Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 10.30.39 AMI call this post Dick-Punch.

The Philadelphia Sports Writers Association will honor THE BOSTON RED SOX as their 2013 team of the year and at awards dinner on January 27, because they hate you.

From the release:

On the surface, and just on the surface, the Red Sox deserve the title for their incredible “worst-to-first” season that saw them rise from the ashes. A team in complete disarray in 2012, the Red Sox once again set the standard for hard work, excellent play, and for finding ways to win with different games turning different players into heroes throughout the 2013 season.

But the Red Sox are so much more than wins and losses to the citizens of Boston.

It is often said among the members of Red Sox Nation that baseball is not a matter of life or death, but the Red Sox are. And immediately after two explosions ripped through the finish line of the Boston Marathon last April, the Red Sox proved that they are life to the City of Boston.

“The Sox did everything right,” said PSWA board member and transplanted Bostonian and Weekly Press contributor Kerry O’Connor. “Understanding their role to the city, they provided a distraction to help forget the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. Simultaneously, they made sure the victims and heroes were not forgotten. Both seemed to really drive their desire, more than usual, to bring the World Series trophy back to Boston. After crying in April, it was incredible to cheer together in October.”

To be sure, the PSWA has celebrated and honored many non-Philly things over the years – from Babe Ruth to Bobby Orr – so this isn’t an unprecedented move, but I can’t find another instance in which best team wasn’t given to a Philly team (of course, I can only find awards going back to 2007…). But since 2013 was such a sad year for Philly sports, the award goes to Boston, who can Go Screw.