Jamie Moyer is in Philadelphia, Perhaps Interviewing for Phils Broadcasting Job


Yesterday, a curious post appeared on Reddit:

Was at Notre Dame vs Virginia Tech basketball game yesterday where Digger Phelps was inducted into ND’s ring of honor. Apparently Moyer is married to Digger’s daughter so he was in attendance. So I go over and I introduce myself and thank him and he informs me that he has a interview to replace Wheels and Sarge Monday (today). Hadn’t seen this reported anywhere yet.

Indeed, Moyer was in South Bend for Digger’s festivities. And, indeed, he is in Philadelphia right now:


The obvious speculation here is that he might be in town to interview for the Phillies broadcasting job. He had been favoriting Tweets about him replacing Wheels, and he would make sense as the perfect ex-player, intellectual baseball guy. Here’s what I wrote two weeks ago about Moyer:

He has a lot of money, but he can’t get away from the game. So I could see him doing this. He sort of has the same pros and cons as Schil, minus the disliked and fat parts. Speaks his mind, lots of insight, but could grate at you over course of season. Soothing voice is a plus though.

Of course, given Ruben Amaro’s offseason efforts, it is entirely possible that Moyer may in fact be in Philadelphia to interview for a job with the team… for a spot in the rotation. I wish I could say that was a joke.

We’ll keep you updated on this.


12 Responses

  1. Sounds like a perfect fit.

    Would have loved to see Lidge take the job. He would have been good at it.

    So Moyer probably won’t be using the phrase “middle-in.” That’s a good start.

  2. Are we sure he wasn’t here for a physical? Can always use more competition for that 5th starter position.

  3. So your telling me a 50 year old Free Agent pitcher will be in town this week? WHERES MY CHECKBOOK?

  4. I like Moyer for the gig but we still need to unload Mantits McCarthy to even make TV listening an option.

  5. I am sure if that job doesn’t open up, Ruben will find something else for him, like a place in the bullpen, LOL!

  6. Does Moyer realize he has to sit next to McCarthy for nine innings. He’s going to want to leap out the broadcast booth onto Ashburn Alley.

  7. I think that Sarge’s role will need to be filled by a person of color, not by some old stiff white dude.

    1. Person “of color”? Well aren’t you politically correct! What the hell are you doing commenting on CB?


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