Here’s the Hand Transplant Recipient Who was “Booed” by Philly Fans

In his screed earlier today, The Times-Picayune columnist Jeff Duncan claimed Phillies fans booed hand transplant recipient Matthew Scott when he threw out the first pitch at a game in 1999:

In 1999, they booed Matthew Scott, the first person in the United States to receive a hand transplant, after he dribbled the ceremonial opening pitch at a Phillies game with his weakened new hand.

Here is that pitch. Listen carefully for the boos.

Keep listening.

Hear anything, Horton?


[The Delco Times actually had a good piece about this very same accusation in 2011. It comes from a GQ article, from which Duncan undoubtedly got his material. Scott wasn’t booed in Philadelphia. He was booed in Cincinnati.]

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  1. Can’t blame some brainless southerner for confusing Cincy and Philly.
    1) Both cities’ baseball teams, at the time, had red pinstripes on white jerseys.
    2) Both cities’ nicknames end in “y.”
    3) Duncan’s an idiot.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, the boos weren’t in Cincinnati. He’s saying the source for the Philly boos was a 2005 Bengals message board post (how reputable). No mention of boos ever happening anywhere on this planet.

  3. I boo about 95% of what I see on the field/ice at sporting events, and of 99% of those times I’m just kidding.

  4. I was at this game. I vividly remember it because I thought, “hand transplant” and “what a genuinely cool thing.” The cast from It’s Always Sunny wouldn’t have booed this guy. Maybe Frank, but that just adds to the point.

  5. I wonder how his wife feels about him wearing his wedding ring on some other guys hand….

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