They Re-Shot the 21-Year-Old PA Lottery Christmas Commercial, SHOT-FOR-SHOT

This commercial has been airing since 1992 and it’s goddamn awesome. For me, the holidays are all about the 6 ABC Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then the PA Lottery commerical. That’s it. That’s how I know it’s Christmas.

But lately, Ms. CB and I thought something seemed… off. The commercial was in glorious HD, which was curious, but not a dead giveaway, since many older films are retrofitted, so to speak, into HD. Something else. I was convinced they re-shot it, shot-by-shot. And by golly, they did!

I spliced them together– old commercial on the left, new one on the right.

I am so irrationally excited by this dedication to the craft. I mean, they matched the ethnicities of every caroler, the coat, the outfits, the scarves, the dogs! It’s all here, modernized for 2013, BENEFITTING OLDER PENNSYLVANIANS.

UPDATE: Apparently, the remake occurred in 2012. Still damn impressive.


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    1. I second that.

      Somebody actually referenced this post with the statement that “cb still offers some value”. First I was confused. Then I laughed. A lot.

      Keep it up, Kyle!

    1. Steve,

      Your posting name is now Steve Toolbag. Stop complaining about non sports posts because you are a 32 year old virgin. Spend more time with your mother who allows you to live in her basement. Go to another site if you don’t like this one, you whiny cunt.

  1. Fuck that shit. I hate remakes. Fancy new camera angles and all that bullshit.

    At least they paid attention to detail. Nailed the Asian caroler.

  2. Two critiques:
    1. Asian from the 1992 one was much hotter
    2. Didn’t like how they cleaned up the newstand guy in the remake. It was more powerful to see a bum-looking guy given a gift.

    I need a life.

  3. I noticed this last year. I hate it. All the voices are weird and the games are different and the scenery looks too nice. They need to show the old one again because it’s my childhood.

    1. I’m 70 this year, and I like the newly updated Christmas lottery commercial. Almost all of us now have high definition TVs. Playing the old ad, only calls attention to how ancient, and fuzzy the first ad was, since it was made when we all had Standard Definition TVs. While this ad doesn’t bring back anything from my childhood, it brings back one of the best lottery ads. Though I may enjoy viewing any of the old, fuzzy B&W commercials from the 50s, my childhood, from time to time, I wouldn’t want to see them more than once or twice. If anyone really needs to see the original one, Youtube has them…enjoy.

  4. I noticed this, though I actually thought they just added a voiceover. It sucks for all the reasons listed above, but most of all it makes you wonder *WHY* in God’s name they did this. Don’t commercials cost money to shoot? Was there something wrong with the old one? Why would they go to all this trouble to reshoot the same commercial?

  5. I would love to see who these games actually benefit? It can’t be older people, you see alot of them scraping by. Most likely politicians wallets

  6. The real question is what have they done with Gus? If you can take down Tolley, you should be able to find who is holding the second most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania hostage.

  7. while some may say your a fag, i applaud you. and putting it up side by side is awesome. RIP old lottery commercial. When you watch the old one though, it makes me sad ot think the the old people in it are long dead probably.

    Also, they dont show the fruity pebbles christmas commercial anymore. shame on them

  8. Also…note at the end that we went from funding 32,200 prescriptions to 22,800 meals everyday? So, who’s pocket is that difference filling?

  9. Haha I noticed it this year when the guy handing out the ticket’s voice was different. Old guy used to have a gravely, smoker’s voice. I just thought they overdubbed the old video to b honest.

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