Report: Bill Conlin is Dead

Voila_Capture953Former Phillies and Flyers beat writer Randy Miller, our douchebag media member of the year for 2013, who is covering the Devils for after a stint covering the AFL in China, is reporting that Bill Conlin, who allegedly touched, fondled and penetrated little children, is dead. Go ahead, Randy:

Was in Clearwater when dying today? There’s unique phrasing.

Please join me in this emotional outpouring of support:           . Thank you.


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        1. I hope one of the nurses added barbs to his catheter and tied his balls into a knot as he lay gasping his last breath. This man is the worst type of human being.

  1. Exxxxcellent, now I can fuck him in that fat ass with my molten-lava cock for eternity!!

    We’ll see how he likes to be touched against his will…

  2. Why did Randy Miller only stop being friends with scumbag mcgee after he got caught…..

  3. Le Batard giving his HoF vote to the unwashed masses and three first ballot guys making it in was just too much for him.

  4. I hope his version of hell he receives is nonstop sex, day after day, with Mama Fratelli from The Goonies.

  5. Conlin was reprehensible and a decrepit human being. He supported the replacement players during the MLB strike in 95, primarily due to his son being one of the players. He did have a good rip at Howard Eskin one day, always a treat. In the early 1990’s, Conlin and Stan Hochman had a show on WIP at 6 PM called Daily News Live. The show followed Howard Eskin’s solo and insufferable four hour show that was even more unbearable that day with Eskin stating he caught the largest bass in a NJ shore fishing tourney that morning. The first question Hochman asked Conlin was what did he think of Howard catching the biggest fish, obviously baiting him (no pun intended). Conlin said, “Captain Pointspread was not trolling those waters with bait today, but the boat with an autographed Mike Schmidt baseball card.”

  6. Glad to see that pedophile scumbag dead! Conlin was tied to Ed Savitz and Jerry Sandusky pedophile ring 1977-1980. I was one of the Savitz/Sandusky adolescent victims 1970s. Although Bill Conlin never actually sexually abused me he did try to get us kids to introduce him to our young sisters and or young female family members ie (7-10 years old). Even though myself and many of my street friends were involved as adolescent runaway child street hustlers (Prostitution) we weren’t gonna get our younger female family members involved in the deviet street sex crimes we were involved in as victims/recruiters. I’m glad Bill Conlin is dead! Fuck him and anyone that defends that pedophile!

    1. This guy is a complete wack -a-do…^^…… trying to capitalize on a horrific set of facts….hops on to headlines…claims to be part of it…loser

      1. Jerk off I reported Bill Conlin to police officials 1980, 2011 and again 2012 regarding Conlins involvement with other pedophiles types and his targeting young female children. So shut the fuck up asshole and get your facts correct asshole! You got something to say, say to my face pussy!

        1. Fraud…^^^ hey Greg…u still a ” junior mob associate”?…crackpot…disgrace to real victims…

  7. Good to see all of you convicted someone who was never convincted. This website is a complete joke.

    1. It’s not like he was denied the right to a fair trial. The statute of limitations on his crimes had expired so charges couldn’t be brought against him. For a guy that was so outspoken for so many years, I’d say the fact that he ran to Florida and hid without defending himself against the accusations is pretty incriminating.

    2. Yeah man you’re totally right. I mean, the only reason he wasn’t charged was because of a statute of limitations. Plus it was only a couple of different people, some of whom were unrelated to the others, that made these accusations. I’m sure they all just got together and pre-planned everything for shits and giggles. You’re dead on. All the evidence points to his innocence.

      1. First off, stop using my name.

        Second, yea man, its real common for multiple people to randomly accuse someone of child molestation for no real reason.

    3. Thomas Paine, didn’t you “have one life to give to your country”?

      Well, do it then!

  8. This is what happens when you “allegedly” molest kids and/or cover it up…See Paterno, Joe. Good riddance you scumbag!

  9. Even before these accusations came out, would you let fat weird creepy guy Conklin babysit your kids. He has molester written all over him

  10. Bill was vile human if the allegations were true but he was also a very talented writer. He was probably one of the finest newspaper columnists in the country. It will be interesting as to how the Daily News covers this in the next few days. It still not up on the website. They are probably waiting for confirmation. Bill won’t be reuniting with his deceased wife Irma anytime soon. Bill is taking the down elevator and Irma is on the top floor.

  11. Did you touch those kids?

    Conlin “no, no, that was horseplay..”

    Rot in hell you fat shit

  12. Bill: what’s your name
    Boy: Sean brace
    Bill: do you like Boost?
    Boy: yes, I’m white trash
    Bill: close your eyes and open your mouth for a surprise

    1. Haha, Brace does talk like a white teenager that hangs around with ghetto black kids. Wonder who’s dick he is sucking to keep his job.

      1. Today it was Chip Kelly I mean the way he was over the top with his praising of coach Kelly was a disgrace and very unprofessional.

  13. You can just bet that Angelo the horses ass Cataldi will be weeping and wailing tomorrow and making excuses for his friend as he is prone to do (i.e. El Wingador), while ranting about everyone else accused of the same crimes. Phony hypocrite. As for Conlin, with that gut and that red face he was past his expiration anyway.

  14. Conlin fled town in disgrace, and the only reason he never made it to jail like Jerry Sandusky was because of the statute of limitations having expired. Well, karma finally caught up to Bill. May he roast in hell.

    1. I knew this man if you can call him that and he was a puke, a cheat and a creep. While it is in poor taste to speak ill of the dead, he hasn’t garnered much respect in my family and always felt he was above the rules. My heart goes out to his victims and I not once doubted their story. To know him is to understand the depths of his depravity. SHAME.

  15. I’m just sad that Bill Conlin died before Iron Sheikey baby got a chance to put him in camel clutch, break his back and make him humble. Fuck the Bill Conlin, he has raisin balls.

  16. I’m glad that fat fuck died. Years ago he tried reporting me to aol for calling him a fat fuck when I e-mailed him about a column he wrote praising Muhammad Ali.

    1. Yes, and obviously you’ve been mentally scarred for life, having never advanced above the 55 IQ you possessed on that day!

    1. Rest in Peace, William! We old-timers appreciated your long, knowledgeable career (well, except for that last part).

        1. I started using this 4 weeks ago (with the Macnow firing post), and didn’t see anyone else using it until last week, so who’s the troll?

  17. What’s with people stealing other people’s names? Unoriginal fucks.

    -Real Troll Hamels.

  18. from Wayne Madsen Report:

    “As revealed by Wayne Madsen in the Madsen Report these men (Rick Santorum and Jerry Sandusky) worked closely not only in the Second Mile project but also directly in placing the youths in harm’s way. Santorum himself used these youths in his offices as pages. In other words, regarding these highly vulnerable juveniles the two worked as a team. However, now, when asked about it, what does Santorum say? He says that, as reported on November 8, 2011, by the Philadelphia Inquirer, he “does not know Sandusky personally.” Then, who presented the award, his fairy God mother? Santorum also defended those high ones at Penn State, saying they should be treated leniently. Even after child rape was officially reported by the police the highly compromised Santorum stood strong for both Sandusky and Paterno, instead of defending the families and children. When people questioned Paterno’s failure to report the crime to police, which is a state law, again, Santorum came to his defense. In contrast, he never said a word of concern about the victims or their families, and that’s a big never. The family values candidate can now be categorically re-named the Unfamily values candidate.

  19. I had a nasty email exchange with this abomination of a human being when I compared his work to that of Dennis Miller. Sent me a picture of the view from his crib in Large FL. Probably the same view he stared at after his career ended in disgrace until the day he died.

  20. I suppose all those pedophlie priests is a conspiracy. it’s a sickness that no one will address. What about all those “businessmen” who vacation to Indonesia to fuck children ?
    yeah its all in my Tin Foil head.

    I don’t live in your world and you don’t live in mine.

  21. Don’t get mad dude, i just want to be clear on what you’re hinting around about…seems like you’re always dropping hints. Are you saying that Rick Santorum, Sandusky and Conlin were all involved in some pedo-ring or not?

    1. Supplying facts is not “hinting around” do your own research. Google the Franklin Scandal. Wash DC scandal during the Reagan years. They had to bring in Louis Freeh on the Penn State scandal to stop more names being revealed. Greg Bucceroni is credible because he was there.

  22. You’re connecting dots that are not there. I urge you to seek many many years of therapy friend.

  23. I found it interesting that all the drama/bullshit that sports radio and the newspapers/television news reports on and creates; there was very little mention about Bill Conlin when he left the Daily News because of the allegations against him! It was almost as if they were protecting one of their own.

  24. This moves me up on the PED STATE list. LeBron, oh LeBron I want to lisp you down dog, I be yo Bitch Yo. We can watch Dirty Dancing the I will dance on your horsecock. You got any kids?

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