The Phillies Have Expressed Interest in Vernon Wells, Because They Hate You

Voila_Capture1015From Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe:

Vernon Wells, OF, free agent — It’ll be interesting to see whether Wells elects to retire and collect $21 million or hook on with another team after his release by the Yankees. One American League special assistant said, “It’s a no-brainer if you need a righthanded bat. He still hits lefties well [.269 last season], can play the outfield, not like he used to, but he’s basically a minimum-salary guy for any team since the Angels are still paying most of the freight.” The Phillies have expressed some interest, but a few teams are beginning to consider a look-see for the 35-year-old former All-Star.

Besides this being the sort of little-substance story that gives us something to talk about, to me it’s yet another sign that the Phillies are willfully giving up on this season. I know rhetoric from Ruben Amaro and Chase Utley and David Montgomery says otherwise, but no sane person would tell you that the Phillies have constructed a contending baseball team. Their name barely came up in discussions surrounding the biggest free agents this winter (of which there weren’t many). Signing (and re-signing) the likes of Marlon Byrd and Carlos Ruiz, and now being linked to Wells – who is 35, an injury risk, and has been mostly terrible the last two seasons – are not the sorts of things teams interested in winning do. The Phillies, for the past two years, have been acting like the mid-oughts Sixers in that regard– signing has-been veteran talent to prevent the team from being the worst in the league and to put some butts in the seats. And since now just about every team in baseball makes the playoffs, the Phillies will be just good enough to keep you interested until September, when we finally realize that, yeah, nine games out with seven teams in front of you is too steep a hill to climb. In the meantime, we’ll get excited when they put together a five-game winning streak in May. We’ll talk about whether they should be buyers or sellers at the deadline. And we’ll pick up tickets for NL East games in September, because they might mean something!

In all honesty, this isn’t a bad strategy for the Phillies. They know their window is closed. Baseball, unlike football or basketball, doesn’t require you to bottom out to get good again. The Phillies basically just have to draft well, restock their system, and wait for the contracts of Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and, sadly, Utley to expire. They already have their TV deal, so they don’t need to worry about ratings as much. But signing a few average veterans to field a competitive team isn’t a bad thing, from a business standpoint.


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  1. Wells blows….also, it would be most likely a minor league deal with an invite….good thing they avoided arb with Mayberry Jr. because having one shitbomb on the team isn’t enough already

  2. It’d be on a minor league deal. Sure, the Phillies are probably going to be a .500 team this year, but have some more sense than to nitpick over every possible NON-GUARANTEED contract that’s being discussed at this point. Look around baseball – at this point of the off-season, all teams invest in some veterans on minor league deals. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But what I know for sure is, no team makes a minor league signing with the expectation it’ll drastically change their upcoming seasons outlook.

    Any nitwit can complain about these deals and act like the Phillies are idiots. In reality though, they’re doing the same thing every other team is at this point of the off-season. Step it up, Kyle – you’re better than this.

    1. You don’t have to nitpick minor league deals to prove the Phils are idiots, all you have to do is look at their veteran contracts that are going to kill us for another 4 years.

  3. We’re back in the dark ages of Phils mediocrity, reminiscent of 2000 when signing Andy Ashby actually seemed like an exciting move. Ruben blows.

  4. I saw your shitty team not only get smoked, but completely fucking embarrassed on “Philly Pheud” by wiz whit sports. Pathetic.

    BTW: quit boozing and get some sleep…the bags under your eyes make you look like you just got rolled out from the gutter at K & A.

  5. The shitbomb will stink as nasty as dirty, smelly, rank ass shoes that just stepped in a big ol pile of richard sherman bull shit. Wells got a big ol butt bigger than delmon. The window has sadly closed. Chase got grey hairs from changing dirty diapers n wiping snots. Cliff n cole will be throwin n spittin seeds in dugout. Nova n Flyers! Geeeeeeezus olympics start soon!! 90 days til first birds minicamp. OTA’s. Chip on a mission!!!!!!!

  6. I can’t take it. I really can’t. Someone please find the naked pictures of David Montgomery’s wife that Ruben has in his possession so that we can fire this ass.

  7. Cholly is back with his bag of wawa. Fn raj aint goin nowher. Howard n chase gonna get hurt. Jimmy gonna dog it. Oh dear god thank u for 2008!!!! We got to drink bud lights all fn day n see the massive parade!!! Fuck them septa trains whizzing by my sorry ass n people giving me the finger. Gonna get with it n drive down to linc parking lot n drink 20 bud lights n party with the parade. Oh what a day!!!!! Brayden schenn shoooots n scores!!! JJ yells!!!!

  8. Do it again hartsy do it again!!!!!! Fuckin win a cup u falling down drunk. Who is rinaldo shreddin?? Nova #4. Flyers gonna make playoffs. Cholly gonna say fuck wawa slop n get me a primo hoagie cause antny just shit another one out just like shady

  9. The phillies hate me just like they did in 1990. Joe cowley gonna make me eat crow when howard gets 40 bombs. Chase n jimmy both hit 20+ homers. Cole gets 15 wins. Cliffy gets 21 n wins cy young. Oh yeah pack me another bong hit yo its gonna snow tomorner. Snow bongs. Fn tmac sucks.

  10. Just add him(Vernon Wells) to the Phillies collection of aging oft-injured over the hill players,he’ll fit right in just make sure he has his AARP membership card.

  11. Fans! Fans! Settle down! Don’t judge until you know the plan.

    Back in 1983 I witnessed firsthand (as a member of the Phillies’ on-field personnel) how a veteran presence on the team was able to facilitate great results in terms of experience and motivation. We made it to the World Series as some of you may recall.

    I’m simply using that same blueprint. Acquiring these veterans of “the wars” in a low-risk high-reward manner is the way to go these days. I predict by July you’ll be thanking me.



  12. Fans,

    With the additions made in the off-season, ownership now feels that we can raise the bar to .333 which is OVER a 10% increase from our previous position! After all, batting championships have been won with a lower success rate.

    In concert with this new exciting news, we are offering a special ticket package for fans that send in their season ticket money prior to February 1st. You will get 2 FREE tickets to a game against the Houston Astros, an exciting young club that is positioning itself to climb up the AL West standings this season.

    Hurry! This offer won’t last long. The first ten that reply will also get a Fanatic dangle hat.


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