Your Wednesday Roundup: Flyers Beats Beating, Temple, Foles Dish

A HOME OFFICE IN HORSHAM– Some bits of tid that we didn’t get to.

Flyers beat writer Sam Carchidi, who has a habit of taking circtuitous routes to away games so he can log more US Airways miles, has spent the past couple of days on Twitter complaining about his lost luggage (which could be the sort of thing that happens when you fly from Minneapolis to Philly to Detroit), possibly because he flew from Ottawa to Philly before heading to Chicago, where the Flyers will play tonight:

Ray Emery will be the starter, and Carchidi got some quotes from him after the Senators game on Monday. Yesterday, he wrote those quotes down in the form of a story… with a CHICAGO dateline even though he wasn’t in Chicago:


A dateline is the thing Journalists use to denote where they are reporting from. It’s an immediate indication that they are on the ground and not, say, sitting in their home offices suffocating themselves from the after-effects of Taco Tuesday (…). It’s usually implied and often meaningless, but it’s a stamp of legitimacy.

Here’s the problem with Sam’s piece: I’m told he wasn’t in Chicago when he wrote it or when it was posted, at around 2 p.m. yesterday. Nope. In Philly. Because he flies circuitous routes to games.

Did it really make a difference in this case? Not really. But, it’s poor form, and totally unnecessary.

A great article in the Philadelphia Business Journal about how football led to Temple’s cutting of seven other sports.

And, of course a Philly restaurant is capitalizing on Nick Foles’ success by unveiling Catfish #9, a Foles-inspired dish, and couching it in a charitable framework:

Executive chef Chad Vetter’s dish is reported to be a Foles favorite: catfish, first soaked in buttermilk and then deep-fried and accompanied by cornmeal-crusted green tomatoes, Andouille white cheddar grits and Creole cocktail sauce.

Catfish #9 is priced at $21, and 25 percent of the sale will be donated to the Eagles Youth Partnership, the restaurant says.

Annnnnd there’s the free promotion. Shit.


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  1. For a guy who crusades righteously against the evil Flyers beat writers who are tearing down the monolith of journalistic integrity, you sure do struggle with basic syntax and grammar (end more sentences with prepositions, please, jackass).

    Get back to sports (substantively, not the non-sense you now peddle). Your incessant whining over the Flyers beat writers has crossed over from annoying to obnoxious.

  2. For a guy who takes the time to troll the comments section of a sports blog bitching about syntax and grammar, you sure should know that nonsense doesn’t have a hyphen, and that only 70-year-old elementary school teachers still cling to the idea that it’s bad form to end a sentence in a preposition.

    Join us in the 21st century, please, you jackass.

    The beat writer thing is getting a bit weird though.

  3. One thing way more annoying than constant hand wringing over meaningless, worthless, horrible, self centered, beat writers is when grammar police show up. This doesn’t mean I like the stories about these douchenozzle Flyers beat writers all the time, but I’m not paying for this service so why bitch? It’s like getting a free beer and telling the person handing it to you that it’s shit, and they are horrible for giving it to you while still chuging it down.

  4. I agree with Baron. Just stop with the crusade against the Flyers beat writers and your crusade against newspapers.

    You bitch about the beat writers sharing quotes with each other but all you do is regurgitate other news items from other sites. The ironic part is that you poach most of your stories from the printed media (or their sister websites) but then you rip on them in the same piece about how it is an outdated medium.

    Why don’t you just do the sports and do it with all original pieces instead of stealing from other sites. And just report in the third person and keep your personality out. I’m a huge Nova fan but even your reporting on that bugs me.

    1. “And just report in the third person and keep your personality out. I’m a huge Nova fan but even your reporting on that bugs me.”

      Worst idea ever. Really.

      1. “Kyle Scott December 11, 2013 at 3:16 pm

        “And just report in the third person and keep your personality out. I’m a huge Nova fan but even your reporting on that bugs me.”

        Worst idea ever. Really.”

        It’s not a universal idea for all blogs (or whatever this is). It’s an idea specifically for you and your personality.

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