Voila_Capture917Jeff Duncan of the Times-Picayune, which is just killing it today. This is an all-timer:

As bad as Mother Nature could be Saturday, Philadelphia’s notoriously rowdy fans will make life even more miserable for the Saints at Lincoln Financial Field.

If the Saints thought they were treated inhospitably in road playoff losses in Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco, their eyes — and ears — are about to be opened this weekend.

Over the years, Philly fans have earned a reputation as the some of the loudest, rowdiest and most mean-spirited in sports. GQ Magazine named Philadelphia sports fans the meanest fans in America in 2011, and with good reason.

Philly fans have booed Santa Claus and their own star players. Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels received the “South Philly Cheer” when he had the gall to lose his first start of the 2011 season — after the Phillies had started the year 3-0.

In 1999, they booed Matthew Scott, the first person in the United States to receive a hand transplant, after he dribbled the ceremonial opening pitch at a Phillies game with his weakened new hand.

Philly fans once cheered Michael Irvin … after he suffered a season-ending neck injury.

Stories of fans throwing snowballs, batteries and empty liquor bottles at players and coaches from the opposing team are legendary. A few years back one drunken Philly fan intentionally vomited on an 11-year-old girl.

“Fun” isn’t the word that immediately comes to mind when I think of Philadelphia’s hospitality to visiting teams and fans. In fact, I can’t think of a more hostile environment for the Saints than playing the Eagles on the road in the playoffs.

My lasting memory of covering a football game in the City of Brotherly Love came in the 2002 NFC Championship Game. The game between the Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the final event at infamous Veterans Stadium, and no one in Philly gave the Bucs a chance that frigid afternoon.

By sheer happenstance, the pregame media shuttle buses merged with the caravan of buses transporting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers players and coaches to the stadium. As we exited the highway and circled the parking lots outside Veterans Stadium, every green-clad fan saluted us with his or her middle finger.

One elderly woman, an adept multi-tasker, turned bratwursts with her left hand and flicked us the bird with her right — never once looking up from the grill.

It’s funny, but my biggest problem with this – besides the, you know, ridiculous hyperbole and loosely-sourced tales – is that there’s no way an elderly woman in South Philly was cooking brats. They were Italian sausages.

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    1. Agreed these drunken Philly fans are just upset because the truth hurts.

      1. Agreed. I think their rudeness and obnoxiously uneducated rhetoric is exemplified in the posts presented here. What a bunch of cretins. Suck it, Philly!!! You are about to get a mouthful of gumbo, leading to a major CHOKE!

  1. Fuck him, fuck the saints, fuck em all, go eagles, i have tough skin just like every other eagles fan, bring that noise on sat night , go eagles

  2. What?? Fans held out their MIDDLE FINGERS? Oh the humanity, only in Philly.

    What a helmet this guy is.

  3. We may be loud and rowdy but we are loyal! Selling out in 3mins compared to some of the other playoff teams! LETS GO BIRDS ! E-A-G-L-E-S

  4. So how is he any different that the douchebag Philly blogger and his race-baiting, violence-promoting, and shitty-t-shirt shilling?

    1. NICE!!!! Ray Did…….best sports reporter in the US….hands down!!!!

    2. Who the hell brought hack Ray Diddy into this? “I think this game’s gonna come down to which quarterback is better.” Duh really Ray? Damn he’s awesome, how does he do it?

      Dude’s been a mail-it-in fraud for a full decade, shoulda retired long ago to save his newspaper rep. Regurgitating tired stats and banal observations you read on other blogs doesn’t make you an “insider”, it validates you as a spineless loser. And there’s tons of recent examples to back that up.

  5. What’s not to love about that article??? It’s a thing of beauty!

    I hope every Saints player reads that. And then reads it again.

    Sorry, but NO LOVE for NOLA.

    Eagles fly, saints cry!

    I hope this is Snow Bowl part 2 and Shady goes off for 200 yards & 3 TD’s.

  6. How is this guy a douchebag but you pretty much attempted to organize a mob to hunt Saint fans? We need an over/under on how long it’s gonna take Mrs. CB to realize you are a huge pussy and leave you for the black dick she will inevitably be sucking.

    1. It is pretty comical that a guy who tried to organize a fight is now mad at a stereotype. The irony is delcious

    2. Philly is classy like that. Which is why it is such a shithole. Oh, and the Eagles suck, too.

    3. You people just validate every disgusting thing ever written about you! What a embarrassment to any city/team. And you guys are dumb enough to call it loyalty.

  7. how many fucking times do we have to hear this same fucking garbage? its like they go straight to the Wiki page for their stories. these fucking idiots make Mr. Scott here look like the hardest worker ever by their sheer laziness. i fucking hate it

  8. Geez. When will they let it die. I’m tired of hearing about Santa. Stop bringing up old shit. You don’t hear us crying about other cities. NOLA, which was a beautiful city I must admit, has more than it’s fair of scumbags

    1. they will never let it die, because that’s all they have…….either that or their reports (like their fans) are *********** stupid!!!!!!

  9. WOW….get over the Santa thing already. it was 40+ yrs ago.
    and if we have a rep for being LOUD……that just means other fans suck at cheering for their team.

    Try to come up with RECENT things if you want to TRY to make us sound bad. You guys are just jealous your fans aren’t like us

    1. No. You threw loser ball to the SAINTS! Buh bye. Losers. Hate on and wipe that greasy cheesesteak out of your mullet! Woot! When the Saints go marching in!

    1. And that’s why Philly is so classy. Hardeharharhar. Katrina jokes. Height of jocularity. Nothing gives me a chuckle like mass destruction and death. Too bad Sandy didn’t hit Philly. Oh! What? That’s not funny?


      1. Sandy DIDN’T hit Philly, douche! It was New Jersey. (Different state, you know, like how Alabama is a different state from Louisiana?)

        How many years until your below-sea-level city is gone for good?

        1. You people just validate every disgusting thing ever written about you! What a embarrassment to any city/team. And you guys are dumb enough to call it loyalty.

  10. My family had scheduled a trip to New Orleans that just happened to coincide with the Eagles playing there for the 2007 playoffs. Everyone was so nice the whole weekend we were there. They were thanking us for visiting the city after Katrina and wishing our team good luck! We even had a few Saints fans ask for pictures with us while we watched the game in a bar on Bourbon St. After they won we were yelled and cursed at all the way back to our hotel. What makes them any different?

  11. Hahaha. This guy prolly never been to THE LINC!! He is a big PUSSY.
    I’ll tell you this… I’ll SUCKER that pussy too! I love my EAGLES. I’ve been to jail for them. One of these days man!!! Somebody gonna be real FUCKED

  12. Heard on kyw that they spotted a black home owner shoveling the sidewalk and using salt

  13. I will put my best bowl of gumbo up against any cheesesteak you guys want. That’s why philly fans are all fat fucks cuz they got greasy cheesesteaks falling out of each side of their fuckin mouths. I’m having fun on this site reading these losers statements. Philly fans don’t have jobs a hahahaha.

      1. I’d never go back to Philly again, and I’d never eat a nasty cheesesteak in the first place. Gross.

        And Bubba Gump was Alabama, fucktard. You want to get lumped in with people from New Jersey, asshat? Save yourself now and STFU.

  14. Would love it if for once I could read an article about an upcoming match-up that doesn’t use the “their fans throw snowballs at Santa” as the arc of our story line. Athletes and coaches complaining about how rude and loud we are.. I’m sorry, you’re coming into our house, what were you expecting? A hug?

    1. Um. When your behavior as a fanbase overshadows your on-field achievements, you can’t blame the mirror for it’s reflection.

      Maybe if your team achieved more than notorious douchebaggery of it’s fans, people would refer to those achievements and not what assholes the fans are.

  15. Mad about this but says Saints fans who want to run the rocky steps are going to die. Pick a fucking side.

  16. Wish we could be from New York/ North Jersey where we punch women in the faces in the stands.

  17. Hey Freddie from Fuckjobs. You MOTHERFUCKER! You think you can come in MY CITY and talk all this shit???? FUCK!! I’ll tell you what MOTHERFUCKER. I’ll be at the holiday inn. I’ll be tailgating at 10am tomorrow PUSSYBOY!! I’ll stop by your shit room first. I guarantee I hit you when you ain’t looking you PUSSY!!! And when you go DOWN, you head will be STOMPED!!! FUCK YOU!!!!

  18. You post this right next to an ad for a shirt that says, “We’re from Philadelphia and we fight” yet you have no idea why people write this crap about Philly fans???

    1. @Jeff. Bwahahahaha! Awesome. And they don’t even see the irony. You know, because they don’t know what irony is.

  19. Why don’t you New Orleans people remind us of all the kindness that went on in the Superdome after Katrina. And get out of that city you know you are living below sea level and the taxpayers of this country are spending billions so you can continue to live in a hole.Maybe that is what is wrong with you guys living below sea level affects the brain.

  20. Hey, douchebag Rangers/Giants/etc, fan: I guess you don’t recall how some trash Giants fan knocked out an assistant coach for the Charges with an ice ball at that dump in s***hole North Jersey! You a**holes have a helluva a nerve trashing anyone!

  21. What the Saints fans are attempting to do ( In full gear I’d assume) is an unwritten law in sports. YOU DON’T GO TO RIVAL CITY’S LANDMARKS WITH YOU CREW AND DO A PHOTO OP. It would be like walking around Boston in Yankees jerseys snapping phots with everything that makes Boston Boston. Those Saints fans know EXACTLY what they are doing. The Rocky run is symbolic of Philadelphia’s ‘never quit’ attitude.

    For saints fans to pose in front of that before a big game is a slap in the face. Same thing happened when a few idiot Rangers fans decided to go to Pats/ Geno’s after the Winter Classic.

    I don’t think the violence is right, but what do you expect when you poke a bear? Why don’t they head on over to the Lion pit at the zoo when they’re done for another photo session…

    1. You were making a good point until bringing up the Rangers fan after the Winter Classic as an example. Sure the NY Rags fan has the right to wear whatever he wants, but use some better judgment for your own safety. There was no reason he couldn’t enjoy a cheesesteak, but there’s always a group of assholes who are looking for a fight and will give the city a bad name. That’s the world we live in.

  22. If you want to bring up the past just remember this comes from a reporter that follows a team who at one time was so bad that the fans wore bags on their heads.

    1. You guys are learning…that is the definition of loyalty. Not embarrassing your city/team by acting like disgusting animals.

  23. I have lived in Philadelphia all my life and most of what they say about the fans here is the truth. People don’t make this shit up. I won’t go to any football games for that reason. They are absolutely a bunch of pigs. The Santa Clause thing is bogus – they booed a drunk. No big deal. But the bullying and violence, the really serious issues is the truth.

  24. Remember when New Orleans almost pulled an Atlantis and they packed their shitty stadium full of rapist street apes that only left to loot floating corpses?

    1. Wow. Racist piece of shit much? You musta soaked up Philly like a sponge. Don’t get your mullet caught in the door on your way out of the playoffs, douchebag.

  25. Who cares, it happens in alot of other towns all the time.Fact of the matter is the rest of the country hates us so much, they love to read about us. I seem to remember a triple stabbing this year at a Broncos game…..BUT IT’S DENVER !!! Lol sounds like this guy had his feelings hurt a decade ago when he was covering the Bucs. Now he’s on the Saints tip, he’s a fair weather douchebage if u ask me…

  26. Man you eagles fans are a sorry bunch. I can’t wait to piss all over u punks at my tailgate. It will be me and about 7 of my closest friends from New Orleans. I do hope I see this Hanratty idiot to teach him a lesson. Pussy ass internet tough guy like all philly greaseballs.

  27. @freddie….where’s your tAilgate? Only an internet tough guy would not say it after talking shit

  28. The only thing worse than losing to Philedelphia is to actually be an Eagles fan living in Phildelphia.

    W.C Fields had it just about right as his epithet on his grave:
    ‘Better here than Philidelphia’

    1. You had three opportunities to spell Philadelphia correctly. Three. Let’s hope for equal ineptitude from your team tonight.

      1. He should have spelt it “LOOSERS”. Because, see, the Eagles are LOOSERS.


        Any other spelling corrections, asshat?

  29. I notice he forgot to mention all the Saints fans who stole TVs in chest deep water during Katrina. Being this is a history lesson.

    1. What does that have to do with how you act at a ballgame? Every city has thugs and thieves, AND people from he wrong side of the tracks. Those people stealing TVs in chest deep water don’t go to Saints games at the Superdome.

  30. Fuck you RangersYankeesNYGiants we go to your stadium And beat your asses in your parking lots. Pussies.

  31. Another lazy ass piece of reporting here . The guy did no homework . It is a joke . He should be ashamed to collect a check writing but then again it is NOLA…small city with no other real sport outlets

        1. Thank you all,

          The game was well played on both sides, an even match where both teams had a 50/50 chance.

          As well as can be expected.
          Especially in a close game.

          Best to all

          New Orleans Wins

  32. Who’s the douchebag now, philly losers? All your impotent internet blustering was for naught. You and your team have been sent home, just like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that,and the year before that,and the year before that…

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