Voila_Capture927On her Instagram, Rihanna posted her (long-awaited?) #MCM (man-crush Monday), and the big winner is– Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks (!), who just become the coolest person in the locker room, which, unfortunately for Mychal, is now empty:


I don’t even know what sort of commentary to put here, but Rihanna is an absolute freak* and Mychal Kendricks needs to make this happen. Gotta love the first comment, too: Chris Brown wishes he was this fine. They favor but this is a MAN. CB (me?) is an infant in comparison to this sexy piece of man meat.

I need an adult.

My #MCM remains Chip Kelly. Every Monday.

*Miley has totally taken over Rihanna’s spot as the nation’s most prolific crotch-grabber, and I’m OK with that.

H/T to (@1elevenpaul)