in an argument against a horde with individuals calling themselves things like “Rhea Hughes worn out twat” and “Steve Jeltz’s Cock”.

    Stick to the Phillies talk.

      1. Never said it was unacceptable. I’m part of the horde. Why a drive-time radio host in a major market is getting into an on-air pissing contest with people who comment on a blog is beyond me. Personally, I love the fact that he is trying to troll the trolls and is losing.

  6. I kind of feel bad I was ripping all those guys. Didn’t think they read message board comments

  7. If only he read our comments about the rest of the hosts there especially Jon and Sean we would’ve made significant progress

  8. Mike is just pissed-off that this isn’t the 90’s anymore and that he can’t just hang up on the haters.

  9. Mike Missanelli is an asshole.

    So Riley Cooper said something dumb and was caught on tape. Like Mike Miss has never said a fucking thing in his life that was wrong either. The guy was sorry and apologized. He isnt a fucking dog murderer like michael vick was…killing and gambling off the deaths of 100’s of dogs.

    The only reason why racism is alive is because of people like MM. He keeps the topic alive and gives power to it by emotionally reacting to it. Most brothers dont give a shit. Its a sign of the times where everyone is finally starting to just move on and not give power to words. Yet theres MM, keeping all that hate alive. Im sure its just for ratings…and if so, he deserves the karma that comes back to him for that.

    Also, he rips people for not being manly. Hey MM, before you start preaching that, stop wearing the black rimmed, Warby Parker glasses. Those are meant for the youth…not some old fogey. You look ridiculous.

    1. But there are people out there that will never cheer for Mike Vick or the Eagles for what he did. I honestly feel if that is their opinion than I respect their opinion. I believe Mike shares a similar opinion regarding Riley Cooper. You choose not to take what Cooper did so personally and that is fine. All good man.

    2. Yeah…God damn all those nig.gers who emotionally react to people spitting on their race. And goddamn those ni.gger lovers like MM who keep racism alive by talking about it. Yeah, its not like actual racists are to blame, cause clearly there are next to none of them left, and the only ones who do exist, exist because of people who dont like racism…Right. Makes sense.

  10. Logical voice doesn’t work on the Mikey Miss show now does he? Beat u little cockroach.

    1. Sorry to try to enlighten you. If you don’t like the Mikey Miss show, that is all good man. Its all opinion.

    1. thanks Spike. Do you still have that awesome eyebrow piercing you got done at hot topic?

  11. Guys, you have it all wrong. WIP is like a pile of diaherra. The Fanatic is a pile of shit. Wouldn’t you want a pile of shit over a pile of diaherra?

  12. Brace is nothing but bald ahole whigger wannabe who thinks kacie mcdonnell would give him the time of day. Wake up brace you are a looooooser who will be cleaning toilets for a living within two years.

    1. @Todd C- Your comment reminds me of something a bully in a 80’s or late 90’s teen movie would say. hahahahah

  13. Hey, go check out Steven Singer. They have free parking and give yo ua free beer as you pick out your rng!!! BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY do I HATE Steven Singer…also check out time after time if youre at a all GREAT watches

      1. 97.5 > 94.1

        When Glen switches over to 97.5, and programming director puts him with Mike, then they cut Brace and Marks and move Bruno and Mayes into a 4 hour 10-2 show, it will be by far the best radio era in Philadelphia radio history. I use to play for the Flyers, I still live in town and have grown to love baseball, football, and even the Sixers as passionately as this town loves our Flyers.

        I however have started listening to 97.5 since it came onto FM and have to be honest, it’s far better. Here is my breakdown, from a guy who has been in the city since his 30’s and early 90’s.

        Mike & Mike: These guys suck, plain and simple, no one listens to them.

        Tony & Harry: Probably my favorite show, Harry is very intelligent and knows a wide range of sports, Tony mixes in that dose of pop culture and comedy that blends so well and keeps everyone listening. They have also had great producers that meshed well with them. (McManus, Kayal, Younes)

        Jon & Sean: Wow I dont even know where to get started here. I don’t think I am alone in thinking this is probably the worst show in the Philadelphia market? I switch over to 94.1 to listen to two other guys who don’t know too much more then Jon & Sean but are definitely more tolerable. Boy Jon Marks is following in the footsteps of Mike Missanelli and Sean Brace is some bro from North Carolina? (If Im correct) who just moves up here, produces a show for a couple years, and they throw his dumbass behind a microphone? Jeez, this guy knows less about this city then I did when I first came to Philadelphia. I don’t think he understands sports at all in general, nor does he have any sense of historical information or memory to offer at all. Cant stand that show, never listen, never will.

        Mike Missanelli: I honestly didn’t like Mike for a while while he was at 610, I definitely thought he was arrogant and self-entitled during his time there, but I think since he switched to 97.5 his show has become 10x better. I slowly slowly started to like him again even thought I always listened. He is the kinda guy who can get your blood going to the point you have to call up and talk to him about something.

        I hope 97.5 figures out a formula to steal Glen from 94.1 because I think Glen, Didinger, and Ellis are the only 3 people at that station that have any clue of what they are talking about. I stopped listening the 610 when 97.5 came to FM, and just generally don’t like any of their shows, think they are very forced and uninformative. Other then that, I love this city and love that this website is getting so much attention for input, hope you guys enjoyed mine. Have a happy holidays!


          1. I’m a 42 year old 6’5″ former defensemen, I split my time in Alberta and Philadelphia. I was just giving my input because I enjoy listening to the talk radio when I’m in the US. We don’t have good sports talk in Canada, and the shows that we do have focus primarily on hockey and how crappy all of our teams are. I came across this site a couple years ago where I found all the Richards and Carter trade info and I have been checking in since, great site by the way. Any other questions feel free.


      2. This had me rolling. I really wish companies did their own advertisements during their breaks. I don’t need Brace lying to me about how great his granite counter tops are.

  14. Mikey Miss is the biggest hypocrite there is. The guy constantly drops “guinea”, “whop” and “dago” on the air, but gets his panties in a bunch with the whole N word debate. I can’t believe nobody has reported his ass to the FCC for it yet, cause he does it ALL THE TIME.

      1. How does it not? If he is so against the use of racial epithets, then he definitely shouldn’t be using the ones I mentioned.

        1. It is the context they are being used. He has brought them up as examples, not in a threatening sense. You can’t use the N-word in that sense at all especially if you are white. If you can’t understand that than you need to look in the mirror.

  15. I challenge that reject Martinez to get through one fucking show without using a Sal Pal or Bernie from Broomall sound bite.

  16. Funny when Mikey bitches about Riley Cooper & how it’s his right to be butthurt & is entitled to his feelings. Doesn’t mean you need to voice them on air EVERY FUGN DAY. Tried to bring it up yesterday by saying “he should have played well…it was white out.” YUCK YUCK YUCK. Posted the same unfunny joke on twitter the day before like it was the greatest thing ever. You only got a laugh b/c the caller on the other end was a complete dope. You’re a regular Chuck Lorre, Mike.

    Mike – Aren’t you the same guy who said last year that you didn’t care if we had Moussilini at Linebacker & Pol Pot at safety as long as we won? So we have a racist WR & we’re winning. Shouldn’t you be cool with that? Or were u just full of crap?

      1. Notice that “Logical Voices” has no response to that post. Probably because he realizes he was full of shit last year when he said he didn’t care if we had Satan himself playing for the team as long as we won.

        1. I thought the “You’re a regular Chuck Lorre, Mike” was a funny intelligent comment.

    1. If the Eagles (not we, you’re not on the team) had Moussilini at Linebacker & Pol Pot at safety, Mike would still want the Eagles to win but not be personally like those two hypothetical players. I don’t understand why we all can’t grasp this concept.

      1. “If the Eagles (not we, you’re not on the team)”

        My bad, here I thought LogicalVoices was Mikey Mush, turns out it’s Howard Eskin. Used to say the same.exact.thing. on air. Douches of a feather.


      2. Here’s another reason you’re an insufferable twat – you have certain callers who we’ll just say are “less articulate” than others & you play a theme song for him and snicker at his comments like a high school bully. The guy clearly is special needs, but hey let’s snicker and laugh at him and play a theme song b/c it’s funny. Cataldi is even worse with “Coma Jim”. The guy invites him to his wedding, and asks him to have the phanatic give his bride away & Cataldi laughs at him and acts like there’s no way he’d be caught dead there. It’s fucking disgusting the way they make a joke out of people like that. I saw you on Phillies post-game Mike, and you’re about 70 years too old for that junior high bs.

  17. Unbelievable that a guy from Missanelli’s show has so little to do than troll a group of guys in this blog. This site guaranteed gets more hits per day than Miss does listeners. Most of the sports radio in Philly blows. However, Mikey Miss is an arrogant nitwit. His ultra liberal “shock jock” style is very similar to the reason anyone has ever heard his name, Skip Bayless. He thinks he is some kind of ambassador for the city of Philadelphia. News flash, Mike, you are not. No one cares about your suits or your law degree. No one at all. Trust me. He is the reason I don’t listen to 97.5. I can handle Bruno is small doses but other than that, that is it.

    Also, what a pussy for not mentioning this blog by name on air. Unbelievable.

      1. As an active duty forward observer in the Army, I’m quite sure I’ve been raked across the skewers once or twice by liberals like you. Thanks though.

        1. I appreciate the service to the country but don’t think that qualifies me to change my tone on my comments. Two separate entities. And you shouldn’t assume I am a liberal. Assuming in life will get you nowhere and could get you trouble. But being an active duty forward observer in the army, you already knew that….

          1. Simply giving an opinion, skip. My job has nothing to do with it was just trying to convey to you in my line of work I do get run through the proverbial skewers, which I didn’t choose to have done to me. As a person in the media, just as guys on here slam Marcus Hayes, you put yourself out there to be slammed. Trust me I don’t need a lesson on life, and don’t get so butt hurt over someone’s opinion.

  18. Sean Brace & Mike Miss have to stop blocking everyone from twitter who disagrees or bust their chops. It drives people away from the station

  19. Anyone else think its odd kacie McDonnell hand picked creeped Aaron Murray on twitter???

  20. Mike Miss has turned into the worlds biggest pussy. He’s an arogant reverse racist prick.
    Once he got his ratings he became unlistenable.
    And he’s a liar about blocking people on twitter. He blocked me for no reason. He blocks anyone that doesn’t agree with him.
    Fuck you Mike. I hope they replace you with Macnow.

    1. He blocked me for only tweeting him “I think the majority of people want to move on from Riley Cooper”. Never listened to that arrogant pos after that. F him

  21. This Logical Voice guy (aka Myrtetus) is a real beaut. Myrtetus is a no talent pussy who only knows how to kiss Mike’s ass and lick his taint.
    I also love how Mike Miss acts like a hockey know it all but he don’t know jack shit about hockey.
    I used to love the show, but I can’t even listen to it now. I never thought I’d wish for 610 to bring Eskin back. The Missanelli show, including sound off, is stale.

    Get the fuck off my airwaves Mike.

    1. FTFY
      I disagree with the commentator Logical Voice’s opinion. The producer for the show Myrtetus, is a person I do not like and I feel he is not knowledgeable in all of the other sports. I do not feel Mike Miss appreciates hockey and I question his knowledge in the sport.
      I used to love the show, but I can’t even listen to it now. I never thought I’d wish for 610 to bring Eskin back. The Missanelli show, including sound off, is stale.

      Curing one Barbarian at a time…

  22. Also, how many times has Mike Miss whined that people didn’t mention him or give his show credit for something? He just did it the other day whinin about espn not mentioning his show for something he said.
    But he calls this site “some blog.” He can’t even mention the name.
    God I hate him.

  23. Mikey miss is a no pussy gettin fuck stick. He tries too hard to defend the black folk. Usually people who do that are closet racists. I bet he got a white hood somewhere. Don’t fall for his act my fellow blacks.

    1. I think Captain Jack is a blatant racist and we are going report him to Colonel Kyle to get his racist a$$ banned…

  24. I will miss Glenn Macnow, I used to turn on his show to put my dog to sleep. Worked like an old school Poke flute.

    I can’t believe so many of you listen to WIP. That station has borne less fruit over the last decade than a fucking orchard in Chernobyl.

  25. Fuck Mike Miss ….. I would rather listen to the moans and love cries from Big Daddy Grahm’s fat daughter while i am tongue punching her dirty cheerio

  26. The sole fact Mike had the comments from CB on the show today is pathetic in its own.

    They must have really got to him considering Supra and others have been posting hilarious comments parodying Miss for months (ever since the Cooper incident).

    Also, I got to play knockout (not the ghetto version) on the Sixers court thanks to the Fanatic last March and Brace has the form/athletic ability of a little girl. Horrible radio host, worse athlete.

  27. 97.5 should trade brace, marks & Phil from mt. Airy to wip for rob Ellis. Rob Ellis would be perfect for 97.5’s 12-2 spot.

  28. You’ll remember the time that you spent listening to 610 WIP. Jan Gorham who famously said and I give credit to Wikipedia for this, “No more misery for Barbaro, he’s dead”. Easily
    one of the most annoying sports update personalities in the history of sportstalk radio.

  29. The only thing Mikey Miss ever had going for him is that he’s not Howard Eskin. So much for that

  30. Mike Miss is obviously an arrogant prick but he has the ratings to back it up. I stopped listening once the format turned into pop culture and politics, if more people did this he would return to the rock he crawled out from under. Also, the 12:00 show with shit stain brace is just as bad but for different reasons. Brace is about as dumb as it gets and has a bartending degree as credentials to be a philly sports talk show host.

  31. Mike Miss can be entertaining at times. Especially when people cal in saying Foles is the next Tom Brady or the Eagles will win the Super Bowl this year. He knocks those people back down to earth in that regard. However, his stance on Riley Cooper is complete BS. No one in their right mind agrees with what Cooper said but is it really the worst thing anyone could say? Is it that unforgivable? Hell we hear it every day listening to music. I know I know the context in which he used it was wrong. But he was drunk. Who gives a shit. We all say or do dumb shit when were drunk. Mike just like to have the over the top stance bc thats who he is.
    p.s. Logical Voice…….fuck off bro seriously

    1. Just because you are able to forgive him doesn’t mean you should force other people on your views. What kind of over the top ignorant thinking is that? Who the hell do you think you are? You ‘re out of line and you know that or you wouldn’t be taking the time to call me out.

      1. You and Mike or if this is Mike need to cut the Holier than thou attitude. You act like this is the worst thing ever done. i guess when Mike makes jokes like Cooper shoud “play well surrounded by whiteness”, its okay? Cant have it both ways bro. But please keep thinking youre the most mature, noble person on a message board. Im sure youll get very far in life that way

      2. Really, Mike? You force your views on other people more than any radio host ever I’ve ever listened to. You flat out tell people they’re wrong for having a different opinion instead of disagreeing. You’re a hack, bro.

  32. Im really glad everyone hates Sean Brace on their radios. All he does is yell and act like hes a brotha. He knows nothing about Philly Sports, which is why he has to be paired with Marks. Marks, I mean Mikey Miss Jr, isnt much better but at least he knows Philly Sports.

    1. THIS GUY ABOVE – I am 25 Years old but I can only think like I am 12 years old!!! That is the best I can do guys!! high five

      1. The more the merrier, I like to hang out at the welfare line and see how many I can fit at one time!

  33. Mikey Miss is an arrogant thin skinned hypocritical hack. The only reason he still harps on Riley Cooper is because he was his favorite whipping boy early in the season and Mike refuses to admit he was wrong as RC improved drastically. He is gung-ho in his opinions while chastising others for holding onto their beliefs he disagrees with. Same with Carey Williams in the offseason where Mike spent weeks crying about him missing voluntary workouts and how he was a bad person for seeing his daughters dance recital. Now you look at the defense and see just how stupid his vendetta against him was just because Mike didn’t like him from the start and refuses to reverse his determined judgements on people.

    To illustrate his thin skin lets just look at the hilarious irony of him bringing up CB on the air and this very thread. Not to mention he actually gets upset when people call him Mikey Mush and even ‘hid’ one of his football picks because the audience was being ‘ungrateful’ and mocking him on twitter. He sure loves to dish out insults but can’t take any jabs back because he bruises easily.

    I love how he gets on his soapbox about racism and how cultured and progressive he is yet completely ignores his own hypocrisy when he questions Erin Andrews attire and calls Michelle Beadle fat. He got completely roasted on the blogosphere twice for that and cries people are being unfair and blankly judging him. Sound familiar hmmm?

    Oh and his producer Martinez is still a freaking intern with all the mistakes he makes on air. That sycophant is like Ralphie from The Sopranos and his sadomasochism fetish with Mike playing role of Janice. Seriously here’s a headbanger guy all tatted and pierced up but turns into a pile of mush when Mike continually spouts nonsense.

  34. You should be running from 97.5, see the bigger picture – they’re trying to ‘Bristol-ize’ us all!

    Malignant cunts…

  35. Uuggggh… Look at the body on this 18 year old stripper. Uuuugghhhh Destiny your keister is amazing ugggghhhhh on the line with us right now is (insert no name stand up comic here) who is gonna be at the Laugh Factory this Saturday. Ugggghhh here comes more strippers. Come on in here ughhhhh look at their bodies, Rhea. Uggghhhhhhh

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