I am so irrationally furious right now. Miss a lot of things. I don’t miss celebrities, famous athletes, and mega-super models at Flyers games. Don’t do it. Biden? On it. Jayson Werth? Of course. Rob Zombie? Fuck yeah. But I’ve been let down by my tipsters and INFORMANTS WHO WORK INSIDE THE WELLS FARGO CENTER HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MISS THIS?

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander were at the Flyers game on Saturday. Together. Fucking (adj.) in public.

Busted Coverage has uncovered some Tweets, and here they are [annotations are mine]:


At this point, I think the Detroit Tigers are trolling us. They keep sending their superstars to Philadelphia. Miguel Cabrera was at the NovaCare Complex after he had surgery here. And that’s why Verlander was here too. He had core surgery in Philadelphia on Thursday.

This is so not fair. First a slugger. Then a pitcher. AND THEN KATE UPTON.*

CBS Detroit with more in their relationship:

This came on the heels of news that Upton and her “Dancing with the Stars” boy toy are officially over. And apparently she fox trotted right over to Verlander.

The two had been spotted canoodling in Detroit in 2012, hanging out at local bars and concerts. But then Upton seemed to put Verlander in the cooler.

Guess he’s out of the cooler… and on ice?

*I actually think Kate Upton is hugely overrated.