This Dan Baker Impersonation is the Best Yet

Voila_Capture1039I’m sorry, Dave. Reader Mike wins.

In our latest episode of Crossing Streams, Dave showed off his impressive Dan Baker voice. The sound was there, the content was almost there, and the misplaced inflections were halfway there. I’d give him a B.

But reader Mike heard it and knew that his friend Tim’s was better. Way better. Shockingly better. So here now, Tim’s Dan Baker.

I absolutely love the pacing on the 9-14. Well done.

Sidenote: I came across this pic of Loewer. He is now a real estate broker in the housing hotbed of WyomingYou know what they say: Location, location, location. 


The next Steve this Carlton was not. Nice to see Loewer’s doing well, though.

Image via this outstanding mini-doc on Baker

If you have any good voices, record it and send it in. We’ll feature any good ones on the next show.


11 Responses

    1. Tony Bruno is gonna rip into Carmelo Anthony and the hated NY Knicks tomorrow on 97.5 the fanatic.

  1. That impersonation is worse than your banner ads on google chrome. This website is starting to look like Citi Field.

  2. Remember when Bobby Abreu won that game when he hit an inside the park homer umm umm and remember he hit all those homers at the all-star game home run hitting contest yeah that was awesome!
    And do you think Kacie McDonnell will go out with me if I get really good at a sport and make the pros?

  3. My buddies and I have been doing Dan Baker impersonations for years.. my favorite is when he goes.. “3rd and Goal.. for the Eagles!”

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