Mychal Kendricks is Indeed Trying to Have Relations with Rihanna

A FOX station somewhere caught up with Mychal Kendricks at a memorabilia shop and asked him about Rihanna’s desire to hump his brains out. The interview was picked up by TMZ Sports (which is on the air in the select cities– not Philly). Here’s what he had to say:

“I was flabbergasted. It was cool. And very flattering. And if she sees this… eyyyyy. If she has my number, I’ve been trying to reach out.”

Get ’em, Mychal. Can’t wait for Rihanna sightings and the inevitable leaked ass pic with a gaggle of Eagles linebackers in the background.


Video after the jump.


H/T to The School Philly


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    1. Who knows stuff like that? Is that what you come to this site for? I need to stop reading if these are the type of followers.
      Considering what he said I seriously doubt it. But again, it’s not surprising you couldn’t use logic or reasoning considering your name.

    1. Ruben Amaro, because he hates Philadelphia and is attempting to usurp the Phillies, signed Bobby Abreu. There now that you read that you can go back underneath your bridge.

  1. The gaping sinkhole she fell into in This Is The End has a smaller radius than her fuckhole.

  2. She probably doesn’t douche between tricks, so she’s got THAT whole mix going on in there. Stanky Skank!

    (That being said, I wonder if she would agree to be a Wingette?)\\\.

  3. Hmmm, Barbados pussy. I would assume the average chick there has an absolute rank box, but this one has the money to clean it all up. Although I can only imagine the weapons grade STD’s she is carrying around. I would still go for it Mychal but double bag it and don’t get your mouth anywhere near ground zero. Good luck.

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