Voila_Capture823Last week, we told you the tale of the worst blogger in Philly, Sarah Lockard, who solicited restaurants and offered them the wonderful opportunity to host her family on Christmas Eve in exchange for FREE SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE KEWL! Judging by all the coverage that story received, I’m guessing there were no takers. I’m also guessing there were no payments to her billable inbox.

Upon further review of her site, AroundMainLine.com, which shant receive a link here, I’ve decided that it’s less of a blog and more of an over-the-top infomercial for businesses that pay Lockard and give her free shit. Mostly give her free shit. She still seems like a terrible person, but we’re going to move her out of the blogger category and into a special, nameless category set aside for self-worshipping jerks who think nothing of duping the public if they can get some milk from the teet of self-aggrandizing. For simplicity, we’ll call this group: Bitches.

As expected, I received a follow-up from an anonymous, presumably frustrated client of Lockard’s. They claim that, just within the past couple of months, Lockard – during the busiest time of year, mind you – was soliciting local restaurants to host and comp her first $4,000, then $8,000 holiday party in exchange for TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN PR AND MARKETING.


It seems people are really starting to have their eyes opened to how Sarah Lockard really operates.  But do you even know how desperate she’s gotten lately?  Main line restaurants haven’t been falling for her scams recently, even before you started outing her.  I think once you become her “client” once, you wise up pretty quickly and are over and done with her as she does literally nothing for your business and is only interested in promoting herself or getting free things.  She’s running out of new places to fool very quickly.

She sent out several emails in the past couple of months, each one more desperate than the last, trying to trick a restaurant into paying HER to host her own AroundMainLine.com holiday party.  That’s right.  She wanted to reserve space in someone’s restaurant during the busiest time of the year and she wanted the restaurant to pay HER to have this all take place. What?!  Oh and at first she was pitching it for a mere $4,000.  After no one took the bait, the price suddenly doubled to $8,000 as mentioned in the subject line of her second email.

I’ve attached a link to pictures of the emails here for you.  I’ve also included a screen shot of a post she made shortly after the last email on her facebook page.  In the post she brags about how so many restaurants are essentially fighting over hosting her party and that they’re actually having a bidding war over it.  Holy fricking delusional.  She commented on the post herself saying it was “officially sold!”.

Mind you, there was never any other further mention of a holiday party on either her personal facebook page or AML’s facebook page ever again.  She never had one, because no one is that fucking stupid.

Anonymously yours,

Someone who’s just as tired of this scamming idiot as everyone else

These are the emails Lockard sent, along with one Facebook post. Click each to enlarge:

Note how her pitch goes from “upwards of $15k in bar revenue” to $25k in just one email progression. I don’t know the restaurant business, but I can’t imagine that making $25k in just a few hours is doable, in that short of a timeframe, on bar receipts alone. Assuming there are 100 people in attendance, that would be $250 per person in revenue. That’s a lot of drinking.

What I do know is social media, and I can promise you that Lockard’s 9k Twitter followers and 5k Facebook fans are not worth “hundreds of thousands of dollars in social media exposure.” They’re worth… more like $500. I have 20K and 10K followers, respectively, on Twitter and Facebook and would charge even less than that for, say, four Tweets and two Facebook posts that were clearly marked “sponsored” or “SP.” But if anyone wants to pay me even one hundred of thousands of dollars for a few Tweets and Facebook posts… well! then excuse me as I open my legs– the floor will be yours, FOOL!

The AroundMainLine.com holiday party was scheduled to be held on December 12, but as the emailer mentioned, there has been no sign that one ever took place (in fact, Lockard ate at Doc Magrogan’s in West Chester that night, or so she claims). Which is sad, because some local business missed out on six-figure social media exposure.