The Amaro Lies: “We’re Built to Win”

Ruben Amaro is lying to the world. He told reporters today: “We’re built to win. I like our lineup. I’d like to add some pitching to it.”

See my thoughts on that sentiment here.

He also called rumors that he would trade Cole Hamels or Cliff Lee “silly.”

You’re silly, Rube.



8 Responses

  1. He really shouldn’t kick season ticket holders in the balls like that, they’re bruised enough. Once again building a dumb-ass false expectation, then he’ll act the fool all spring again, etc etc down 12 games by All-Star break. Just come clean, clown.

  2. “We’re built to win (in most age 40 and older softball leagues),” said Ruben Amaro Jr

  3. Yeah, right. The Phils are built to win just enough games to keep them ahead of the Mets and Marlins, and even that is no certainty.

  4. At some point you have to wonder if Amaro has been bribed by another owner in the NL East with a penthouse condo on South Beach or in Manhattan staffed by nubile French and Swedish maids to perform daily penis-cleansing exercises.

    The average age of our projected 2014 starting lineup is 31, meanwhile the Braves have one guy (Uggla) over 30. This is what happens when the GM drinks his own Kool-Aid and signs any former champion to long-term deals. Fuck you Ruben. You really never did anything positive besides ride the few good decisions made by a good GM, Gillick. You gave the pitching studs you lured here an offense that would be outhit by a Special Olympics t-ball wild card team. In short you fucking suck at your job.

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